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Old 2015-07-20, 14:14   Link #1
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Since this series ended i decided to make a thread for it.

Synopsis: VERY short series about a yuri couple that are both yanderes.

Pic pretty much describes each chapter

Spoiler for Ending pg for ch 1:
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Old 2015-07-20, 21:29   Link #2
Le fou, c'est moi
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I love Kuzushiro's style. There's always a sense that they have a lot of fun drawing their works, whether this particular murderous yandere yuri comedy, Heian-era aristocratic yuri comedy, or cute schoolgirls with animal traits...yuri comedy.

Oh, and that one actually not yuri comedy starring an unlucky mangaka with a metafictional problem, a tsundere, and an editor he really, really hates.
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Old 2015-07-21, 08:55   Link #3
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A Yandere Yuri Love Story.
I love it!
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Old 2015-07-21, 19:22   Link #4
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well,A Yandere Yuri Love Story.
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yandere, yuri

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