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Old 2008-02-24, 02:31   Link #1
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Just wondering, seeing as quite a number of animes are airing in 720p now, would the HDTV source be better or would the DVD rip (I don't think DVDs of these animes are in 720p) be better?

It's in a lower resolution but I think that the video quality is a bit better.
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Old 2008-02-24, 03:36   Link #2
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It all depends. Quality of a HDTV source can be bad, DVD authoring can be abysmal. Encoding problems may occur at any stage.. it's something that can only be decided on a case-by-case basis.
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Old 2008-02-24, 10:58   Link #3
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If you strictly look at video resolution, HDTV wins over DVD:

HDTV (720p): 1280x720
DVD (NTSC): 720x480

But of course, as emtpyeighty said, if the HDTV source was bad the DVD version is likely to be better. This especially goes for upscaled stuff. However in the case of say, Hayate no Gotoku or Gundam 00 (Menclave 720p version) for example, I'm pretty sure the HDTV version is the best you can get.
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