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Old 2004-01-29, 20:30   Link #1
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Looking for site(s) w/ comprensive list of licensed anime

I know animesuki has a list of license anime but did mostly don't old licensed anime. Is there are any site(s) that list most(if not all) of the licensed anime ever released?
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Old 2004-01-29, 23:36   Link #2
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Originally Posted by brood-faun
I know animesuki has a list of license anime but did mostly don't old licensed anime. Is there are any site(s) that list most(if not all) of the licensed anime ever released?
you'll probably won't have to look hard to find it
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Old 2004-01-30, 00:18   Link #3
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More of an General Anime topic

Moving thread -> General Anime sub-forum
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Old 2004-01-30, 13:43   Link #4
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I don't know one site that you can check unfortunately. I always have to check all the sites listed below before I can be certain that something is unlicensed.If a show is not listed as licensed on any of those sites, then I am 99% certain that it is unlicensed. As you can see, there is a big need for a site that has a comprehensive list.

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Old 2004-01-30, 17:30   Link #5
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I wouldn't consider anything listed on anidb reliable, as they seem more a warez/dvdrip board than anything. You couldn't find a licensor on that site if your life depended on it (but you could see who's screwing over what R1 companies today!)
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Old 2004-01-30, 18:48   Link #6
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The problem with making a comprehensive list is it is hard to determine who still owns some of the older licenses and if they expired or not. The GHLL basically lists all series that were actively being released on DVD or were licensed since the list was formed. However, titles randomly disappear from it. (Example: Mezzo TV, because they dont have a "Sold to party unknown".) .) Also, the word "license" has a different meaning for each person. (If we look that one up on Animenfo, AnimeDB, Asuki, and ANN, it says the same. If we look that one up on various bots and databases, we do get licensed because they have a "Unknown" entry.) It is impossible to create a list that everyone will agree is accurate.
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Old 2004-05-18, 14:14   Link #7
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lincence list

Dose anyone now where i can get a FULL list off licenced anime. (I am not talking about stuff like animesuki licence i mean where u get the licence from.)
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Old 2004-05-18, 14:25   Link #8
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Try the Lincense List at
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Old 2004-05-19, 14:45   Link #9
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AnimeonDVD would be your best bet, as they have info on pretty much every US anime DVD ever released, and info on the recently licensed series (that are coming soon to DVD).

Like bayoab said, the hazy area of licensing is the old series that were released only on VHS where the license has either expired and/or the tape is out of print. There are surprisingly quite a few titles in this category. I'd recommend ANN and the book "The Anime Encyclopedia" for that. The Anime Encyclopedia puts a star next to the title of any series that ever saw an English language release. Its the best resource ever, even the net can't beat it.

There are also a handful of anime licensed and the company seemed to have no plans to acutally release the title. The only example I can think of for that is Angel's Egg, which may have expired by now anyway since its listed on Animesuki.
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