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Old 2004-08-28, 12:25   Link #41
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: South San Francisco, Cali
Age: 29
The Brilliant Green is great ^^.... their last cd was probably the best outa all of them imo....

Other good jpop/rock bands/ artists are Bonnie Pink, Fra-foa, and shiina ringo
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Old 2004-08-28, 22:56   Link #42
Shizune is numba#1
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Right now I have to say Le arc en ciel, and Angela...i love stellvia's theme song, brilliant road to tomorow
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Old 2004-08-29, 03:51   Link #43
Heart of a Lion
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: SG
Age: 31
SPEED, Utada are my faves... even though their popularity really sank big time...
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Old 2004-08-31, 18:22   Link #44
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Namie Amuro
Hikaru Utada
L arc ciel
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Old 2004-09-01, 18:30   Link #45
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
i love namie amuro
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Old 2004-09-03, 15:00   Link #46
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: South Florida
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Asian Kung-Fu Generation is really my favorite band out there. I found them from two separate anime openings/closings and just enjoy anything i hear from them. It's all the goodness I say.

I haven't heard many other bands (as in more than one song) but I do like Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki from what I have heard. Currently, I want to find more from those who did the Samurai 7 open and close. Rin and Aikawa Nanase...
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Old 2004-09-16, 13:00   Link #47
Aj, is there any1 better?
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X japan is in my opinion the best jrock band....

omg gonna cry soon
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Old 2004-09-17, 18:43   Link #48
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
I'd have to say right now my favorite is Angela.

Her songs have a sort of awesomeness that I don't hear very often. She rarely has a boring song, and they tend not to be too loud, as some popular artists are. Usually her songs are very original and memorable. Also... they make me want to fly!
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Old 2004-09-18, 15:49   Link #49
Demon-Fox Inside©
Join Date: Apr 2004
Age: 31
Zard There songs are real great, I like their lycrics and the mix of Pop and Rock influenses are perfectly mixed. The songs Ireally like and are my favorites are for example Sunao ni Ienakute, Watashi Dake Mitsumete and I Can't Tell.

L'Arc~en~Ciel The Songs of them are also very good, the melodies are very ear catching. Esspecially the later work is real good such are Ready Steady Go !!! (FMA anyone ) and Spired Dreams Inside (but Hyde sometime sounds weird when he sings English:S) But the New song Jinyu e no Shota is really fantastic

And FictionJunction YUUKA Since the I heared the songs Hitomi no Kakera, Nowhere and Inside Your Heart this is one of the best groups with L'Arc~en~Ciel and ZARD.
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Old 2004-09-18, 20:44   Link #50
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Downey, CA
Age: 29
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My personal favorites is Under17 and Folder5
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Old 2006-06-19, 14:46   Link #51
cosplay freak
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Kana is my fav of all time
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Old 2006-06-22, 04:17   Link #52
Join Date: Dec 2005
Holy old thread! Oh well, might as well have my own turn at it

Hamasaki Ayumi
I know Hamasaki Ayumi doesn't have an excellent voice, but she doesn't have to to make me want to listen to her. I find her music enjoyable and that's all that matters, but her own appeal as an entertainer doesn't only come from her music, but also from her personal style and role as a fashion icon and her upfront and quirky personality. I think she's absolutely gorgeous and adorable, and I really just like listening to her music and watching her perform.

Again, not the greatest bunch of singers, but it really doesn't matter. They're upbeat and uplifting songs always manage to pick up my mood and put a smile on my face. Their music is energetic, happy, and often vert cheesy but I love them still. I don't really care for music that sounds sad or depressing, I don't need songs with deep, poetic meanings, or music that is going to be groundbreaking or earth-shattering, when I listen to V6 I want to have fun and feel good, and that's what happens. Of course, most of their songs are about love, but their songs are also about enjoying life, being happy, and staying positive. I simply adore them.

This gorgeous woman has such a clear, warm, and smooth voice, I was a casual fan before, but after seeing her live last year I just fell in love with her and her music. Normally her gentle kind of music doesn't resonate strongly with me, but with her it's different, her voice is just so powerful, but not in an overwhelming 'belt it out' sort of way, it's much more modest but deserves recognition. Her handle on the English language is excellent and while her English lyrics can get a little awkward, it has its own charm and manages to work.

There's so many more wonderful artists I'd love to go on about but I'll leave it at that for now :3
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Old 2006-06-22, 11:03   Link #53
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2006
the pillows
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Old 2006-06-22, 13:04   Link #54
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: On the whole, I'd rather be in Kyoto ...
Age: 59
This is going to be a little offbeat looking at the rest of the posts... but one of my favorites (I have a favorite in each sub-genre) is Ua.

