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Old 2009-05-28, 09:58   Link #101
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Originally Posted by meh View Post
Maybe I just have no heart, but I don't consider most of the stuff listed here as sad. When I think of depressing anime, it would be like Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu.
You can't beat Figure 17 (Especially the ending)
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Old 2009-08-02, 21:57   Link #102
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Originally Posted by Reno View Post
ELFEN LIED!!!! After watching this... Grave of the Fireflies will seem like a walk in the park.
holy fucking shit when i fucking watched elfen lied that shit was so fucking sad it made me fucking cry and im 31. that shit made me so fucking depressed for like 3 days. and i thought to my self this qoute "A human being can endure as much heartache and sorrow as long as they have something to live for" dont talk shit about elfen lied i will just call u a dipshit for not understanding the fucking story!!!!
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Old 2009-08-02, 22:06   Link #103
Join Date: Jul 2009
I find D.Gray-man and Full Metal Alchemist very sad. I mean if you keep thinking about their past while parents + loss of parents + mutation + hardships..
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Old 2009-08-03, 02:11   Link #104
Join Date: Jul 2009
Originally Posted by Cipher View Post
I find D.Gray-man and Full Metal Alchemist very sad. I mean if you keep thinking about their past while parents + loss of parents + mutation + hardships..
The thing about FMA is the ending of both the movie and the first series. They had all these hopes of gaining their bodies and living together with all the friends they made and in the end nothing of the sort happens.

I agree with Elfen Lied being very depressing. But the thing the strikes me is that i was more depressed after finishing Code Geass than after watching Elfen Lied. Both of these left me wondering about life for weeks! and i hated it.

Im trying to keep away from depressing stuff for now, we at least until i finish the stuff im watching right now.

Im watching Evangelion for the first time and i have this feeling that it will end up pretty depressing.
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Old 2009-08-03, 05:13   Link #105
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Location: Rotterdam
Age: 36
I found that Haibane Renmei really made me feel sad and feel the depression of some persons.
If you like heavy character development, a mellow fantasy setting and refreshing story you really should give it a try.
...A Cosmopolite, not a Nationalist
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Old 2009-08-04, 12:10   Link #106
the opposing wind
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try Perfect Blue . I cried when I watched this (TnT)
Angel Sanctuary also a bit sad. but it's not really painful ;^u^

Oh I remember! You should definitely watch Boogiepop Phantom . it's very much depressing & gloomy . but w/ niiice music

* Read da sig and do it! Cos' Ophelia says sO

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Old 2009-08-11, 03:08   Link #107
Saber Cherry
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Age: 17
This thread just won't die. I'll add a few more that I don't think anyone mentioned, and are atypical. The "tears" rating indicates how painful it is, from 0 (painless) to 10 (suicide watch). They don't indicate quality, just how much of the series is sad and how intense it is. 5 tears means it hits pretty hard. The top ones mentioned in my first post were all 6 to 9 tears.

Library War - Yes, the concept is strange, and initially I thought it would be a throwaway series. But it has excellent execution, the characters are very real, and it made me cry a lot... in a good way. 6/10 tears

Death Note - Rather interesting series, in that the protagonist himself can be cruel. As you might guess from the title, a lot of people die - whether you like it or not. 4/10 tears (though technically I never cried, because the anguish turned to anger instead of sadness).

Toradora! - Often lighthearted... but wow, do you get slapped around. More of an emotional roller-coaster than an actual sad series, but there is pain in abundance. 4/10 tears

Rozen Maiden - Not a traditional drippy highschool drama, but plenty of emotionally intense parts nonetheless. 4/10 tears

Scrapped Princess - Again, not a traditional "watch this to feel depressed for a week" series, but still very painful at times. 3/10 tears

School Rumble - You'll laugh, you'll cry... well, you MIGHT cry; I sure did. The series is mostly comical but due to the interwoven, impossible-to-mutually-satisfy love web, there are some very intense and painful parts. Overall it is an "upper", though, as are most episodes. 2/10 tears

And some of these have already been mentioned (even in the OP), but...
Series I am afraid to watch (or started but have not yet finished) because they are too damn sad:

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Grave of the Fireflies
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora
Elfen Lied
Hoshi no Koe
Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho

Obviously I can't give them firm ratings but all appear to be exceptional quality and 8 to 10/10 tears. I look forward to watching (or finishing) all of them, but not more than one per season.
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Old 2009-09-12, 22:51   Link #108
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i think clannad and clannad after storyis a definate series to watch...its super sad at like the end and its really realistic. Its like u feel lik you are tomoya...i totaly cried. Its also made from the people who made the series of Air and Kanon 2006.
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Old 2009-09-12, 23:31   Link #109
Kyero Fox
Tastes Cloudy
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Location: Snake Way
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I'd have to say Clannad .. that anime made me get sad too many times, Specialy the Alternate World special episodes.

