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9 out of 10 : Excellent 31 27.93%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 11 9.91%
7 out of 10 : Good 8 7.21%
6 out of 10 : Average 6 5.41%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 2 1.80%
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Old 2007-10-10, 15:57   Link #81
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Kind of off-topic but,
Originally Posted by MarthX View Post
Text size for each game.

Onikakushi = 500KB
Watanagashi = 690KB
Tatarigoroshi = 700KB
Himatsubushi = 320KB
Meakashi = 670KB
Tsumihoroboshi = 730KB
Minagoroshi = 860KB
Matsuribayashi = 1130KB

As you can see, Matsuribayashi is the biggest by a large amount. A good chunk of that comes from the pieces though. No idea how the anime will handle them and I don't think they can completely skip them. Otherwise it would be difficult to stretch this arc for 11 episodes.
How did you get these numbers?
If it is not against the forum rules, how do I get to rip that out of the game?
Or can you send it to me? hehhehe
[]'s from Ace
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Old 2007-10-10, 17:10   Link #82
Conceptual Weapon
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Originally Posted by theacefrehley View Post
Kind of off-topic but,

How did you get these numbers?
If it is not against the forum rules, how do I get to rip that out of the game?
Or can you send it to me? hehhehe
I think you can use NSDec.
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Old 2007-10-10, 18:24   Link #83
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Originally Posted by Tengusoldier View Post
Hi, Its kinda off topic but would anyone tell me how to register on Nico so I can watch the vids?
its all in Japanese so I get lost easily X__x
I wanna watch the end of Minagoroshi there, thanks in advance.

What's the link for this nico site?
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Old 2007-10-10, 20:44   Link #84
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the .ass file is out
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Old 2007-10-10, 20:54   Link #85
Gomen asobase desuwa!
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Originally Posted by EndlessDestiny View Post
What's the link for this nico site?
Added nicovideo to otaku lingo thread
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Old 2007-10-10, 21:28   Link #86
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Originally Posted by Sterling01 View Post
the .ass file is out
._. oh but it says its deleted..
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Old 2007-10-10, 21:34   Link #87
Knowledge is the solution
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Because it wasn't the ep 14 subtitle file. Apart from the fact that it had some coding errors, it pertained to a different chapter. Let's wait for the uploader to distribute the right one
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Old 2007-10-10, 22:26   Link #88
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It was episode 5 renamed.
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Old 2007-10-11, 09:40   Link #89
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Originally Posted by ryonyanko View Post
._. oh but it says its deleted..
;_; I'd really like to understand this episode better than my rudimentary understanding of the language will allow sans subs.
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Old 2007-10-11, 10:09   Link #90
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Still no sub out.
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Old 2007-10-11, 10:21   Link #91
Miko Miko
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Originally Posted by cereal_killerxx View Post
Still no sub out.
damn.. i hope someone subs it.. is anyone going to? I really hope they do BEFORE the next episode airs

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Old 2007-10-11, 11:15   Link #92
Knowledge is the solution
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Originally Posted by AS rules
2.3 Do not ask when episodes will be released

You are not permitted to ask when episodes will be released. Shows are released once the fansub group is finished with them. All your whining will do is irritate the group's staff and make them leave the scene. That will mean even slower releases or none at all. Please have some patience.
... and the ep is out anyway. Stop whining
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Old 2007-10-11, 12:14   Link #93
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YAY! It's out XD It's about darn time!
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Old 2007-10-11, 14:35   Link #94
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Oh, great...In the previous episode thread posted that

I hope it won't be some beaten to death cliche trying to justify partially her actions like "her father abused her, so she started to hate the whole world
and it turns out I was quite close with that guess. OK, call me weird but I actually liked Takano more before watching tihs episode. Her motivation is just not really interesting to me any more.

I got really confused by Takano's sudden "jump" from terrified orphan to head of the Hinamizawa research team. So her grandfather and this Takano what-is-his-name evil fellow both researched the Hinamizawa sydrome. But Dr Takano is also referred as Miyo's granfather, surely they are not the same person? And the Tokyo people allowed Takano access to the info and then an important position in the team just like that?

EDIT: Well, things make quite a lot more sense with the sub that was jsut posted, so my disappoitment is not that big after all. Still, the episode feels somewhat rushed.

Oh, well, at least the changes in the opening were pure gold, evil Hanyuu FTW!
'The world we live in is always in darkness.'
'Yes, and that is why we seek light.'

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Old 2007-10-11, 14:38   Link #95
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The real .ass file.
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Old 2007-10-11, 14:58   Link #96
Richard 23
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Normally when a series has to transition to backstory and abandon the main characters the audience is familiar with, it's a steep hill to climb. But what an introduction to the arc! Even without K1 and the gang (with Hanyuu, the newly added member, now that she's been introduced to them), I was really sucked in and rewarded by how well they pulled it off.

I am familiar with the TIPS so I knew some bits and pieces of what was in the backstory, but this epidode did a magnificent job of introducing us to Takano's misery, motivation and how she became the bent person that she is. Powerless to powerful and taking her adoptive grandparent's becoming a "God" metaphor way too literally.

People become who they are partly due to what they experienced in their youth. Takano didn't have much of a chance, it would appear, to become anything other than broken.

A QUESTION (I doubt the answer is a spoiler)

I've been meaning to ask, two episodes ago, since last week's finale didn't elaborate: did Irie's "suicide" that happened in the other arcs come as a result of drinking a nice cup of tea? (shown in episode 12) I figured that he was given poison, but we were never told. It would make sense as something similar happened last season to K1 when he overheard at the clinic that he was being served a drugged beverage (after admitting to killing Satoko's horrid uncle). That was when K1 made his wish that Irie would die. I suspected his wish had nothing to do with it of course. There's no reason that I am aware of so far that Irie would knock himself off without any help.

I am so thankful that a sub arrived today. It made my afternoon!

Last edited by Richard 23; 2007-10-11 at 16:18. Reason: picky
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Old 2007-10-11, 16:06   Link #97
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Well well.. Good episode. Canīt wait for the next one.
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Old 2007-10-11, 18:02   Link #98
The Bloodlust Kid
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There was a strange vibe I got from this episode, but I'm not sure what it is.

Either way, great episode. A little confusing but I guess I will consult the TIPS page and watch it again.
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Old 2007-10-11, 18:40   Link #99
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Brilliant episode, loli Takano is adorable. I feel sympathy for her childhood, but I don't forgive her for shooting Satako. Demon Hanyuu in the opening was unexpected and sent a chill down my back, and this is a first! It's those damn eyes...
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Old 2007-10-11, 19:03   Link #100
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They just couldn't make an episode without blood getting splattered on someone, could they?

Very nice episode. I still don't understand Takano's motives, besides insanity. Perhaps next episode will continue her story?
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