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Kai the Sky King
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Air Gear: Sky Legend

Rated: PG-13 to R (Language to Intense Language/ Sexual References/ Partial Nudity References/ Crude Humor/ Intense Violence/Comic Mischief/Suggestive Themes(Perverted Acts)
Note: Not all of the chapters will contain all of the above warnings, although all chapters will contain language.
Yo, Kai the Sky King here! I just joined this forum a couple of minutes ago, as I've been looking for a forum that I think was fit to post my newest fan-fic creation, Air Gear: Sky Legend.I say "newest creation" due to the fact that I already have a fan-fic posted on the web. The site, ( is the home of my first fan-fic, Naruto: Inuzumauchi. That fan-fic has grown to be the most popular fan-fic on that site, which is saying a lot as there are close over 100,000 members on that site. Naruto: Inuzumauchi is still going to this day, in the middle of its 2nd season.

As I've kept NI going so long, as it started June 4 of this year, I dont plan to let Air Gear: Sky Legend die, as I didnt NI. Now, those who are familiar with the manga/anime (the manga will be much more help in understanding the AG franchise than the anime, as it was unrightfully canceled) then you wont need a big explanation on the basics of this story.

For those who dont know the 1st thing about Air Gear, that's alright as well! All of it will be explained during the story, so there's no need to worry about what's what, as you'll be soon to learn.
Air Gear Terms(This will be a short dictionary-like section that whille be updated as new terms are added in the story so everyone can understand exactly what the story is about):

1. Air Trek: Also known as A.T.'s, Air Treks are technically roller blades. Roller blades, although, that have been modified with a special gear that allows the user to rocket at speeds unattainable by users of regular roller blades. A.T.'s have become especially popular among sports fans. These people use the A.T.'s as means of transportation, excercise, or one of the more popular uses: used in races/battles against other users of A.T.'s, called Storm Riders.

2. Storm Riders: Storm Riders are those extreme sports fans who use A.T.'s as means means of battle. Storm Riders gather teams and use them to battle/race other teams in competitions called Parts Wars.

3. Parts Wars: Two or so Storm Rider teams are able to compete in batles or races called Parts Wars. Parts Wars are not limited to simply races or fights. There are dozens of different types of PW's such as ballon chase, point race, and trick-off. Parts Wars usually have a purpose, to race for A.T.'s, A.T. parts, or team emblems.

4. Emblems: All official Storm Rider teams have emblems with the name of their team and a special design on them. Higher class teams' emblems are worth more and more in the world of Air Trek. Teams range from A-B-C-D-E-F, A being the higest ranking teams and F being the lowest ranking teams. Teams move up in ranks by winning PW's that they bet emblems in.
Now, about the actual story:
Air Gear, Sky Legend(AG:SL) follows the life of a 16 year old boy called Kai Nomino. Kai lived the normal life of a boy: School, friends, family, girls, the whole works. One day, though, during a class at his school, Kai overheard a couple of guys talking about a Parts War after school.

Although originally against it, Kai decides to check out the PW. After watching it, Kai nearly immediately falls in love with the world of Air Trek.

He soon gathers a team and enters the true world of A.T., determined to become one of the top ranked Storm Riders in the world of Air Trek. Along the way, he faces hardships, meets new faces, and finds out the power of the Kings and their Regalia, true strength of A.T.'s, and the danger of the lives of REAL Storm Riders.
Main Character Pics:

Kai(15 years old):

Toriko(15 years old):

Kazume(17 years old):

Kara(15 years old):

Hirozumi(17 years old):

Note: More will be added later as the "main" characters increase.
And now, the debut of my 2nd fan-fic....(Note: Chapters, as in the manga, will be called tricks)

Air Gear: Sky Legend
Trick 1-Sucked into a New World
MP3 Player:
Welcome, to the world of Air Trek.

Air Trek, what is it, you ask? Air Treks, or A.T.'s, are nothing more than
simple rollerblades. These rollerblades, although, have modified with a special engine, no bigger than a tiny gear, that gives them the abilitiy to rocket at speeds that regular rollerblades could never dream of reaching.
A.T.'s are the new craze. Their used for excercise, transportation, or just to have fun!

One of the most popular uses, although, is for battle. A.T. users, called Storm Riders, gather other Storm Riders and form teams, fighting to become the top A.T. out there in competitions called Parts Wars.

