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View Poll Results: Hayate no Gotoku - Episode 40 Rating
Perfect 10 14 28.57%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 17 34.69%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 13 26.53%
7 out of 10 : Good 4 8.16%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 2.04%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2008-01-16, 19:45   Link #21
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"The fourth season is filled with episodes [manga] fans will be happy to see."

I desire my Volume 9/10 very, very much. Hopefully they don't CLIFFHANG IT LIKE CODE GEASS ON ROIDS.
The new ED is, well, better. The "la la lun lun lun" was getting very irritating for a bit, agreed? I also loved the Initial D reference; Lucky Star did the same recreation. Some wub stuff happening with Maria & Sakuya and some scenes I didn't imagine well in the manga made me a happy HnG fan.
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Old 2008-01-16, 23:46   Link #22
Sanae moe over 9000
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Originally Posted by S_K View Post
Sayonara zetsubou sensei reference
Jack on---> megaman network transmission?
Since when can bikes beat cars?!?
Ever since Hayate came into the picture.

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Old 2008-01-17, 00:44   Link #23
ショ ン (^^)
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OMG the knightRider bit had me on the floor. I never would have expected them to parody an old 80s TV show they even kept the Michale name but changed Kitts name Chitt.

Spoiler for Old Classic Reborn:

I find it funny Hayate had to go to SS2 to race them I guess thats Hayates version of NOS. Initial D theme all over this one Great episode LOL I just did get all the NERV trucks going by.
Spoiler for SS Hayate:

Im in love with the new ending very pretty song.

Last edited by Sinestra; 2008-01-17 at 00:56.
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Old 2008-01-17, 02:47   Link #24
Style Über Alles
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oh my god maria's eyes in the dark. <3

ok, it is official. this animu isn't going anywhere with the romance. teases, the lot of them.
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Old 2008-01-17, 03:51   Link #25
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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I really liked this episode... and the NERV trucks were hilarious. 10/10!
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Old 2008-01-17, 04:54   Link #26
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Knightrider ref haha! XD Have faith and run through that concrete wall!
Pretty enjoyable ep - even with nagi's insane selfishness again. So sakuya can be embarrassed at times, this ep showed a new side to her I appreciate very much ^^ Hayate needs to grow a spine and tell nagi "NO" at times
The new ED is probably the best one out of all three so far.

Preview: I'm sure there is a parody in there, somewhere O.o

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Old 2008-01-17, 06:15   Link #27
Teh' Lalalalala
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Spoiler for hmmm:
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Old 2008-01-17, 06:53   Link #28
Love Hina?
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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Let me quote one of the most beautiful lines I've ever found in a script...


It's at a decent time as well since the lead up to the anticipated chapters starts in Febuary so hopefully the next episode will be the last of the Anime original episodes for a while.

Nice to see a return to manga content this episode regardless, filled with references galore, most of which that I got XD.

The Hina shippers look to be finally rewarded
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Old 2008-01-17, 08:01   Link #29
Storm of Her Wrath
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ooooooo Two 0079 quotes in a single sequence.
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Old 2008-01-17, 18:59   Link #30
GT-R Fanatic
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Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 28
Initial D theme all over this one Great episode

Did they put in any of the Initial D OPs in as inserts?
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Old 2008-01-17, 19:13   Link #31
sensei no pet
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Location: Virginia, USA
What, no one mentions the absolute best pun ever...

BTW, that chariot (a yakata kuruma), cost 30 million yen.

One of the highways signs during the race reads, "Hayate no Gotoku! is a good anime".
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Old 2008-01-17, 20:29   Link #32
The Last of Omega Clan
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The scene in highway, one of my favorites in all series
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Old 2008-01-17, 23:43   Link #33
Bonta Kun
Know who you are
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man this show never fails to make me chuckle

Knightrider ref is just awesome! wouldn't have thought of ever seeing that in here

new ED is just win!!
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Old 2008-01-17, 23:52   Link #34
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Does anyone know what chapter the second part of the episode was from?
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Old 2008-01-18, 00:28   Link #35
The Undertaker
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As tribute to Knight Rider, I fixed up the highway scene a bit with the correct music . (I had too much time in my hands)
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Old 2008-01-18, 00:29   Link #36
GT-R Fanatic
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Who voices Michael Knight in this episode?
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Old 2008-01-18, 02:59   Link #37
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Originally Posted by dodgethis_sg View Post
ooooooo Two 0079 quotes in a single sequence.
I know one of them was "I can see time..." as Hayate was racing, but what was the other one?

Btw, really liked this episode, pretty cute the sunset episode, especially liked the Knight Rider part. And I can always welcome some good ol Sakuya fanservice..

Spoiler for Sakuya mad/flustered/fanservice:
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Old 2008-01-18, 04:21   Link #38
Storm of Her Wrath
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Paraphrased 'One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth." Or something along those lines to Char's line in episode 1.

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Old 2008-01-18, 09:34   Link #39
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Originally Posted by ellifeedn View Post
Does anyone know what chapter the second part of the episode was from?
Volume 7, Chapter 2
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Old 2008-01-18, 17:56   Link #40
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Originally Posted by humbug23 View Post
And as a Saku fan, what the hell is up with the romantic focus on her lately?! When we all know it's not going happen!!
I like the relationship between Hayate and Sakuya as equals, but going beyond that seems too far, even if I'm a Sakuya fan. :P

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