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Old 2008-02-05, 18:17   Link #1
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Reasons for .mkv?

I'll be quick about this: What are the reasons you use matroska for anime viewing?

I occasionally use MKV format, but for the most part I use AVI. Why? Because I don't find the need for viewing raws (+ other reasons fyi)... up until recently that is. So now, I will only get mkv files (yay!).

Why do YOU use MKV (Or don't)?
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Old 2008-02-05, 18:37   Link #2
You could say.....
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Why would anyone want to use MKV instead of AVI?
The added features. As stated above, AVI is ancient. It does not support newer codecs (like the increasingly popular H.264/AVC, or Vorbis, or AAC) without very ugly hacks. There are also other things that you can stick into MKV that AVI does not support. "Soft" subtitles is one example ("softsubs" refers to subtitles that are not encoded into the video, but is displayed on top of it when you play it back, and therefore can be turned off). Another thing that casual users can appreciate is chapters (like on a DVD). There are also several other more technical features that are mostly interesting to encoders, which I won't mention here. Visit the Matroska website for more information, if you are interested.
Before you ask "How do I convert fansubs to...." see the following
MP4 -
Convert AVI/MKV/MP4 to DVD
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Old 2008-02-06, 03:52   Link #3
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I think there are enough of these threads around so there is little point in having another. I would suggest you have a read of the threads suggested by hobbes_fan and post there if need be.
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