Fighting for supremacy, facing multiple hardships, discovering the truth behind the 8 Kings and their roads, risking their life in battles that could easily be their last, and putting their pride on the line.

Welcome, to the World of Air Trek.
That MP3 player was being listened to in the middle of a class at Hoshimaru High School. Two boys were listening to it closely in the middle of class, while the boy behind them, Kai Nomino, was being distracted by them.

Boy 1: Sweet! So this is the life of a Storm Rider, huh?

Boy 2: Not even, Ryu. This video doesnt begin to explain it, you have to really be a part of it to feel the true thrill. You can see the thrill after school, cause there's gonna be a D class Parts War around 59th avenue.

Ryu: Sweet! Toutaka, who's gonna be the teams?

Kai: Urgh, what the hell're you two talkin' about?! Shut up, I cant hear the teacher!

Ryu: What do you mean "what're we talking about?" You've never heard of AT's?

Kai: Of course I have, I'm just not into that junk.

Toutaka: Yeah, you'd rather sit in here and take notes, hmm? Look around, Kai! Nobody else in the class even cares about "learning" and all. Only YOU.

Kai: Your just askin' for an ass kicking, arent you!?

Toutaka: Woah, calm down! All I'm saying is, why dont you tag along with us? There's gonna be a Parts War today, and I'm sure you'd fall in love with AT's once you learn about them.

Ryu: Yeah, just this once. Not like you've got anything better to do, right?

Kai: *sighs* Fine, fine! I'll come with you guys, but I promise you, its gonna just be a waste of my time.

Toutaka: Awesome! Alright, just meet us in the middle of the schoolyard after class is over, alright?

Kai: *nods* AT's.......if I'm lucky, it wont be a COMPLETE waste.

The day wares on, and the school day ends. Just as he was told to, Kai walks out of the front of the school, heading to the middle of the yard to meet up with Toutaka and Ryu.

Kai: I don teven know why I agreed to this.......

Girl Voice: Kai! Hey, Kai! Wait up!

Kai: Hmm? *turns around to see Kara running toward him* Heh, who else?

Kara: *walks up beside Kai, panting* Hey there, where ya headed? Our house is that way! *points in the opposite direction*

Kai: Ok, let's get something clear: It's MY house. I just let you and your sister live there while your parents are overseas. And who said I was headed to the house?

Kara: Well, it's not like you have anywhere else to go, right?

Kai: Actually, I do. You ever heard of AT's?

Kara: Air Treks? Yeah, I've heard of'em.....I hear there's gonna be a race today. Is that where your headed?

Kai: *nods* You bet.

Kara: Ooo, I dont think you want to leave Maya and I alone in your house!

Kai: W...why not?

Kara: I might just raid all of your clothes drawers, I'm that kind of girl. *winks*

Kai: D....dont you dare go in my room, you hear me!

Kara: Heheh, see ya later! Dont get arrested at the race, alright?! *runs off*

Kai: HOLD ON! I'm not done with you! Take one step in my room and I'll.........ugh, damn it all.

Toutaka: *walks up behind Kai* Ho ho! I see you had to spend a little time with your girl, huh?

Kai: What?!

Ryu: Come on, the two of you have been friends for a long time, and for the past month you've even been LIVING together! So, how was your first time?

Kai: *blushes* Shut it, *******! You dont know our relationship like that!

Toutaka: Ha! You just implied that there IS a relationship, right?

Kai: *grabs Toutaka by the collar* Still want an ass kicking?

Toutaka: *chuckles* Heh, alright, we're done with our fun. Now come on, 59th avenue is just up ahead, we can get there in 10 minutes. We gotta hurry because these Parts Wars tend to start early, alright?

Kai: *nods* Alright. *walks ahead*

Toutaka/Ryu: *both put pressure on the nose of their shoes, causing their Air Treks to accelerate and shoot past Kai* You better run, noob!

Kai: *sighs* I'm tempted to kill these punks.......

The group walks and/or rides up to 59th avenue. They walk into the plaza where a ton of different storm riders from all over have come to se the race. In the middle of plaza is a large fountain, where most of the Storm Riders wait for the opposing teams to arrive.

Kai: Damn.....there's a lot of people here.........

Toutaka: What'd you expect? Air Trek isn't just a fad, it's global, man.

Kai: So, you said two teams were gonna go at it, right?

