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Old 2006-06-03, 10:48   Link #41
Is rather bored...
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Age: 29

(GitS)- Strong, badass, cyborg who is cool as hell :P.

Mizuho Kazami
(Onegai Teacher) - She is so nice, she's a teacher, and she is cool as hell.

Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) - C'mon she's a goddess :P.

Misuzu (Air)- She tried so hard to make a friend.


Kenpachi (Bleach)- Dude gets cut wide open and is happy about it and wants to keep going! Can't beat that.

Seta (Love Hina)- He's my hero :P

Kurono Kei (Gantz)- He somehow manages to live through all of those fights. Plus, how he gets with Sei is great.

Kouta (Elfen Lied)- Anyone who can be like and care for a woman who killed ur sister and dad in front of ur eyes, is cool by me.

Eh too many chars. to list them all.

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Old 2006-06-03, 22:51   Link #42
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Post Who is your favorite anime/manga characters with pics pls of your favorite character

My favorite characters are Chichiri, Miaka and Tamahome.

Miaka Pics:

Tamahome Pics:

Chichiri Pics:

Groupings Pics:

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Old 2006-06-04, 01:42   Link #43
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Location: Incognito
Seta Soujiro.

He looks a lot like me. Plus his shukuchi skill is the only thing that can beat Hiten Mitsurugi swordsmanship.

Soujiro would have beaten Kenshin if he wasn't mind raped.
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Old 2006-06-04, 02:31   Link #44
Kira_Naruto, the ecchi
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Mine would be the suprise package of Sakaki from AzuDaioh .. Simply because well ... I could related to her crazyness to cats ^.^ .. And I do those things like she did too from time to time ^.^

Secondly, Fujiwara no Sai from Hikaru no Go .. Simply one of the best character for me .. the tension he's in when facing in that final battle with Touya Koyo is simply unbearable.

Lastly, Onizuka of GTO .. Great is definitely not good enough to describe such wonderful wonderful character he is.
“This be the realest shit I ever wrote.” ~Tupac
So very dead right now.. but still breathing thank you.
Top 4 Manga Waifu
>> Tsukiumi
>> Saeko Busujima
>> Himuka
>> Yui Kotegawa

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Old 2006-06-04, 04:10   Link #45
Certified Organic
Join Date: Dec 2005
Mahoro -mahoromatic
Domon -G-Gundam
miki -marmalade boy
harima -schoolrumble
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Old 2006-06-05, 15:24   Link #46
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Location: Chiro lives in Oregon, nyo.. It's too cold and wet here.. *shiver* I wanna live with Fluffy-butt!
Age: 29
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Chiro's favorite character ever is Lord Sesshoumaru. He may appear to be cruel, and it may seem like he is incapable of loving anyone, but Chiro knows that deep down, he really wants to be able to love someone, and so Chiro thinks that's why he kept Rin-chan.. *sigh* Lord Sesshoumaru is very beautiful, too. Chiro loves his silver hair and pretty yellow eyes... <333 Oh, Lord Sesshoumaru... <333
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Old 2006-06-05, 16:00   Link #47
Spider nr 4
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Location: Hell in Heaven
Age: 33
Cowboy Bebop = Spike Spiegel, Vicious

Berserk= Gatsu(Guts), Zodd, Griffith

Naruto= Akatsuki Leader, Orochimaru,Jiraiya, Itachi, Yondaime, Sarutobi

Bleach: Zaraki
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Old 2006-06-06, 04:48   Link #48
Join Date: May 2006
Age: 33
Oh, oh, oh i`ll tell you:

My first favourite characters were Keith and Lance (from Voltron: Lion Force). Lance even more, because he more realistic then others and he`s simple nice fellow with good sense of humour. Keith is just too heroic

Then Kai from Beyblade has appeared. It was the period, when i prefered cold, secretive, allmighty guys.

And then i`ve found that there is kind of disappointment when i separate one specific character from his surroundment.
So, Voltron guys are cool just when they`re all together.

The same thing happened with Uninhabited Planet Survive (the anime i`m watching now - i`m already at episode 19 )
But still there are some characters i like more then others:
On the first place Kaoru - i`ve found just today he is young cold-hearted killer!
But i still like him, because in some cases we are similar (not in killing ). And i respect him.
Then Luna - i wish i had friend like that girl
And finaly HOWARD - i just like to laugh about the silly faces he makes and silly things he does. Can`t imagine the group without such a jackass!

Oh, and Sophie, Markel and scarecrow from "Howl`s Moving Castle"!!!

(as you see i`ve not seen a lot...)
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Old 2006-06-06, 10:33   Link #49
Demon Hunter
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Ichigo (Bleach) - Can be quite the badass at times.

Tomo (Azumanga Daioh) - Despite being stupid, she's so full of energy and stays positive.

