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Old 2014-03-03, 20:10   Link #681
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90% of my favorite ecchi shows like Queen's Blade and Seikon no Qwaser are well-hated.
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Old 2014-03-05, 16:59   Link #682
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Originally Posted by ForwardUntoDawn View Post
I myself don't understand what all the dislikes leveled against SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation is about. It's a relaxing show about random topics that ends up being quite entertaining in its own right.
I also don't understand the hate for it because I feel like it is no different from more popular random topic shows.
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Old 2014-03-06, 02:09   Link #683
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Originally Posted by Yanamaru View Post
Yu yu hakisho is my favorite by far but I have seen a lot of people that dislike it and I don't know how. Only thing I disagreed with was the ending seemed rushed but other than that I think it was really good.
I thought YYH was pretty liked. Where have you seen the hate for it ?
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Old 2014-03-06, 18:06   Link #684
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Spirited away.
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Old 2014-03-07, 00:54   Link #685
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Yugioh Zexal for me. I think it is because of the characters.

Characters like Yuma Tsukumo and Astral, I want these sort of characters in other animes.

It is going to fun watching them in other genres.
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Old 2014-03-07, 06:23   Link #686
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List of underrated shows I liked

One of my currently favorite shows this season, Tokyo Ravens looks like one of the those shows that has the potential to be one of the main flavors of the season because of its similarly popular source material. Too bad it received a lot of flacks from its viewership and it's a shame it does not sell very well. The characterization was engaging and while I admit that the story have its fair share of flawness, it was beautifully well-crafted and being a fan of KanaHana, she was the main reason I watched the show.
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Old 2014-03-08, 20:22   Link #687
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Another one would be Hamatora. I mean check its page. Really few people comment on it. It's not hated but I would really call it underrated. There isn't even a thread where we can talk about its manga version.

It's a shame because it's been long since I've found so many likeable characters and a protagonist who starts as a pro. At least I talk about it with some guys in twitter.
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Old 2014-03-13, 04:10   Link #688
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I've decided to put a close to both the "Anime you love but everyone else hates?" and "Anime you hate but everyone seems to like?" threads. The reason is because these threads do not really invite open/balanced discussion about the shows in question, as it sort of segregates "fans" from "haters" in an artificial way. In a way I suppose that can be somewhat cathartic, but it's also opposed to our overall objective of encouraging discussion and sharing of diverse opinions.

I'd encourage people to post their opinions about shows in the threads in question to invite discussion among others who watched the show. The Suggestions forum also exists to help people find shows they may like.
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