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Old 2008-02-05, 21:24   Link #1
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Question about how Manga works..

Hi, I was just wondering how the whole manga publishing works in Japan.

I often come across titles such as Shonen Jump, and I am sort of convinced that in Japan, manga is serialized in chapters between designated timeframes (i.e. some will appear every month on the monthly issue of... say Shonen Jump). This really confuses me, as I wonder how manga volumes, which contain multiple chapters work. So my question is how does Manga serialization work in general? Does it work as I assume (monthly publishing, chapters only) or is there more to it?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 2008-02-05, 23:53   Link #2
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keeping in mind I am no expert on the matter, most titles are serialized in weekly or monthly compilations. it is just like shonen jump from viz it has a chapter every month of bleach, naruto and a few other popular titles and then when they get enough (based on page count I think since most volumes are the same size) they make a tankoban which is more or less what we in the rest of the world buy in our local bookstores, occasionaly they have a deluxe edition usually with a wrap around book cover and sometimes in hardback. and there is also what is called a wideban (sp) edition that comes out and compiles 3 or so tankobans, we have seen these in america recently for big name titles like negima, fruits basket etc. they are about the same cost as one tank the drawback is that they come out a long long time after the orriginal publishing date. in japan manga is also published with a great deal of what i call swag, a friend of mine came back from tokyo with a deluxe edition of slam dunk that had fold out posters, a hard cover, a wrap around book cover etc, even the monthly magazines often include 2 or 3 small posters and sometimes a few tracks from an anime on a cd. anyway the point is most manga series are serialized in magazines first. though that doesn't seem to hold true for all of them and they seem to move around to different magazines and publishing dates based on popularity maybe.
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