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HD and DVD resolutions

AFAIK, DVDs do not have the space required for HD video (that's where Blu-ray and HD-DVD come in) but some animes are airing in HD (720p I think?) like Gundam 00.

Just wondering, will the DVDs be the same resolution or downscaled?
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Old 2007-11-04, 02:24   Link #2
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Downscaled if it's regular DVD.
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I found this discussion of next-gen DVD formats enlightening. Some see the adoption of these new formats as driven more by capitalistic pressures than engineering whizbang. Hardware manufacturers wanted a new standard to sell a new generation of more expensive players. Hollywood wanted to re-sell its catalog in a new format with higher prices. Hollywood also hopes the new AACS encryption system stands up to attack better than the current DVD standard, CSS, did.

Adding more layers to a DVD isn't a hard engineering problem, I believe; it's just matter of controlling the depth at which the laser is focused.

MPEG4+H.264 produce some pretty compact, high-quality video files. Ureshii's 720p version of Dennou Coil in H.264 with AAC audio runs about 340 MB per episode. 26 episodes at this size leaves about 0.6 gigabyte free on a standard, double-sided DVD (9.4 GB). That doesn't leave a lot of room for special features, even with better compression. If I were the god of production, I'd only show the OP/ED once every four episodes and get back another 0.8 GB or so.

Just for comparison's sake, my copy of Noein, volume 3, contains five episodes at NTSC DVD quality (720x480p) that average a full gigabyte each. Yet the much smaller frame size means these files actually contain less than 40% as much as information as they would at 720p.* That the DVD requires much larger file sizes to hold much less information shows how inefficient the older MPEG2 schemes are in comparison to today's technologies.

*480p = 720x480 = 345,600 pixels; 720p = 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels

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