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Old 2012-09-06, 12:17   Link #61
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In my opinion, Noe was the best of the three girls personality-wise.

However, despite liking Noe the most, I stopped expecting her to be part of the final couple early on in the series.
As insightful as she was towards others, she was kind of oblivious toward her own feelings and almost childlike in that aspect. When Shin'ichiro had to point out that Noe like him for her to actually realize it, then for her to get embarrassed afterwards, I knew she was never meant to be with him. To me, the kind of affection they had was never truly mutual.

I don't think anyone is really at fault here, even though there are characters that we may dislike and therefore want to blame. Noe did nothing intrinisically wrong and was probably the most conducive to developing the other characters in the series. Shin'ichirou could be criticized for he indecisiveness (to which he points out himself), but when he did make his choice, I think he has enough justification to be with (or without) either Hiromi or Noe that either choice would be reasonable.
It is unfortunate that Noe was hurt emotionally and physically and did nothing to "deserve" that kind of pain, but that sort of unfairness is just something she has to accept and move on, just like how she had to cope with her grandmother's death.

Now, if Shin'ichirou chose Ai, whom he really had absolutely no intimate interest towards, then I would be upset.
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Old 2013-07-31, 09:53   Link #62
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I like Noe more than Hiromi,but Hiromi x Shinchiro seems to be the perfect ending for me.
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