Originally Posted by Supah Em View Post
5cm per second
I don't understand how this movie was sad. If you ask me the male char is a retard.

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Old 2009-09-14, 13:11   Link #110
Join Date: Jul 2009
Kenshin OAV...specially the last episode
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Old 2009-09-14, 14:19   Link #111
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Ok so the very first painful anime I watched was thanks to SU and a picture of a naked chick covered in blood. Now I almost passed it off as stumbleupon serving up a S&M Hentai review by mistake, luckily for me I read on and became intrigued by the review. I then watched all 13 episodes in one sitting. That by far blew me away in comparison to the GD American movies which are only considered good if they have tits, ass, and/or explosions. This was, and forever will be, my favorite dark anime because it was my first experience with it or anything like it. Then I proceeded to search out other fucked up or twisted anime, I was lead to Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and then consequently Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai. This series was fucked up in a different way but not really the same as Elfen Lied's delving into human nature and dehumanization. Then it was onto Neon Genesis Evangelion which again was pretty depressing; Side Note: I am now just understanding the ending of Evangelion and its poetic nature after about 6 months of thinking time on it, yes its that damn confusing, at least it was for me. After I had watched these during the course of 3 weeks time and I became severely depressed and extremely cynical (more so than usual anyways). It's like an addiction, kinda like when I get a tooth ache I always keep poking and biting down on it because I can't leave it alone. I'm not saying pain feels good its just a sort of an obsession for me. To this day the opening song or any of the orchestra music from Elfen Lied still gets to me emotionally, it's been my ringtone for about a year now and probably gonna stay that way for a long time because of its significance. Maybe I'm just fucked up in the head, who knows? All I know is that I can't watch any sitcoms or most US programming because it lacks the depth of anything compared to some of the anime Ive seen.
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Old 2009-09-14, 15:41   Link #112
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Kino no Tabi has some sad episodes but still retains many positive aspects. The last episode is very sad (and shocking as hell, I did NOT expect that to happen).

I'll also second Haibane Renmei, it seems like a slightly fantastical slice of life for the first halfish of the series, but the last 4-5 episodes are heavy stuff.
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Old 2009-10-08, 13:07   Link #113
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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but Rumbling Hearts was the saddest anime I've ever seen. I'm currently in the process of watching, or have yet to watch most of the stuff said already. But Rumbling Hearts was simply painful and heart wrenching throughout the whole series. It's not overly traumatic like Elfen Lied or have a sad ending, but watching the characters suffer from their emotions and feelings for each other felt really genuine.
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Old 2009-10-08, 19:47   Link #114
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Location: Texas
I would have to say X(1999) anime film. Pretty much left a sour taste in my mouth after watching it.

Geneshaft. Near the end, two characters from the show sacrifice themselves to save others. And they were cooler than the main characters presented in the series.

Spoiler for somewhat in depth spoiler of ending:
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Old 2009-10-09, 01:50   Link #115
It's the year 3030...
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Elfen Lied should make you feel a pretty hefty amount of pain and depression. Perfect Blue is probably also good for that.

I'd also recommend Twelve Kingdoms. It's not particularly depressing, sad, or painful on the overall scale, but there are a few moments that will bring you down.

Edit: I always forget about it, but Paranoia Agent is another one you may want to check out. More than a few sad and painful moments there.
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Old 2009-10-09, 15:56   Link #116
Natural Born Killer
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Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
Kite (Yeah, finally got to watch this and it's depressing as hell. 2-episode OVA though.)
5 Centimetres per Second
Jigoku Shoujo
Serial Experiments Lain
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Old 2009-10-12, 04:25   Link #117
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Age: 33
The Garden of Sinners.
When They Cry.
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Old 2009-11-20, 05:35   Link #118
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Join Date: Nov 2009
Thumbs up requiem for the phantom is the best ever

im not really one to cry but this brought me soo close
theres so much conspiracy and its kinda predictable but if you put yourself in the main chars shoes it rips your heart out
such a great series 5 star
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Old 2009-11-20, 07:38   Link #119
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Location: Europe
Originally Posted by Quzor View Post
Elfen Lied should make you feel a pretty hefty amount of pain and depression.
Last episode made me very sad and I was kinda depressed for couple of days, mostly because it ended so soon and I wanted/needed more of Lucy!

Some will react differently to Elfen Lied, and that's normal as well
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Old 2009-11-20, 10:29   Link #120
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Originally Posted by Zwei View Post
Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
Kite (Yeah, finally got to watch this and it's depressing as hell. 2-episode OVA though.)
5 Centimetres per Second
Jigoku Shoujo
Serial Experiments Lain
It's actually a film I believe but often split in two...anyway, I'm quoting this to point out that Kite is extremely Hentai
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