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Old 2004-01-28, 01:43   Link #21
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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Originally Posted by MwyC
and GITS 2nd gig
i wonder why it isnt subbed yet
i have seen the first 2 eps raw and could only understand a bit of it
i love this series..hopefully someone will sub it
It isn't subbed yet because it is licensed. Bandai has said that they have lawyers and they aren't afraid to use them. Really. No joke.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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Old 2004-01-28, 03:50   Link #22
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Hm, let's see...

Recently out? Here's my list for 28/1 right now...

DUNNO - Daphne in the Brilliant Blue - Well, some things about it are nice... the first ep got me hooked though the second episode wasn't that great... and one turn off were those RIDICULOUS suits. I don't give a damn how sexy it is, but if it's going to be so rampant, then it becomes rather shallow... trying too hard for fanservice?

HIT - Diamond Dust Drops - I haven't watched many slice-of-life shows so this was quite pleasant. Waiting for the next episode... I thought it would've sucked from the preview, but checked it out anyway. One episode only though, the rating may change...

HIT - Maria-sama ga Miteru - I can sympathise with the characters very well, I like it... I can watch this kind of stuff fairly well, I'm not a very fast-paced action-based gogogo kind of person... also very beautiful....

DUNNO - Mezzo DSA - well, the first ep had pretty nice animation but I don't see it being matched up later... It must be because I saw "Studio Pierrot" in the credits... and I'd like to kill them for Saiyuki Reload, really... some of it is a bit recycled/shallow, it's not getting better but I'll see....

MISS - Chrno Crusade - I dunno if this counts, it's been around a little while now but for all the pretty flashes and exquisite transformation sequences and stuff... Even though I've never read the manga I've got a creeping feeling they missed out a LOT of better storytelling and a LOT of other things... rushing it too much... what has it come to? >_<

MISS - Cosmopolitan Prayers - ....nooooooo

HIT - Boboboubo Boubobo - Well, technically it did come out in Winter... right? Or was that Autumn? Where's the next ep... XD It's funny...

DUNNO - Massugu ni Ikou - Well the parody was as funny as hell, but it does suffer from poor animation and a kind of meh story... dogs are innocent though...

Still Not Watched

Yumeria - don't think I will actually watch it

Gokusen - After hearing so much good stuff about it I will go and watch it.
will update later or osmething.
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Old 2004-01-28, 07:14   Link #23
Lord Raiden
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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
It isn't subbed yet because it is licensed. Bandai has said that they have lawyers and they aren't afraid to use them. Really. No joke.
Wow, I see that one got snatched up perty quickly. They seem to be getting faster and faster at licences these days.
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Old 2004-01-28, 18:04   Link #24
tsubasa o sagashite
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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden
Wow, I see that one got snatched up perty quickly. They seem to be getting faster and faster at licences these days.
Keep in mind most license negotiations happen before airing/during production...
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Old 2004-01-29, 01:00   Link #25
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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden
Wow, I see that one got snatched up perty quickly. They seem to be getting faster and faster at licences these days.
well, i hope they get their dvds out soon
i love the gits series
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Old 2004-02-07, 15:08   Link #26
Junior Member
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Age: 35
  • Gokusen - Sort of like GTO..looks promising.
  • Ghost In The Shell 2nd GIG - Well, it's GITS, isn't it?
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - Good animation and artwork and interesting story so far..wise move from the producers to make it a long series.

  • Yumeria - Would be much better if they had left the whole dream world bit out. But I guess it'd be Realworldia then?
  • Daphne In The Brilliant Blue - A bit too much on the fan service side and little plot so far.
  • PLANETES (or however it's supposed to be written) - Seems to have little plot, shallow characters.
  • Cosmopolitan Prayers - Watched the trailer..looked horrible.
  • Maria-sama Ga Miteru - Watched first episode, apart from good artwork it seemed very boring. Souer this souer that.
  • Diamond Dust Drops - Stories seem very predictable, slightly boring, artwork quality varies. From certain angles the female characters look like they have a videotape stuck in their mouth - sideways.

OK or Undecided:
  • Gungrave - The story is kinda cool and there's really no major faults, but there seems to be something missing that would make this one truly great.
  • Peace Maker Kurogane - 17 episodes but no major plot twists. Either this is a long series or they put lots of stuff in the last 6 or so episodes. I suppose this is one of those "watch when you've got nothing better to do" series.
  • Uninhabited Planet Survive - It's ok, but not anything spectacular. The music is recycled a lot! They must be doin' something right though because I watch it whenever a new episode is released.
  • Mezzo DSA - Can't decide if it's ok or annoying.
  • Chrono Crusade - Although it finally seems to start moving plotwise it's still only OK, the kind of anime you don't really love or hate. Good artwork and animation though and propably the best ending song of the series mentioned above.
  • Gunslinger Girl - Doesn't seem to have a main plot so far but I guess the show starts going soon judging by episode 10. Good music though. But what's with the borders on screen?

