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Old 2008-01-19, 03:28   Link #1
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Monitor Suggestions

Okay, I have already finished building my computer basically. All the specs and how much I spent on each components are listed in my signature. Now, the only thing I need now is a monitor. Currently I am running an old, very old, 15" CRT monitor that I received from my cousin 4 years ago, in which, she received it from a school. My current monitor has a resolution of 1280X1024 32-bit for people who may be wondering. But I think that it may be time for me to update my monitor as well. Now my question would be, would the brand matter much? How high should the resolution and contrast ratio be that you think would be good enough? Any brand or monitors that I should stay away from? Which monitors would you reccommend? As you can see from reading my signature, I am not shy about spending my money. Any help or suggestions would help me a lot. THANKS!!!
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Old 2008-01-19, 05:45   Link #2
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Are you just looking for something mainly as a everyday display, mainly for gaming or photoediting? It is really hard to suggest a lcd screen, since the different technology being used with it, TN, S-IPS, PVA, MVA, S-PVA, backlight source aso., and of course all those technology have different advantages and disadvantages. Unlike plasma and crt choosing a suitable lcd display can be quite complicated, or do like most people do, either buy the most expensive model or the cheapest.
Brand doesn't necessarily matter, check the panel, the model and reviews to see it it covers your requirements, and of course if you have the chance try it out in a shop. I would go for a 24" panel, if i had the cash, something like the Benq FP241W, a good allrounder, i would avoid dell and samsung panels, unless you have the chance to check it out first. If you really want something superb, have a look at nec's led back-lighted screens.
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Old 2008-01-19, 10:02   Link #3
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You might want to start by reading this thread:

Perhaps these should be merged?
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Old 2008-01-20, 04:34   Link #4
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Get a 22" display my friend.

I recommend the Samsung 226bw 22" LCD monitor.
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Old 2008-01-20, 14:37   Link #5
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HP W2007,14...1/article.html
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Old 2008-01-21, 16:15   Link #6
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Here's a great post summarizing the different panel types:

This site has a comprehensive list of the details for many LCD's on the market:

From the specs you have listed in your signature, I don't think you'd really be able to escape from getting a TN panel. s-IPS can almost match the superior points of TN and is just better in every other aspect, other than it costing maybe twice as much or more for the same size.
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