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View Poll Results: Gundam Reconguista in G - Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 1 4.00%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 2 8.00%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 2 8.00%
7 out of 10 : Good 1 4.00%
6 out of 10 : Average 4 16.00%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 3 12.00%
4 out of 10 : Poor 6 24.00%
3 out of 10 : Bad 4 16.00%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 2 8.00%
Voters: 25. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2015-04-01, 15:03   Link #1
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Gundam Reconguista in G - Overall Series Impressions & Total Series Rating

This thread is to be used for discussing the entire episodes of Gundam Reconguista in G. your thoughts about the show, overall impressions, expectations and hopes about Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive footage etc.

A few subjects you might want to ramble on about:
  • General impression of the series.
  • Opinions on the overall story, writing & plot devices.
  • Thoughts about the animation quality.
  • Characters/Character Design
  • Voice Acting
  • Which kind of footage (Blu-Ray/DVD-exclusive) you feel you'd really like to see.
  • What the show meant to you.
  • What could the creators/animators/writers have done better.

And so on.

The poll represents your total series rating. In other words, how you would rate all the episodes combined (1-10)? If you'd rather rate the whole series by technical/artistic merits, you can do so. An example:

Animation Quality: 1-10
Voice Actors: 1-10
Script: 1-10
Soundtrack: 1-10
Editing: 1-10
Enjoyment: 1-10
Emotional Involvement: 1-10

Average = Total Series Rating

Or a combination of the two. Or your general gut feeling.

Feel free to discuss and more importantly, have fun
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Old 2015-04-01, 15:19   Link #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
Despite my misgivings and commonly heard complaints, this show still entertained me, and thats really all I ask from any form of entertainment

Im not going to miss it, but I wish it was longer at the same time

-Mech designs
-Memorable and entertaining cast
-Pacing (for those who love breakneck speed pacing)
-Tomino (love it or hate it)

-Pacing (For some people, this was much too fast for the type of plot and setting presented)
-Plot (Understandable with some thinking, however it is quite all over the place as a whole, and the pacing/writing effects it too)
-Tomino (love him or hate him)
-Writing, an extension of Tomino, love or hate. Personally I dont like, at least not in this sort of setting
-Not long enough, would have preferred if they wrote it better and paced it to fit 26, however if thats the speed they want, i want it to be longer then, say 43-50

-Soundtrack, in this show it did not quite stand out for me. By that I mean theres no memorable teme or soundtrack that comes to mind when I think of the series (think Unicorn or Mobile Suit from Gundam UC)
-The ending, by that I mean the credits...its weird and oldschool...but it grew on me?
-The Openings. I like the songs, I dont like the amount of effort they put in for new animation however
-Weird gripe, but I miss the oldschool Haro, I dont even remember the name of the new one

Final Score: 6/10 (marked up from 5)

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Old 2015-04-01, 15:21   Link #3
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Not enough Aida x Belri

Probably the first Gundam show where I think the Gundam(G-Self) and not the pilot (Belri) is the actual protagonist.

G-Self probablly had more screentime than Belri.
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Old 2015-04-01, 18:32   Link #4
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As MAHQ had explained, the problem is that Tomino treated this like a 50 episode show instead of a 26 episode show. Now I wasn't too certain, but I seems to recall that back in the 80s (Tomino's era), you do have longer run time in comparison to modern, where you are expected to complete the show in 13 episode

ANd the more I think about it, the more I think why spoonfeeding facts/info occur: because you can no longer just "show" You have to "tell". I am not sure if there are any more spoonfeeding of facts, so let's for argument sake, Evangelion, which is a 26 episode. Quite a bit of spoonfeeding at the end, but in order to resolve anything, they have to do that.

My biggest concern is how well it did in Japan. How well it does in the west does not matter; it's when the market in Japan that does not work that actually made Gundam worse. GSD issue in the west ended up shelving Gundam on TV, while since Japan seems to like it, they let Fudaka create CrossAnge.

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Old 2015-04-01, 18:41   Link #5
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Originally Posted by Jestersage View Post
My biggest concern is how well it did in Japan. Here be damned; it's when the market in Japan that does not work that actually made Gundam worse. GSD issue here shelved Gundam on TV, while since GSD is less of a problem, they let Fudaka create CrossAnge.
Please define "here." If it's the forum, then it has nothing to do with TV broadcast. If it's the USA, then 00 was also aired on TV. If it's some other country, then I guess that depends on what happened there.
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Old 2015-04-01, 23:06   Link #6
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It was a great experience watching G-Reco, but it would be better if Tomino-san made it as a 39-episode mecha anime in order to contain his rapid-fire storytelling.

