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Old 2008-01-16, 01:28   Link #1
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Anyone else besides me looking forward to this game? It is a randomly generated survival horror dungeon crawler for PS2/Wii that is a remake of a PS1 game, which was a remake of a Sega Saturn game. Phew!

Preview here:

What is Baroque all about? Well, the story takes place in the future, with the premise being based around events that take place on 14th May, 2032, when a cataclysmic ‘Blaze’ (basically the Apocalypse) devastates the world, distorting both it and the laws of nature in general and even going so far as to twist reality. After this happening, strange creatures called Meta-Beings are left to wander the barren planet as it continues to deteriorate at a disturbingly constant rate. Now the surviving population can merely cling to their distorted fantasies, or what the game calls ‘Baroques’ (stemming from the Portuguese word ‘barroco’, meaning ‘distorted pearls’), and in doing so find their bodies are becoming as warped as their minds, leaving them as nothing more than as empty shells that cannot be communicated with (these are said Meta-Beings).
The game seems to be pretty hardcore. From the moment you start your vitality is going down and you have to keep killing enemies for items in order to restore it. When you die in the game, your sent back to the beginning, stripped of all your items and reduced to level 1. Ouch .

About the original:

Currently scheduled for release on 2/28/08.
EDIT: Was delayed to late march....then delayed again to 4/08/08. last thing. Could we hold off on the obvious puns over the name? They are absolutely awful.

Shun me, for I am frumious!

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Old 2008-01-16, 10:31   Link #2
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Glad to meet someone else into Baroque. Been checking it out for awhile now. I first read about it back when everyone was looking for P3 FES to be released stateside (still hopes). Will be getting when it comes out, if I'm not baroke (sorry, couldnt resist)
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Old 2008-02-25, 02:41   Link #3
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It seems that Baroque on US is announced for the 8 April 2008.
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Old 2008-02-25, 14:59   Link #4
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I've been interested in this game for literally years now, found out about it waaaaaay back when I was still a kid and going through a 'game music is awesome' phase. I cam across the Baroque OST for the original games at one point and considered them some of the best orchestrations I'd heard.
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Old 2008-02-25, 16:11   Link #5
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I have the PS2 version. Can't comment much on the actual gameplay 'cause I didn't really get around to playing it, but the opening was great. >_> (It was the whole reason why I brought the game... orz )

Wait, that's coming out for Wii?
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