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Old 2008-01-19, 14:22   Link #1
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Vista Thumbnails (x86 and x64) - MKV/MKAs

Featuring 256-color PNGs. I don't feel like waiting for Imageshack, and you don't care about the pretty gradient on the top bar, right?

So you want to turn THIS...

into THIS?

Then follow the painstakingly easy instructions below. For those who already have MKVs up and running with Directshow, skip Steps 1 & 2.

1. Download and Install Haali's Media Splitter & ffdshow-tryouts
or (simpler)
Download and Install the Combined Community Codec Pack

2. Configure ffdshow video to decode Xvid/DivX & h264 or leave it at default.

3. Set Haali's Media Splitter to: Explorer integration -> Enable thumbnails extraction -> Yes

OPTIONAL: Thumbnails offset = 10000 (10 secs into the video, measured in ms)

4. Apply this registry key to your registry. Works for x64 and x86. It overwrites the default program that opens MKVs/MKAs with WMP, and I'm too afraid that if I edit the .reg I'll detonate your system.

5. Use 32-bit Explorer to Open the Folder that contains the MKV/MKAs.
Vista x64: Create a Shortcut with the target = C:\Windows\SysWOW64\explorer.exe /seperate
Vista x86/32-bit: Enjoy your uncomplicated lives. Skip this step.

6. Wait for thumbnails to appear. (process bar will show amount of completion)
- View using Tiles, Medium, or Large Icons

Enjoy your non-AA'd or non-bi/trilinear/ansiotropic-filtered thumbnail! Mmm, pixels.

CREDIT: & Jaymz's reg file. (I just took the reg file, orz to you)
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Old 2008-01-19, 16:54   Link #2
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P.S. CCCP can do this automatically, you don't need to apply any weird registry patches. Also it will turn on thumbnails for OGM and MP4. That reg file sets a lot of un-necessary things which are likely to be more troublesome in the end then not (like your play and open commands). Also if you are only installing Haali's splitter you do not need this registry file, so I have no idea really why people are sharing this madness. Playing with the registry is not good if you don't know what you are applying. Lemmings are fun to watch fall off cliffs though.

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Old 2008-01-19, 17:12   Link #3
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Location: Florida, USA

I didn't get that screen when I was at setup...
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Old 2008-01-19, 21:59   Link #4
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But seems like a lot of trouble for something so trivial. Frankly, I don't care if I see a thumbnail for the video files or not. But I suppose some people would like it...
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Old 2008-01-21, 23:25   Link #5
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Ok. I have a problem that is exactly like this but it is more of a problem then this one. When I first bought my computer with Vista Home premium, it gives me pictures on the video like the 2nd picture. I can also see my images without clicking on them or making them thumbnails like the 2nd picture, but now everything in my comp doesn't show anymore and I can't seem to get it working again. Help please?
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