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Old 2008-04-07, 03:32   Link #21
'Dear Elhit'
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I don't care much for X-play, or for most games review sites for that matter. Believe it or not, I do actually find myself agreeing with Gamespot reviews more often than not, and this is even after its regretable dismissal of Jeff Gerstmann. And in my opinion, Gamespot doesn't seem to take a negative view of JRPGs or anime-inspired games.

But yes, it's apparently true that demographic preferences are different in America, Europe and Asia. I don't have immediate references to site, but I do recall polls that show how Asian gamers prefer RPGs while Western (read American) gamers prefer FPS's. However, it's important to take these alleged differences with a large grain of salt. South Koreans, for example, currently rule the roost in RTS games, so it's not entirely clear that Asians prefer story over frantic action.

For my part, I want to see more innovation in Japanese games, anime-inspired or otherwise, together with grand, sweeping stories. Western games, in comparison, often feel like number-crunching exercises. They are fascinating in their own way, but not very satisfying in the long-run.
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Old 2008-04-07, 06:39   Link #22
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Maybe because it's not just a matter of whether said game sucks or not, but also 'cos of cultural qualities? I recall a thread on some site: Animenewsnetwork, I think, which touched on the cultural differences between American and Japanese cultures. I don't recall the name of the thread anymore but I do remember some of the details.

For example:
- the cast in an anime RPG is always young while the cast in a Western game is always in their teens to mid 20s or even 30s.
- Western rpgs tend to be helluva serious while Japanese RPGs tend to have all kinda quirky stuff.

That said, I've long since given up on playing games. It's kinda fun to play with Western RPGs but it gets really tiresome in the long run since most of them talk about stuff like being "ultra-innovative" in terms of dialogues, plot, etc., yet are a shadow to Western adventure games or visual novels. And ne... I can't afford a playstation or any of those uber-expensive controllers so haven't played a ton of Japanese ps2/ps3 games.

Though from playing with my friends, Japanese RPGs have some very interesting stuff, though they can be helluva cliched.

Edit: Btw, I think that those sites are just being extremely prejudiced or just being jerks for the fun of it. After all, some RPG sites are dominated by hardcore fans who live for nothing but Western RPGs. To them, having Western RPGs lumped together with Japanese RPGs is probably a sacrilege. Not to mention that some of these fans probably dislike manga and/or even anime as well.

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