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Infraction FAQ

Q. What is an infraction. I've never heard of such a thing.
A. If you have to ask, then you probably don't have one. This is how we keep track of rule violations on AnimeSuki. Each infraction has a point value and the points accumulate to tell the moderators who's naughty or nice.

Q. I checked a dictionary and the word means "A violation of law, not punishable by imprisonment." I'm glad that it won't get me locked in jail, but can I be banned this way?
A. Whenever we give an infraction the software checks how many points you have and the higher the point total, the longer the ban. If you have less than 3 points, then you won't get banned. If you have 3 or more points you will be banned. At the lower levels the ban will just be for a few days. Then as you accumulate more points you will be banned for longer and longer until the ban becomes permanent.

Q. Sounds like I don't want too many infraction points. What are the exact levels for getting banned and how many points will ban me permanently?
A. We don't think that there is any advantage to either you or us to let you know exactly how much mischief you can get away with before we decide to send you to "less moderated" forums for the rest of your life.

Q. But I was banned for something incredibly small! Why is that fair?
A. Remember that the points for all your infractions accumulate. Even though all your infractions might have been only 1 point, if it pushes you over the 3 point threshold you will be banned. We favor this approach because someone who can accumulate a lot of nuisance points is a never ending pain in the bottom for us.

Q. I got a "Warning" infraction. What does that mean?
A. A warning is just a warning. It has no point value so it will not lead to getting you banned. It really just means that your behavior was questionable or you did something that we wanted to draw your attention to. We don't want to ban you so we hope that by warning you, we won't ever have to lose your voice on this forum. If you do the same thing again we will have to give you a real infraction.

Q. My warning infraction just said that my post was merged into another thread. Was that serious enough to warn me about it?
We prefer warnings instead of sending private messages when a post is moved, merged or deleted. You see, when we give an infraction the message is visible to the other moderators, so by giving a warning instead of a private message we are also alerting all the other moderators to the event. It kills two birds with one stone to keep everyone in the loop.

Q. Am I stuck with these points for the rest of my life? It seems harsh and makes me feel like I am walking on eggshells.
A. Actually, if you check these infractions on your profile you'll see that lesser ones will eventually stop counting against you, although the most serious infractions will never go away. On your profile all of your infractions are listed along with the expiration dates for those infractions. This will help you keep track of your status.

Q. But it is listed on my profile! Everyone can see this and it is embarrassing! I feel that it is destroying my social life and making everyone hate me.
A. Actually your infractions are secret. Nobody can see them on your profile except for moderators. This is just a way for moderators keep track of how much trouble you have caused. We don't hate you either, so chill out and relax about it. Actually a lot of upstanding citizens of our forum have acquired infractions. Even a moderator or two has garnered infractions before being asked to help us police the forum. When we give an infraction we hope that it will help you learn how to be a better citizen of our community. That is really our hope.

Q. But what about my reputation? My reputation is important to me and I've worked really hard to get a good reputation.
A. Relax! Infractions have absolutely no effect on your rep and vice-versa. These systems have no relation at all. You can rest assured that if we give you an infraction the only bad thing that might happen is banning. I hope that is a relief.

Q. I don't think I deserve the infraction you gave me. You just don't understand what I was posting.
A. Sometimes that happens. Being human we're not perfect. Please reply to the infraction and explain what happened (since it's a PM, you can reply to it). If we agree with you then we'll revoke the infraction. Please realize that we are not available 24/7, so it might take a little while for us to respond. If you still think you aren't being treated fairly then please send a PM to one of our other Forum Leaders. The person you send your PM will consider the complaint and likely consult with the rest of us. We will then act accordingly. I promise we will give you a fair hearing and not just gather around our homie.

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