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Old 2004-01-29, 21:08   Link #1
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Something like Narutaru and Alien 9

I am looking for something like Narutaru and Alien 9, so basicly something weird. I would prefer if you could tell me about unlisenced stuff, but if you can't, then that is ok.

Here is what I have seen.

Dagonball Z
Excel Saga
Steel Angel Kurumi
Steel Angel Kurumi 2
G Gundam
Gundam Wing
Gundam 0080
Gundam 8th MS Team
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Those Who Hunt Elves 2
Rurouni Kenshin
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Last Exile
Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Iketeru Futari
Green Green
GateKeepers 21
Candidate for Goddess
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
Kiddy Grade
Alien Nine

And here is what I am watching.

One Piece
Full Metal Alchemist
Macross Zero
Gunslinger Girl
Chrno Crusade
Mezza DSA
F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu FINAL
Kodomo no Omocha
Sakigake!! Cromartie High
Hundred Stories
Haibane Renmei
Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE
Martian Successor Nadesico
Mao Chan
Kingdom of Chaos-Born to Kill

Thank you to all the people that give me suggestions.
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