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Old 2011-04-20, 06:54   Link #21
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Personally, one of the important aspects is that it has a goal or an objective of what it is heading towards. For example, most of the time it is annoying to watch a series up till the 11th episode and still have no idea what is trying to tell the audience. Shows that focuses on 'random' comedy like lucky star could be excused though
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Old 2011-04-20, 09:55   Link #22
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Well for manga, the big seller for me is definitely the art. It's hard to get into something which you don't like the art unless it's recommended by many people or fairly popular (Skip Beat).

For anime, there's a lot of things are needed for me to catch my eye on. A great slew of characters, maybe a good plot or story, or just something I think is fairly different from other series that I watch. Quality of Animation is a big plus too.
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Old 2011-04-21, 22:33   Link #23
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i want a awesome plot with a great cast!!
the art style is important too...
not much for the genre as long as the story is cool...
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Old 2011-04-21, 23:01   Link #24
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Possible to have series with lots of female characters, and the show still sucks (e.g. Queen's Blade).

It'd take a good set of characters. Then put them in an interesting setting and/or some kind of purposeful situation.

The questions apply within the first 10 minutes of any series:

* Who are these characters?
* What's happening?
* Does it make sense for the characters to be here and/or be together? (Or apart)
* What about aspect of this series would keep me interested?

And so on, so forth.
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Old 2011-04-21, 23:08   Link #25
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personally, its about how immersed i feel in the anime. essentially how emotionally absorbed im in the characters and their development. in terms of romcoms or anything with a comedic element, i have to LOL for it to be considered a success :P

technical merit/animation style/etc, even fanservice and whatnot come secondary for me. i could not care less about these...

good examples: koi kaze (awful drawing, but incredible story/immersement), clannad's (absorbed in this story to the max)

these are just a few traits of what makes an anime a masterpiece in my eyes
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Old 2011-04-23, 08:38   Link #26
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  1. Characters

    1. Forward drive.
      Static characters are annoying. Motivation, or simply a purpose, needs to be there. Characters that are just little more then walking furniture or toys are not interestingósometimes annoying. Most of the time characters that fit into a certain stereotype are the problematic ones. Itís not like having a tsundere character is bad, but if thatís all there is to it you then have the same old scenes over and over. In particular tsundere characters have some of the most predictable lines and scenes out of all the cliche stereotypes. Whatís worse is the climax is pretty much spoiled by having them; both by knowing and by being really stale by now after being done in 1001 series.
    2. Decent characterization.
      Obviously likable art style comes first; if you want good emotions you have to be able to show them. I personally prefer either high quality (meaning perfectly applied, but otherwise modern standard style) or customized to fit the type of characterization. In a nutshell either go original or have it really polished, no middle ground.

      Then thereís the whole issue of personality. Obviously each show will favor one set of human emotions over others, but shows that simply focus on one particular demographic tend to be somewhat stale. I prefer shows to touch (at least a little) on a certain personalities outside the scope of the plot if nothing else for some flavor. Itís all in the contrast. You want to show human suffering? then show human happiness first. This is just common sense in writing though: show, donít tell
    3. Relationships and/or teamwork.
      Not much to explain. Nothing against each character being self sufficient but either collaboration or dependencies need to happen. Similarly characters which have very minimal relationships are kind of boring to watch, since thereís really not much there to watch; and what is there is very easy to predict. And by minimal I mean relationships for the sake of relationships; fantasies tend to easily get it wrong here. Example: So you have a party of four idiots, two of which you just met (by accident) and two of which are in some love affair (by accident). So interesting (sarcasm).
    4. Backstory and Realism.
      You canít just make everything up, there has to be some psychological or logical backing to what is happening. Meaning either the show has some really obvious metaphor itís portraying or there are some realistic elements in it; or thereís some other device that serves that purpose. In either case the whole point being to give the reader/watcher something to stand with. Letís just say, to have a good story, the reader/watcher has to feel like they could look the character in the eye or share something with at least one character, otherwise itís just random strangers doing random things.

      Unfortunetly you canít have any of that unless you get a sense of knowing the character so a backstory, even a very simple uneventful one is essential; the whole point is simply to get the audience to feel like they know the character. Enigmatic characters are just a romantic idea that along with complete nonsense story telling and ďyou are suppose to not get itĒ psychological bullshit, just does not work, ever.
    5. Good dialog
      If the characters talk like idiots, or they all talk the same, or they all talk in a predictable manner, interest in the material will suffer greatly.
  2. Plot & Setting

    1. Stuff that works + Something new
      Originality typically sucks. The audience always goes in with certain expectations. Part of those expectations is to be surprise, but the other part is to be entertained. If the plot and setting is so different it may fail; and if itís good anyway it will just be niche.
    2. Completeness
      The story has to have a protagonist, antagonist, climax, buildup, and ending.