Edit: I did forget some. So far this season seems to be missing a really good "funny as hell, over the top crazy" anime in the Azumanga Daioh/Excel Saga/FMP Fumoffu vein. Or have I missed something?

Last edited by Cucumbersalad; 2004-02-07 at 15:56.
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Old 2004-02-07, 15:39   Link #27
Lord Raiden
Uber Coffee for da win!
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Of the ones you listed, I have to disagree only on PMK and UPS. I really have enjoyed both of those. Yumeria is good only from the standpoint of cute girls and plumb sillyness. Otherwise you're right about it. But UPS and PMK are very good. Admittedly PMK is a little long winded, but then again for as long as the series is planned, I guess they have a purpose for streaching out this first half so much. But whatever it is, it sure better be a good reason or I'm gonna be mad.
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Old 2004-02-07, 15:52   Link #28
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Age: 35
Originally Posted by Go-lytely
I happen to like Yumeria. Yes, it has every cliche in the book for harem animes but it still makes me laugh. So far, I havent found any of the characters annoying. Usually there is one I hate. noda
Yeah, I understand perfectly all the criticisms for Yumeria, but for some strange I still enjoy the show a lot. I think it's just that the characters, be they recycled or not, are still a lot of fun. Sure everything that happens is silly and horribly cliche, most of it simply to lead to more fanservice, but it's done in such a light-hearted way that it always makes me laugh. Sure the characters look cute, but it's the personalities of the characters that I like the best.

Granted, my standards aren't as high as you guys. The only three current series I'm watching are Kita He (Diamond Dust Drops), Maburaho, and Yumeria, so I can't say whether these are "the best of the best". All I can say is that I'm enjoying them, and that, to me, is good enough!
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Old 2004-02-07, 17:28   Link #29
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Well, I haven't really watched a lot recent anime. Currently I'm watching Hikaru No Go which is very very very excellent. But of the anime that I have watched this season, how few that maybe be,

the winners are:

Battle Programmer Shirase
R.O.D. the TV

The losers are the ones I could only stand watching one episode of:

Cosmopolitan Prayers
Full Metal Panic season 2 (I haven't seen season 1 so this may have been a factor)

OK anime, not a winner (really liked) or loser (really hated)

Graduation M
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Old 2004-02-14, 12:15   Link #30
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Among the anime aired in the last couple of months, the series I enjoyed or am still enjoying watching are:

Chrono Crusade (don’t know why so many of you out there gave up after episode 4)
Full Metal Alchemist (tons of fun!)
Gunslinger Girl (interesting story, nice animation, nice music)
Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - The Eternity For All You Wish (good romantic series without the most obvious development)
Mujin Wakusei Survive - Uninhabited planet survive (amusing “Lord of the Flies” situation)
Peace Maker Kurogane (reminds you a LOT of Kenshin, but still, can be very amusing)
Planet ES (have found no reason to dislike this series so far, slow pace though)
Read Or Die – TV (really amusing, likeable characters, action and cuteness)
Shingetsutan Tsukihime (I really like the series, although the ending kind of put me off)

Didn’t appreciate watching:

Avenger (could this series be any more annoying? It takes for ever to get anywhere!)
Bottle Fairy (very very very Kawai, but that’s all there is to it, so very very very boring)
Diamond Dust Drops (slightly meaningless?)
Gilgamesh (Spent most of the time being annoyed with the ugliness of the animation!)
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Old 2004-02-14, 13:20   Link #31
Ningyou Hime
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Originally Posted by Kamui4356
I don't see why everyone's being so hard on Yumeria. Sure it isn't that great, but it is funny and may possibly have some potential later on...though ep 3 pretty much killed that chance...
I don't think Yumeria is that bad either... It's not like most bishoujo anime. ^-^ And I actually like Mone-chan. I think she's cute. And I like the guy's guardian.. I don't remember their names. It's kinda weird so I kinda like it. But I agree that it isn't that great.. ^^; There's some cliché stuff and fan service, like everyone said.. But I like the fact that it's really light hearted and fun.

