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Old 2007-12-28, 23:39   Link #1
Aspiring but lazy
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Garbled JP text (CUE sheets, ID tags, filenames)

My system can display JP text properly, but sometimes it comes out garbled. Sometimes, the JP text in CUE files and ID tags are all borked in some torrents when the filenames are alright.

Like say, the CUE file has the album name as "AnarKEY。奛炅uantumLEAF" whereas the folder name is (and IMO what the title really is) "AnarKEY→←QuantumLEAF"
Another example would be "フ・ケ、ホ、ェハヒハツ THEIR WISHES AFTERWARD" but is supposed to be "天使のお仕事 THEIR WISHES AFTERWARD"

Some more screenshots...

Can someone tell me it's just me that's doing it wrong? (and what I can do/have to do) D=
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Old 2007-12-29, 18:16   Link #2
King of Hosers
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Files are most likely using SHIFT-JIS encoding, but are being opened as ASCII. Find something which will open the file in SHIFT-JIS then save file as Unicode/UTF-8 encoding, problems solved.
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Old 2007-12-29, 18:36   Link #3
Aspiring but lazy
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: The Internet
I just tested opening it with MS Word and kinda figured out the reason for the garbling; it's in Chinese. =. =
Opening the CUE sheets in MS Word with Chinese encoding, copy pasting it to a new CUE file works. The ID tags are something else though; any suggestions with those?

EDIT: The albums come with a text file with the album details. I guess I can use those to correct the tags
Thanks~ =p

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Old 2008-01-12, 17:20   Link #4
Rasqual Twilight
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What I generally do is open the editor (Notepad) using AppLocale with Simplified Chinese locale, open the cuesheet and save it using the UTF-8 encoding.
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