Ua is a very independent lady and has a jazzy blues style I like very much. She's also quite the experimentalist ranging from cabaret to avant-garde unlike most singer/groups that find a rut and stay in it.

For pure fluff I find euro-jpop cute... Hinoi Team and Zone are fun to do house and yard chores to (and they're pretty damn cute --- cute wins ).

I also like some of the voice actress Asakawa Yuu's work ... unless most VAs - she doesn't follow the rut in that poppy sappy route: some pretty hard rock and jazzy stuff. I guess she's the "bad girl" of VAs and she's attractive in a cool way.

I'm having a real tough time finding what I'll call "hard rock" japanese style. I've got one cut from a character CD that almost fits the need (the track from Negima's Evangeline CD). Something along the lines of Zepp, Tull, AC/DC, ZZTop ... something with a little power to it... not just industrial or metal. I've heard a bit of the long ago group Shonen Knife ... they're almost there.

I've been told to check out L'Arc~en~Ciel so I'm looking for some samples before I buy.

In many cases, I find the singers have great voices but they're given crap to sing. The singer (Lia) that cut the acapella version of Azora in the AIR OST has a soaring voice but all of her musical release work makes me ill (forgettable poppy sugar).

Ah well... re-listenable music is a never-ending search.
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Old 2006-06-22, 22:38   Link #55
Garden of Tsubaki
*Graphic Designer
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Utada Hikaru for me and Dir en grey for my sis
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Old 2006-06-23, 01:22   Link #56
~defying fate
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Bodhum
Currently I'm sticking to:

- Do As Infinity
- See-Saw (they're pretty inactive these days, and I've not heard news about Chiaki at all)
- FictionJunction YUUKA (Nanri Yuuka + Kajiura Yuki <3 )
- The Brilliant Green
- Crystal Kay
- Mizuki Nana
- Utada Hikaru
- Sakamoto Maaya
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Old 2006-06-23, 01:45   Link #57
trainee archangel
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Age: 35
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I'm not that much into Jpop or Jrock, but I bought Rosso last album, and it really rocks.
Then I loved SADS OP for IWGP drama. The voice is great. So I guess I'd say SADS.
and my literary blog, in french :
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Old 2006-06-23, 02:42   Link #58
In the Tatami Galaxy ↓
Join Date: Feb 2006
I think it's either Suga Shikao or Spitz. I just can't get enough of their Honey and Clover music - all of their songs are equally soulful, moving, and romantic.
I should add Suneohair for their Waltz, but that's the only thing I've heard from them, so I can't conclude yet.
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Old 2006-06-23, 11:44   Link #59
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hikki became a rocker and I don't like her anymore. She has an amazing voice and attraction,she should still singing pop and groove like before.

Ai Otsuka came from the cute planet and she's an girl for me.I used to go dating with her in my day-dreams.

Hinoi Team A team of my girl friends. The first time I want to be a king kong is not after watching the Peter Jackson's movie but after watching their music video.

Younha When I started seeing Bleach ending song, I thought the singer would be like 30+ years old lady because of a big voice.But I was wrong.My favourite korean girl.

Morning Musume Do I need to say something about them ^^;;

Ketsumeishi It's kind of like I'm addicted to their songs.I used to listen their songs on the train,walking , smoking ,working . Actually most of the time.I respect them (\^_^)\

Ayumi , too much makeup. I would have like her if her makeup a layer thinner.
Boa, become quite fat. Need more excercises ^^;;
Puffy Ayumi, so ugly.
Ikimonogakari, only one song,Sakura, is likeable.The rest is just ok.

Actually there are alot more.I can't bring all of them in here ^^;;

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Old 2006-06-23, 17:45   Link #60
Beautiful fighter.
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Age: 30
Originally Posted by Vexx
I'm having a real tough time finding what I'll call "hard rock" japanese style. I've got one cut from a character CD that almost fits the need (the track from Negima's Evangeline CD). Something along the lines of Zepp, Tull, AC/DC, ZZTop ... something with a little power to it... not just industrial or metal. I've heard a bit of the long ago group Shonen Knife ... they're almost there.
Heh, i know which song you're talking about - Maze of the Dark, fits Evangeline perfectly.

If you want another song just like that, you should give Waiting For... by Yo Reiri a listen to, its the OP to the 2005 Guyver TV series.
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