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Old 2007-12-27, 00:34   Link #1
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Elfen Lied AMV

This is my most admirable AMV, it took me about 24 hours to do, probably more. Anyways, I uploaded it last year, but it was taken down because of "innapropriate material". So I finally uploaded it again, I hope you enjoy it!
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Old 2007-12-27, 01:07   Link #2
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If you are going to post here, tough cookies! This is the general forum and you should have posted it in the anime section. You could also upload it in and post about your video in their subforum but do not beg for opinions! The opinions are voluntary there
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Old 2007-12-27, 01:42   Link #3
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Ay, as onehp said, this is the General forum. Though, if you would like to post this AMV, please do so here: Fan Creations.
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Old 2007-12-27, 01:57   Link #4
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That was actually better than I expected (since most people who puts up their AMVs randomly usually have AMVs that looks like it was edited in 30 minutes).

However, yes, wrong chamber, and my "most admirable" Elfen Lied AMV took me about...two weeks.
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