My overall score is 8/10 for this show. But even so, I felt that Reconguista in G isn't for everyone who has short attention span.
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Old 2015-04-02, 02:24   Link #7
Patriot's Blade
its Ghost Madoka time!!!
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was expecting Tomino to piss everyone with the ending which, involves Bell going to Tokyo during his Japan trip, buying an RX-78-2 gunpla along the way, probably a Turn A too as souvenirs, as the ultimate middle finger to the fandom.........

even better, a Sunrise studio featuring Bell shaking an animated Tomino, Toru Furuya in Amuro cosplay too........ i met god....... 4uck you.........
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Old 2015-04-02, 04:56   Link #8
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This series is inspiring and every UC fans must watch it.
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Old 2015-04-02, 05:01   Link #9
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Still don't know what was going on or how the fighting just ended in the last episode, still entertaining for the "WTF is going on?" moments all throughout the series.
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Old 2015-04-25, 18:39   Link #10
Mr. DJ
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Finally caught up and finished it....I'm not sure how I feel about how it ended. Things started getting rushed and guys getting killed off because "fuck it, that's why" really annoyed me.

Unless I missed something...I didn't understand why most of Steer's dialogue was in English...

Animation Quality: 8
Voice Actors: 9
Script: 6 (rushed and nonsense ending really hurt)
Soundtrack: 5
Editing: 9
Enjoyment: 7
Emotional Involvement: 4 (had very little reason to care about the majority of the cast)
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Old 2017-01-10, 05:23   Link #11
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Well, I've finally managed to finish G-Reco, and what I can say... Starting with a few good words, I guess. It was colorful and engaging due to being rather fast paced, fluidly animated and boasting a variety of characters. The underside of it though is the inconsistent and in big part incomprehensible plot. No, seriously, I mean, what the hell's even with the plot? Forget spoonfed explanations, it doesn't even manage to stay remotedly coherent most of the time, jumping around like a mountain goat in heat. It's just... let's just say that every complaint about how messy, hectic, confusing, etc the story-telling in G-Reco was is true, in my honest opinion.

Unlike many others who found the second half even messier than the first, I liked the second cour better. Not because the show got much more coherent or understandable (there was no saving it at that point already anyway), but the plot picked up, started going new places, offered a couple of moderately shocking reveals, and finally got down to business with the titular reconquista. Hurray.

The mess that was the story-telling aside, there were a few other things that annoyed me. One, the fact that Nodero's sole purpose and raison d'etre seems to be being utterly useless. She's literally nothing more than an energetic yapping decoration kept around.

Two, Bellri's reluctance to kill. Sure, he's not as bad as certain other Gundam protag, but that stale chant of 'I don't wanna kill no one!' was getting on my nerves, especially in the light of IBO's Mika and his open ruthlessness of a soldier fighting for survival.

Three, Manny going from 'let's be friends with Bellri' to 'let's kill him' in the span of what, one episode? The one character I wished to see goddamn dead already but no luck.

And last, some glaring stupidity of epic scale, like with that Kia guy who kept firing all of his weapons at G-Self right next to one of those Venus globes and then had the nerve to go "OMG, no, how could it be! I shot through the sea floor and now the sea is flowing out!" or that Rockpie-obsessed lady commander who went crazy and basically killed all of her men with her crazy orders.

The aspects I'm not sure whether are bad or good:
a. very small death toll among the named cast, and no deaths or even any lasting damage among the main cast. From that alone the whole war they supposedly fought feels toy, and you can really tell that the show is for kids mostly (and that it wasn't written by Okada Mari )
b. no romance between any of the leads, no triangles, no nothing! Only an unimportant childhood friend with an unrequited crush left hanging . Hmm, I think I'll list this as a good thing after all, it was refreshing and soothing somehow after those countless variations on the worn trope of the main pilot being in some sort of an obligatory love triangle involving a princess and childhood friends.

In conclusion, one more thing. Gundam shows always have at least a few really weird names, it's like a tradition, but surprisingly, it was G-Reco that took the cake for me with Colonel Cumpa Rsita, a guy named after a goddamn tango. The fact that it's an alias makes it even worse, it means the guy chose, of his own volition, to be named after a tango. For the whole series I was eagerly waiting for the moment when he'd take Bellri's mom and go show us some world class tango moves. Severely disappointed that he just died without ever getting to show off his tango-dancing skills! Ah, come to think of it, he also takes the award for the stupidest death in this particular series (I actually laughed which is not something I ever expected to do at death scenes).
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