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Old 2007-12-21, 21:40   Link #61
King Of The Night Sky
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when fuko says : driblle ,shoot , it's in, yayy,
when nagisa sing dango daikazoku
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Old 2007-12-21, 21:59   Link #62
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Originally Posted by aolas View Post
when fuko says : driblle ,shoot , it's in, yayy,
when nagisa sing dango daikazoku
Nagisa singing Dango Daikazoku is made of

Spoiler for episode 8:
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Old 2007-12-22, 00:22   Link #63
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Originally Posted by bladeofdarkness View Post
1st- i dont get it
2nd- its ryou and not nagisa who said it
3rd-still dont get it
lol I guess this means that I'm giving my points for Nagisa to Ryou now.

I thought it was Nagisa because the next line is definitely her.

But i guess it didn't resonate with you, it did with me the first time I heard it lol
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Old 2007-12-22, 19:07   Link #64
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Hm, I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned...

"Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you." -Kotomi

Granted, a quote used in a Clannad context, but still a quote. It's been my away message now for 9 straight days.
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Old 2007-12-22, 19:18   Link #65
Singin Diamond Crevasse
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Episode 12:

Kotomi was sooo cute on that scene. <3~
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Old 2008-02-09, 17:39   Link #66
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Tomoyo: You have an interest in my body? Beg, and I might let you touch me.
Sunohara: YOU MEAN IT?! Augh...
Tomoyo: So?
Tomoya: You're beyond pathetic...
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Old 2008-02-10, 07:25   Link #67
"with you, happiness"
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Originally Posted by ChrissieXD View Post
Hm, I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned...

"Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you." -Kotomi

Granted, a quote used in a Clannad context, but still a quote. It's been my away message now for 9 straight days.
Ototo'i wa usagi o mita no...

Kino wa shika...

Kyo wa.. anata.

Anata wa.. Tomoya-kun.
I don't know why it made me cry.

And also (ep 9)

Since who knows when, the school has been abuzz with rumors of the girl.
How she's innocent, earnest, and always running through the school.

An image of such a girl.

And since who knows when, everyone's been waiting...
For the day the girl wakes up.
I am.. definitely one of them.

And one day, that day will come.

`Moshi.. yoroshi kereba, fuuko ni otomodachi ni natte kudasai~`
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Old 2008-03-03, 20:29   Link #68
Generic Asian Guy
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Episode 3:

Spoiler for long:

Last edited by Generic Asian Guy; 2008-03-03 at 21:08.
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Old 2008-03-05, 00:33   Link #69
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Spoiler for episode 5 (not directly mentioned yet):
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Old 2008-03-05, 01:31   Link #70
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Episode 18, 9:14-9:17

Kyou: Excuse me, we've known him since junior year, and are part of the Theater Club, too.
Tomoyo: Time and titles do not matter in the bonds between people.

I love the bolded part.
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Old 2008-03-05, 21:12   Link #71
Hina is my goddess
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Episode 17

Tomoyo "Your interested in my body? Beg and i might let you touch it"

Great because we don't usually see Tomoyo's playful side

EDIT: ack, didnt see it was posted a long time ago.

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Old 2008-03-08, 23:52   Link #72
Evil Chewy Thing
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Wow, there are too many good/funny quotes from this show... the ones sticking to my head right now are the one where Nagisa asks Ryou to help her with the theater club, and the whole 'it falls off every now and then' conversation =)
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Old 2008-03-09, 02:53   Link #73
Ice Climbers
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OMG this has to be here

Spoiler for episode 20:

That made my day
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Old 2008-03-19, 20:44   Link #74
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My favourite scene yet!

Spoiler for episode 20:
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Old 2008-03-24, 10:34   Link #75
~ Lawliet ~
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Kotomi : Nandeyane.
Kotomi : Bonjour.
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Old 2008-03-26, 06:50   Link #76
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Originally Posted by Ice Climbers View Post
OMG this has to be here

Spoiler for episode 20:

That made my day
This one is just awesome. ^_^
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Old 2008-03-31, 01:07   Link #77
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Here are my favorite lines from the first season of CLANNAD, split into three categories for all the major characters.

Spoiler for Most humurous:

Spoiler for Most kawaii (main chars only ^^):

Spoiler for Most memorable:
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Old 2008-03-31, 01:26   Link #78
I don't give a damn, dude
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From Extra Episode,

Akio: "Sanae, suki da!" (Sanae, I love you!)

The GARest love confession-derailment of topic I've ever heard.
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Old 2008-08-28, 12:44   Link #79
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From the Sunohara route in the game.
Lines without quotes are narration

Mei: "You're just as strange as my brother, aren't you?"
She said I was just like Sunohara...
Even more than that, hearing it from his sister...
I've been... put together with him...
Tomoya: "I'm gonna kill myself!"
Clatter, I threw open the window.
Mei: "W-wah!"
She pulled me in as I was almost out.
Mei: "Geez, what are you doing now...? It's only the first floor so you won't die, and you're in your socks so you'll get dirty."
She was so up-front saying that.
Perhaps Sunohara's sister could be normal?

On discussing Sunohara's and Tomoya's friendship with Mei.

Mei: "But... you two get along, right?"
Tomoya: "It's like pitiful love, or maybe it's like being forced to be kind..."
Mei: "But, you guys are always together, right? Then, you're buddies."
Tomoya: "Buddies...?"
I took a quick look at the Japanese dictionary. It's been a while since I used one.
Buddy: to be on friendly or intimate terms.
Tomoya: "I'm gonna kill myself!"
Mei: "Wah!"
She quickly turns off the gas switch I turned on.
Mei: "That was dangerous..."
Tomoya: "Sorry, I got a bit carried away."
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Old 2008-08-28, 14:11   Link #80
I want to @#$% with--
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I liked the announcement that "Fujibayashi Kyou is... bi!", and the result.

It was one of the first moments in the series that really made me laugh.
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