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Old 2007-10-24, 11:50   Link #1
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Video memory and playback

I've been looking for a video card with passive cooling to make my setup less noisy. I've read about the Matrox G550 which seems good, except for one thing: it has only 32MB of video memory.

Now, I don't need 3D acceleration, so that's not an issue. On my current setup, I have a relatively old (and noisy) GeForce card with 128MB of video memory, and I can play all the video files that go around in the fansub community, including h/x264 stuff, just fine. So my question is, how is video memory related to video playback? Would the G550 be a terrible choice for my purposes?
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Old 2007-10-24, 13:22   Link #2
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Not very related to be honest, unless you plan to use Haali's renderer which works well on good graphics cards (I don't use it myself on my 7600 because it doesn't perform as well as Overlay) or a GPU accelerated decoder (like CyberLink), which getting to work with the usual fansub format is rather hard IIRC (if not impossible). So you'd be better off getting a faster CPU for watching anime...
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Old 2007-10-24, 15:05   Link #3
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Originally Posted by martino View Post
So you'd be better off getting a faster CPU for watching anime...
To clarify, I was not looking for a way to improve video performance, it's fine as it is. I was worried about the low video memory affecting my current performance negatively.

Intuitively, I'd think that video memory would have little to do when using software codecs such as ffdshow or CoreAVC. However, CoreAVC's site reports a requirement of 128MB of video memory for stuff like 720p, which confuses me.

Thanks for replying, anyway. I cancelled my order for now, and am now looking at other cards with passive cooling.
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Old 2007-10-24, 15:45   Link #4
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Well I would like to add though that if you are planning to use bluray/hddvd in your PC in the near future, and use something like Powerdvd, Windows Media centre, WMP (iffy on WMP) for playback have a look a the Nvidia 8400, 8500, 8600 or ATI 2400, 2600. These will help your CPU as they offer hardware acceleration of HD codecs found in HD DVD and Bluray. the base models are relatively cheap a around $60-$70USD and sport either NVidia purevideo or ATI's UVD. I'll post a link to benchmarks later today if you need them. They do make a lot of difference in terms of CPU usage. All of these have a silent version. Not sure if they come in AGP though

However for ordinary fansubs using CCCP or Klite codecs everything previously posted is true
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Old 2007-10-24, 21:33   Link #5
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I don't believe that the memory comes into play much at all for video. So long as the card can support some of the basic functions (overlay modes), you should be fine. I'm using a rather old GeForce myself (GeForce 4). Matrox has always done their own thing, but I'd imagine that if the card is newer than a GeForce 4, it should still support those things.

What is video RAM used for?
Spoiler for What is Video RAM?:

In terms of fansubs, unless you're trying to use a massive monitor, I don't think you'd need much. I always associated video RAM with gaming and some 3D rendering, where the RAM is involved with textures and so on. In 2D applications it still plays a role, but it's not drawn upon nearly as heavily.
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