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Old 2009-01-15, 14:27   Link #61
Dark Lord
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Originally Posted by CollectDust View Post
I hate Near's eng dub voice. It doesn't suit him~ NOES!
I actually loved Near's voice! The ones that didn't seem to fit well to me were Light and L, but I got used to them pretty quickly. Light's voice didn't sound as confident to me as the character goes. L's voice sounded to mature to me - and I think L has some immaturity to him like not wanting to lose, eating sweets all the time, and the way he sits.
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Old 2009-01-21, 13:04   Link #62
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Generally i would say that the dub in deathnote is exceptional the only one that annoyed me and meesed up the whole serious tone was misa.
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Old 2009-05-29, 05:38   Link #63
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The only voice actors that bugged me at all in the series were... Light's and Aizawa's- I'm not really sure why Aizawa's bothered me. And Light's grew on me after awhile because he did the 'evilness' so very well...

But Alessandro Juliani's performance blew me away. DAMN. It's the only thing I've heard him in and he's now one of my favorite voice actors along with Liam O'Brien.

Not to mention that Misa's voice came as a severe relief because her Japanese voice was like nails on a chalkboard.
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Old 2009-07-21, 04:20   Link #64
White Lady
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There are very few dubs I can easily tolerate.This being one that I can't.It just sounds too wierd.Over acting
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Old 2009-07-21, 22:03   Link #65
The Magical Fanboy
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I can't stand the dub haha. I Bought the whole series in Manga form. The Japanese version has voices closer to the characters (erm... the voices they had in my head while reading). The English dub on the other hand... - _ - I think Light's voice actor needs to go back to piloting Sandrock Gundam.
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Old 2009-07-30, 21:47   Link #66
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The dub really ruins the series for me. I have to watch it in Japanese, but since I watched it in Japanese first I can't really say whether this is because the English voices are actually bad or because I just like what I hear first. Usually I prefer dubs when they're available.

But in Death Note's case, Light, L, and Misa all sound so different that their personalities are even changed. Really dislike L the most. He is NOT an older authoritative-sounding British guy. He is a weird, anti-social guy that is in college.
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Old 2009-09-09, 02:21   Link #67
Big Daddy
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Loved the dub :/. I never saw the sub...but the dub felt right IMO, all the voices were perfect IMO except Lights little sister which sounded kind of overdone IMO

Honestly...the best dub i have ever seen...

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Old 2009-09-26, 12:46   Link #68
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Personally, the English Dub is so much better than the English Sub, because they talk so fast and I could not read the subs fast enough. Plus, I like the voices (including L's.) Beyond Birthday!!!
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Old 2009-09-26, 12:51   Link #69
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Location: I originally lived in Manchester, England, but I've moved to Tokyo with my family.
Actually, I think it did suit him well. I mean, imagine if he was played by a GUY! That would have been horrible...!
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Old 2009-10-31, 20:35   Link #70
Alena-chan :)
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The dub was pretty great in my opinion! They had very decent voice actors (even though I've never heard of any of them) and they matched teh characters well!
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Old 2009-11-04, 18:53   Link #71
Tenken's Smile
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Light's English voice actor just couldn't pull it! All the important scenes didn't get enough voice emotions that they should have.

L's English voice is better than Light's, but is a bit too faint.

The Japanese voices are perfect!
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Old 2009-11-15, 19:34   Link #72
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i loved the dubbing for death note. a lot of times people base the voices off of the japanese version, but you have to base it off of the character rather than the other VA.

i thought they had amazing VAs
it was definitely my favorite dub of any anime
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Old 2009-11-24, 11:23   Link #73
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For me it was pretty good, other dubs are simply annoying.
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Old 2009-11-28, 18:54   Link #74
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i dont like the dubbing i always rather see it in japanese and read the sub titles
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Old 2010-08-07, 08:46   Link #75
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The dubbing was ok. (except for Mello)

Special praise for Alessandro Juliani who was stunning as L.
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Old 2010-08-13, 11:56   Link #76
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the English Dub was respectable (we all know theres been worse lol), Spanish dubs are usually better
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Old 2010-08-14, 13:34   Link #77
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The dub was good out of most dubs I've seen... But they made the potato chip scene a little to dramatic......

Spoiler for Potato Chip:
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Old 2010-10-28, 00:37   Link #78
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I Watched The Whole Series English Dubbed Which is Weird Because I'm Used to Watching Subbed Anime, So I Didn't Really Like It. But After Awhile I Got Used To It And I Started To Not Notice It As Much. Overall The Dub Wasn't Actually That Bad.
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Old 2010-11-02, 07:55   Link #79
Toddler Naruto
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I watched this anime english dubbed on Adult Swim years ago and loved it, I'll probably never switch to the subs.
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Old 2010-11-18, 16:50   Link #80
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Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
I REALLY liked Light's voice and L's voice in the english dub. Even though some people might have found it bland/boring, I liked his kind of slovenly genius (he talked softly, kind of mumbled, and yet pulled off sounding like a genius 24/7, always thinking, and sounds how he looks). Even though I didn't like his character, Light's voice actor pulled off crazy-genius-god-complex-madman very well, I thought. I actually haven't finished it yet in English, since I watched it first in japanese, but I like both.
second that!
i think the voices really fit the characters in both - their pitch and pronunciation.

misa's voice: mere nuisance to me... but so was her whole character, so i guess that makes it a good fit either.
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