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Old 2008-03-16, 00:14   Link #1
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"Middle-ground" romance manga.

For a while I've been searching for a simple sort of romance manga, yet one that is seemingly impossible for me to find. Basically, I just want to read a cute, slice-of-life, non-harem romance that is neither overly dramatic or overly comedic. By comedic I mean a sort of formula that I see attached to many ecchi romance comedies - such as the male lead encountering a girl and taking the whole series or a good portion of it before he finally realizes his feelings for her and vice-versa. I've grown pretty tired of seeing these all over the place (or I might just not be looking hard enough) and I want to read a series in which both characters settle down (and in an actual romantic relationship, not a "we're just classmates" kind of one) and are adjusting with each other's company in their day-by-day lives. No massive heavy drama, no excessive accidental boob-grabs, no "RIVAL LOVER HAS APPEARED" plot twists. Just something plain, simple, and most important of all, sweet and cute. It can be ecchi, just as long as it's clear that that isn't the main focus.

Unfortunately, I don't really have a great list of examples to explain further - I've only managed to come across one that adequately matches my criteria. If anybody has read My Lovely Ghost Kana by Yukata Tanaka, then they will know exactly the sort of story and subgenre I am referring to. I fell in love with this manga right away, and I want to know if there is anything else like it out there. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated.
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Old 2008-03-16, 00:23   Link #2
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This is an easy criteria: Clannad. It's a cute slice-of-life/romance/drama that takes the romance out of the drama. Simply put, there's very little romance/drama, but there's a lot of drama without romance. In the end, you get a cute relationship after not much fighting plus great arcs and a feeling that you enjoyed every episode that you watched. I repeat: Just because there are many characters in Clannad, it doesn't mean that it's a harem. Elfen Lied is more of a harem than Clannad, and that's saying a lot.

5 Centimeters per Second is overly dramatic, but it stays away from what you hate. Simply put, there's no love triangle or anything, and the romance is focused on one relationship at a time, so you have no love rival plot twists or anything.

And finally, there's ef - a tale of memories. There's quite a bit of drama involved, but mostly, it focuses on different relationships separately. Some fantasy exists, but other than that, it has an excellent plot with unique romance stories.
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Old 2008-03-16, 00:45   Link #3
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I've actually forgotten about Clannad for a while. Come to think of it despite not having very much romance, it does have the sorts of qualities I'm looking for. I'll have to resume watching it sometime (I've seen about ten episodes and then went on hiatus), especially since I loved the two Key works before it.

Also I can usually take drama-based stories, just as long as it isn't to a farfetched extent (like Ai-Ren...). It all depends on my current mood though, but I'll look into those two other series you mentioned since I have heard of them before but never got around to doing so. Thanks a bunch.
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Old 2008-03-16, 01:01   Link #4
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It is always nice to hear about another fan of My Lovely Ghost Kana .

The Hating Girl (manga only) - a very cute series about a strange high school girl who has an arrow sticking through her head and the boy who eventually comes to understand and then fall in love with her. Very quirky series with some very funny moments mixed with some touching drama.

Moyashimon - a quirky series about a college freshman who has the unique ability to communicate with micro-organisms and bacteria. This series is light on romance, but has some great slice-of-life moments, once you get past the talking A. oryzae (a fermenting bacteria that is used to create soy sauce) and other bacteria.

Kamichu - more shoujo than seinen, this charming series is about a young girl who has become infatuated with a young boy in her class, but is too shy to express her love. Oh, and she happens to wake up one day to discover that she has become a God. Very charming and fun series that is choke full of slice-of-life, romance and some drama. Not battles are anything to dramatic like that, just a young girl with some speacial powers who is trying to discover the best way to say "I Love You."

I think there are a few more title like these, but I can not remember them right now, so I will try and post some more later.
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Old 2008-03-16, 01:30   Link #5
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Itadakimasu - josei; funny romance between a divorcée and a high school boy; they start living together in sort of a "fake" relationship, but that gets resolved quickly
Dear Mine - shoujo; the premise may not appeal to you (high school girl and young boy) but it is quite a cute and relaxing romance manga (one of my favorite manga)
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