Yukari (Azumanga Daioh) - She's just nuts. Lol.

Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist) - He can go from deep/serious to silly in any conversation. He cracks me up.
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Old 2006-06-06, 11:07   Link #50
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2006
Yomiko Readman - Read Or Die

All the Rozen Maidens - Rozen Maiden

Lucy - Elfen Lied

Anemone - Eureka Seven

Mitsuki - Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (it's a love/hate thing)

Mitsuki - Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Saber - Fate/Stay Night

Rosette - Chrono Crusade

Triela - Gunslinger Girl
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Old 2006-06-06, 12:18   Link #51
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Age: 33
Originally Posted by Anime Master
What's your fav anime character?

Mine's Vash from Trigun or Brolly from DBZ.

You`re the one who started this thread, don`t ya?
What do you think about it? Is it interesting?

GUYS, is it interesting for you?

the truth is that i`m bored a little from reading lists.
Maybe we should talk more about our favourites?
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Old 2006-06-06, 12:45   Link #52
Zu Ra
✖ ǝʇ ɯıqnɾl ☆
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Location: Mortuary : D
The thread is to general , I hope no one starts arguing over favourite Anime Charas . Here Goes

Male : Tatsumi Saiga (Speed Grapher ) ,Sanzo ( Saiyuki ) Van ( Gun X Sword ) , Urahara ( Bleach ), Abelu Nightroad (TB) and Kurz Webber ( Fmp)

Female : Yoruichi and Rin Rin ( Bleach ) , Ggt Mao and Chidori ( Fmp ) , Asran (TB)
Hinata ( Naruto) Chitrose ( Amendaiyo ) and Hinata ( Naruto )

I cant choose 'a' chracter because that would be so wrong something like Otaku Blashphemy ? ^ ^
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Old 2006-06-14, 02:59   Link #53
Walks Unseen
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Trunks (Dragonball Z): Absolute Badass
Spike (Cowboy Bebop): Just simply cool
The Major (Ghost In The Shell): Smart, Hot and is great with guns
Ed (Cowboy Bbop): Funniest character ever !!
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Old 2006-06-14, 03:47   Link #54
Join Date: Apr 2006
Originally Posted by Orchunter226
Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) - C'mon she's a goddess :P.

She's definitely my favourite at the moment. Extremely kind and considerate towards others and always thinking positively. I also like how she sometimes misunderstands things. Even non-living things fall in love with her. (Banpei-kun... )

And she's cute.
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Old 2006-06-14, 04:05   Link #55
Pain & Determination
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: somewhere in north cali
I don't have a favorite character. I have many favorites.

Guu - EVIL (Jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu)
Tema-chan & harima SILLY/FUNNY (School rumble)
Toru & The dog SWEET,KIND,UNDERSTANDING/FUNNY as hell (shigure (?)) (friuts basket)
Conan (HELLA SMART) (Detective Conan)

thats all I can think of now.
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Old 2006-06-14, 05:16   Link #56
Join Date: Jun 2006
Urahara Kisuke from bleach is my favorite because he's intelligent, serious, reserved, knows what he's doing, and can be funny as well. Just the way he acts and is calm whenever needed makes him different. Even though we haven't learned a whole lot about him, he stands out as a centerpiece of the entire plot of bleach.

Not many girls really shine as a singularly great character to me, but if i had to choose one it would either be Yoruichi from bleach, or Sakaki from azumanga daioh. They're both on the quiet side but still cute, funny, and intelligent, yet strong as well.

And for my favorite villian, it would have to be Legato Bluesummers from trigun. Who dedicated his life to make vash suffer and did it by making vash consiously kill him to save others. To me he was the only one able to show vash the reality that he refused to accept. I've never seen a better anit-hero and i doubt i ever will.
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Old 2006-06-14, 06:30   Link #57
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Id have to pick Roy Mustang (FMA) or Sabaku no Gaara (naruto) for their superior attitude and how everyone respect them for male leads
As for female id pick Orihime (Bleach) or Haruhi (the melancoly ... ) for how crazy they are .

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Old 2006-06-14, 06:31   Link #58
(^.^) /
Join Date: Sep 2004
himura kenshin - very good bf/husband material. good with household chores, can handle young children, tolerant, patient, protective, good sense of humour, wield a mean sword, etc
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Old 2006-06-14, 10:32   Link #59
black shadow
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i like Ed from full metal alchmist

cuse he and i have many things in commen

like the way he gets angry when someone tell him he is small

and the way he wants to fullfill his dream

i just like him so much he is the best

oh didnot i tell u that i serch for the felosfoer stone too looooooool
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Old 2006-06-14, 10:43   Link #60
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Location: USA
Age: 19
I like Sakura from card captor Sakura Chobits and Sailor Mars.
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