Ryu: That's right. The 3 man teamed Blade Dance VS. the 5 man teamed Haruawashi. Their both D-Ranked Storm Rider teams, and whoever wins is moving on to C-rank, so you can imagine how important this is to both teams.

Kai: Hmm.....that's actually pretty organized.

Toutaka: Heads up, the teams are entering from the opposite sides of the plaza!

In the distance, the 2 Blade Dance members and their leader, Hirozumi Suchitaka, arrive in front of the fountain. On the opposite side, the leader of Haruawashi, Toji Kumata, leads his 4 members to the other side of the Fountain. The two leaders stand face to face, smirks across each of their faces.

Hirozumi: So, is your team ready?

Toji: As ready as we'll ever be.

Hirozumi: I'm sorry if I seem rude, but I just really want to settle this already.

Toji: Dont worry, we both know how important this is to both of our teams, so you can be as rude as you want. And now, I'll do the honors! *takes out his teams' emblem and slaps it on the fountain*

Hirozumi: *takes out his teams' emblem and slaps on top of the Haruawashi emblem*

Announcer: And the challenge is set!

Kai: What'd he do?

Toutaka: When one player places their emblem on another players emblem, that team has officially challenged them. That's how the battle starts.

Announcer: Alright, this is a regular AT battle race between the teams Haruawashi and Blade Dance! No special regulations, just make it to the the target in time. Anything goes during the race, and the finish line is the Glum Slum on Brook Road! All teams ready?!

Hirozumi: As we'll ever be.

Announcer: 3....2....1....BEGIN!

The two teams shoot down the street nearly instant. The large screens over the plaza light up, showing the race for all to watch.

Ryu: Heh, pretty exciting huh?

Kai: Yeah, I guess.

Ryu: Good! Because the real fun hasnt even started yet! Look up on the screen! See, their all shooting down the streets, heading to the Glum Slum, but just being able to ride fast is only a part of the battle.

Toutaka: The formation that some teams have is perfect for situations like this. See how Blade Dance is circling around Haruawashi? That's because they have to cover all of their bases due to their smaller number of members. Obviously they've been trained to take on more than on opponent at a time.

Kai: Take on? Like, fight?

Toutaka: Duh! You didnt expect them to just race, did you? Half of AT races like this is the fact that they do ANYTHING to win!

Ryu: And when we say anything, if you dont understand us, just watch!

In the actual race.........

Hirozumi: Blade Dance! V Formation around the enemy!

Hirozumi falls back behind the enemy while the other two members of Blade Dance skate up to their corners, forming a V.

Toji: Dont allow them to attack, hit them with full force!

Haruawashi Member 1: *falls back toward Hirozumi and takes out a night stick from his pocket*

Hirozumi: *a blade rips through the arms of his shirt* Just had to keep that hidden for a second! *skates toward the Haruawashi Member(HM)*

The two of them clash weapons, but Hirozumi pushes the HM back, sending him ahead of the group*

Blade Dance(BD)Member: *pulls his arm back and slams HM1 in the back, causing him to lose balance and hit the ground, skidding across it*

Toji: *leaps to the side and begins to skate sideways on a store wall* There goes one......but we still have the upper hand! 4 VS. 3!

Hirozumi: *leaps high into the air and pulls his leg back* Urgh.......RGH! *he kicks toward Toji, sending a large crescent of red energy toward him*

Kai: Woah! What the hell was that!?

Ryu: Heh, that's the type of things that people who attempt to follow the Fang Road are capable of doing.

Kai: Fang Road? What the hell're you talking about?

Ryu: Shh, I cant watch with you talking!

The crescent of energy shoots toward the wall the Toji was previously on, but Toji leaps off of the wall and toward Hirozumi before it is able to make contact with him.

Both Toji and Hirozumi pull their fists back for a punch, clashing their fists. A large burst of the same red energy from before pushes both of them back, sending them down on the ground.

Kai: That power........

Hirozumi: *smiles* Well, Toji, looks like both of our teams have decided to push on toward the Glum Slum! What should we do?

Toji: I say we settle our fight before moving on!

The two of them charge at each other, preparing to clash once again. The battle was no longer between Blade Dance and Haruawashi, it was Toji and Hirozumi.

*End of Trick 1*

__________________________________________________ _____________

That's it for the 1st Trick, or chapter, or whatever you wanna call it. Hope you all enjoyed it, expect the next one later today, after get posts in the topic.

Thanks for reading.
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