      Manga is the most guilty of breaking the rules. I lost count of how many Iíve read where the protagonist, wasnít really the protagonist; he was just special, but not much else. Or, the ending was weaker then the climax (and half-assed). Or the climax seemed to be having a identity crisis, and the antagonist was just a random fodder, that just happened to be conveniently in the right place to be an antagonist on short notice. And the buildup, well letís just say very few manga actually have what I would call buildup, itís mostly just foreshadowing, which is not really true buildup per se.
    3. Plot spins in circles around the protagonist
      Again manga always fails hard on this point. Mangaka really have a hard time deciding which character is their damn protagonist, even when their entire manga is called something that should make it pretty clear who the audience is suppose to consider the protagonist. Even if thereís some great plot behind some other character, just fuck it! If itís so great write another piece about it, donít just mess the current plot for the sake of the side plot. Itís annoying and it happens a lot. As a consequence the plot pretty much kills itself and the story gets the feeling of being character driven only.
  3. Story
    Story is really simple. You just have to make a point. Or send a moving message. Itís that simple. Whatever else there is, is in the plot and characters, meaning almost any story is good as long as you present it right.
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Old 2011-04-23, 11:26   Link #27
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Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
1) A good plot. A good example is SaiKano, which in my opinion and many others, has one of the most unattractive character designs.
You, my good sir/madam, have no tastes if you dislike Saikano's designs. They were simply adorable =03.
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Old 2011-04-23, 20:59   Link #28
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Simply put, entertainment, and it can come in a variety of ways. I'm not picky, but I do have my own things that I enjoy. Intense and enthralling action, likable/relatable characters, interesting storyline or setting, and good comedy can all make me enjoy a show, with these characteristics being either on their own or in combination with each other.
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Old 2011-04-25, 16:24   Link #29
Akuma Kousaka
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Technically speaking?
Music and voice acting.

From a literary standpoint?
How much I care about the characters, or if I find them fun to watch, ect.
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Old 2012-08-13, 06:31   Link #30
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Wink What is a good anime?

I was thinking about this when watching an anime for the first time.

I found myself so curious about (what would happen, who what going to do what, etc) that I actually went and googled it T.T by my normal standards I "Ruined" it for myself. Then I started watching again and I forgot that I had done so.

This to me means that that anime was good. An anime that captivates you so that even though you know what will happen you still find yourself wanting to watch it and see for yourself.

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Old 2012-08-13, 13:14   Link #31
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While you partly hit the nail on the head with your own description, I'd like too add that Good Anime is where you find yourself getting caught up in the goings on of the episode, show, and series.
And for whatever reason you lose track of time, become slightly obsessed with watching the next installments. And after its over you seem lost for a few days till you get back into your normal routine.
That's Good Anime!
Oh, and almost forgot to add, that you go slightly nuts when you find out there will be a sequel!
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Old 2012-08-13, 13:39   Link #32
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According to me a good anime will be the one which keeps you at the edge of the seat, excited always,
it's the one while watching you enjoy, it doesn't matter if it's a children anime or teen or an adult anime as long as you enjoy yourself,
you think of it even when you are not watching and just can't wait to see the next episode,

when these things happen while watching an anime, then that will be a Good Anime.
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Old 2012-08-15, 03:33   Link #33
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Make me tear my hair out due to the pain of waiting for the next chapter/episode.

That's all.
All these walls of text don't really mean anything.
It's always that simple, as long as you don't overthink the defenition of "good".
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Old 2012-08-15, 05:11   Link #34
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Makes you want to buy the merchandise.


Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
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Old 2012-08-15, 06:30   Link #35
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What makes a anime/manga personally good in your eyes

I'll answer the question.

It's the illustration/animation/drawing.
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Old 2012-08-15, 08:36   Link #36
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I'm not picky,

-character development
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Old 2012-08-29, 21:05   Link #37
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For me, it's "does the anime entertain me?". I'm not particularly choosy, but I do tend to steer clear of stuff that is excessively violent, lewd or horrific (much as I normally do with all other forms of media). If the anime can serve its intended purpose and make me enjoy watching it, then it's an anime worth watching.
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