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Old 2008-01-25, 20:13   Link #1
Gregory House
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Hardcore Gaming 101, anyone?

No, it's not a website about the latest Halo mods or the best way to pwn n00bs in WoW, it's a bloody brilliant website about gaming, new and old (but old for the most part ). It covers an absurd amount of obscure games and franchises, those games that flew below the radar of 90% of today's gaming population. The author, Kurt, has an exquisite and passionate writing style and is extremely knowledgeable on the world of classic gaming. It gets updated regularly. And, best of all, it's got a perfectly simple web design that nowadays gets ignored way too often in the buzzing bitstream of flash videos: White text on black background!

It's certainly one of the most pleasant websites on gaming to read, and I just wanted to share this with the rest of the world. Also, it'd be nice to see if there are other people here that read it regularly or have stumbled upon it, and their opinions.

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Old 2008-01-26, 00:09   Link #2
Kaioshin Sama
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I for one absolutely love this site. It basically summarizes and lays out some of the more niche or "hardcore" gamer oriented franchises, gives you some audio samples and pictures and by the end of it you can pretty much always tell if your interested in giving the series a try or not. The key is that it doesn't try to review games and just reports the facts, that way it's you who get's to make the call on them and not the reviewer. It's how game journalism should be but frequently isn't (looks at Gamespot). Another good gaming site not to be missed is Kotaku which has some of the most up to the minute news on the industry of any site around that isn't in Japanese. These two sites really give a damn, and that's why they are "Hardcore Gaming".
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Old 2008-01-26, 05:00   Link #3
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I found this website when I was searching for Shin Megami Tensei franchise article and I am very pleased with the article in the website. I even found articles about games nobody knows that I played a long time ago. I am very pleased with the article of those games, and I have to say it is hardcore to write about it since I think people even hardly know about those games
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Old 2008-02-04, 23:03   Link #4
Command of the Revenants
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I remember finding this site when I was looking for Last Blade info. At some point I finally bookmarked it, though it got lost when Prometheus the First had a virus-caused stroke. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Also, you forgot to mention that they also accept articles on doujin games, the first being on how to get one to work on your non-Japanese computer.
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