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Old 2004-01-31, 19:03   Link #41
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Only thing i renember is that i kinda always thought "eventually" would be something like "möglicherweise" ( possibly ).
But i know the real meaning now...

Still, i'm pretty fluent with english compared to most german speaking ppl, lol, my english grad has always been my best grade in school XD ( i suck at school ^^" )
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Old 2004-01-31, 23:29   Link #42
Lord Raiden
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Originally Posted by saku~ya
Though I do find myself talking in that language to my cat ^____^ Hey at least he listens and it turns out to be great practice. But then I also tend to put Spanish in with my Japanese. Like 'Matte yo gato" And seriously he stops *_*;
I would to if I were him! We're talking about a brain crash there. Too much to compute. His brain is like "oh cool, he's talking in japanese...oh wait, now spanish, but I thought...uh...he...uh....*brain crash*" hehe
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Old 2004-01-31, 23:34   Link #43
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I've overwritten my French vocabulary (learned 3rd-6th grade) with Japanese (7th grade to today). So I might say something like, "I can count to ten in French, sure. Un, deux, san, quatre, go, roku, shichi..."

But at least I didn't make the mistake of one Japanese student mentioned in Japanese through Cartoons. He learned that "-so" is an intensifier for adjectives in class. That same day, he met a mother and a baby on the street. Attempting to use his new vocabulary, he added "-so" to "kawaii" and said the baby was "kawaiso", attempting to mean very cute.

But "kawaiso" is already an adjective-- it means "pitiable". So what he really said was, "I feel sorry for the baby"...

The part that baffles me is I know people who know 7 languages fluently and never miss a beat talking to anyone
I've heard of them-- that's the HIPPO Family Club. Apparently, they learn all 7 languages at once.
Learn to define and spell moé
Shii (formerly known as ashibaka)
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