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Chiaki Nozomi
Indie Director
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If you were in a band....

So, if you were (are) in a band, what would your name be, your bandmates, and what instrument would you play? Or, if you don't want to put your name in, what would your dream band be? Explain why, to prevent those one liner posts that would lock this topic.

Vocals - Gackt (I don't care what people say, you can't deny the voice)
Vocals - Yasu (Janne da Arc, I love his voice, so its either him or Gackt. Either one makes me happy. )

Guitar - You (Janne da Arc, one of the best guitarists I've ever heard)
Guitar - Me! Although I don't think I could ever get to the level of You, so I think I would just be a third guitar that provides a bit more depth without the high skill level of the lead.

Bass - Tetsu (L'Arc'~en~ciel, I dunno why, I just like him. He's so funny to watch Live.)

Drums/Piano - Yoshiki (X Japan, the man is brilliance. Sheer brilliance)

Costume Design - Mana from Malice Mizer. ^_~. Just kidding. I admit, I do like dressing up in Gothic Lolita and Gothic Aristrocrat occaisonally, but I don't want any band I'm in to have the image. The image would dwarf the music and be a pain in the arse to keep up. Now, if we went for the look for a PV or two, then things would be fine. ^^.

As for name... hmm... I could never think of one I liked. ^^;; If I wanted a dumb name, I'd go for something like 'That one band'. A novel I'm writing does have bands named 'Silent Jealousy', 'Desperate Angel', and 'Embryo'. My favorite fictional band will always be 'BECK' though. ^_^.
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