The two series I really disliked were Cosmopolitan Prayers and Diamond Dust Drops. I think Diamond Dust Drops is EXTREMELY BORING!!! Am I the only one who thinks that!? I know this is going to sound mean, but I think the main character is so dull... And I think her voice is extremely annoying. @_@ I'm not usually that superficial.. I mean, I don't usually care about character's voices. But this anime is already boring to me... About Cosmopolitan Prayers; no comment...

Now about the two series I'm really enjoying...

Gokusen: It's just too funny! I love the main characters, and all the other characters. It's awesome. I still can't believe this comes from a shoujo manga.. O_O;;

Maria Sama Ga Miteru: Original and fun to watch... I like the relaxing atmosphere, and I like the characters.. It's obviously a shoujo anime, and .. Well, I like shoujo anime. And it's great not to see a series filled with fan service OR loads of bishounen.

Unsure :

Boboboubo Boubobo: [ I'm not sure if this is last season or this season, but anyway. ] I usually love weird series like that. But I don't know... At first, I thought it was really funny and I was rolling on the floor laughing. But as I watched the rest of the episode, and the second episode.. I thought it wasn't that funny. x.x;; And even though the fighting sequence was supposed to be funny, I thought it was boring... Go figure.
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Old 2004-02-15, 04:11   Link #32
Copy Ninja
red eye from smokin'
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Mezzo DSA is definintly a winner...some people just dont give things a chance.
(and its such a short series)

after ep 6 if people think its tacky and pointless and lame for whatever reason, you must not ...whatever... miss out, cuz ep 6 rocked even without action. such a good story.

i think people are quick to hate cuz its not Mezzo Forte

but Mezzo is one of the winners so far.

(even if the majority of the mods here dont think so either)
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Old 2004-02-15, 10:47   Link #33
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Yeah. Have to second that one on Mezzo DSA. Ep 6 was like "whoah they actually maybe wrote a good story with good charcters here...".

Feels a bit like a FMA a few episode ago where the show went from being just a crappy shounen to something with an interesting story.
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Old 2004-02-15, 12:14   Link #34
Lord Raiden
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Some of these series are really starting to redeem themselves. My hit/miss list has changed a few times since the start of the season and so far Mezzo is a clear winner. There's a few others though that were winners that have since fallen to the "Oh gads, this sucks" end of things as their stories have basically died in their tracks.
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Old 2004-02-15, 20:51   Link #35
Annoyance :)
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actually GITS 2nd season is being subbed~~
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Old 2004-02-15, 21:43   Link #36
Slade xTekno
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I personally like Chrno Crusade. Ep. 7 was just wonderful, and the translations have been revised for those who didn't get it the first time. 8, 9, and 10 were nice, too.
I haven't seen any of the others. Can someone give me a list of places to download them [especially Comic Party Revolution [I sort of liked the first one]].
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Old 2004-02-15, 22:22   Link #37
Lord Raiden
Uber Coffee for da win!
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Old 2004-02-19, 18:50   Link #38
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I'm not sure which on goes into the current season but I'll comment on the recent ones I've seen


PeaceMaker Kurogane : excellent characters, funny, historical (i love that kinda crap), and it has samurai in it

Ghost in the Shell : not sure if it was past season entirely but safe to say it rocks: awesome story, great characters, keeps you on edge, i love it.

Naruto : well, i can't help it, i'm a fanboy but you gotta admit Naruto has some awesome characters in it

Yumeria : even though it is far from original I find it a perfect show to put my brain on standby take a few beers and a bag of chips and just laugh my ass of for 20 minutes , did I mention mone is just adorable


Planetes : it's not bad but after reading the manga it just started to look bad

Aoi Yori Aoshi Enishi : not bad, but no story development at all


Avenger : I hated the music , the dolls, etc I dunno i might even finish it since i have all the episodes but couldn't bring myself to it to continue watching


Diamond dust drops : only watched a bit of it yet, look good but i'll give it a few more epi's before i make a judgment

Gunslinger girl : i dunno, i watch it but somehow i can't find a heart for it ...
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Old 2004-02-19, 22:52   Link #39
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full metal alchemist :great characters ,good story ,good animation, one of my favourite

Peace maker kurogane:good animation ,interesting characters ,it may be a little slow but it's still an excellent show

gungrave:awesome story,great characters it's hard to find a show so good these days

konjiki no gashbell: hilarious

gunslinger girl: a good animation and an original story with complex characters ,just great

gilgamesh:the animation may be strange but the story is excellent

Maburaho :funny

100 hundreds stories: interesting

chrono crusade : i liked it at first but i'm starting to lose my patience.

planete :that's a good show to relax but nothing more

avenger: good animation but the story is uninteresting
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