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Old 2008-03-20, 13:54   Link #1
Make Your Move
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Internet Connection Strange

Ok today i have got a Laptop from college, At college they use a system called Novell This is there site, we all have log in names and passwords on the server, on this laptop all i did was use a program called Intel PROset Wireless which finds any wireless networks i clicked add profile and got onto the interent fine, now i am at home and it will not work for me , i have found my router and made a profile but every time it connect it then disapears from the mini icons at the bottom right which means it disconnected so i have to connect again and it does it every second (so i cannot use the internet) so when i go to any site (google) it says IE cannot display webpage but when i type in my collge website it works and i can acsess that ONLY???, i even looked in restricked and stuff like that but theres nothing so i am really confused i have felt like ive tryed everything can anyone give me any ideas ill even go on msn and chat that way to you if you wish please.
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Old 2008-03-20, 19:52   Link #2
Love Yourself
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Novell is a company, not a product. Some of their products include network-related software. Most likely what you're referring to at your school is an authentication system that's put into place to keep non-students and non-faculty from accessing university resources. If there is any Novell software on your computer itself, please let us know what it's called.

The PROset Wireless software just manages your wireless connections. Based off of your description I am assuming that the problem is simply with your computer and your home wireless router, and that the problem is not that your school has modified the internal DNS tables and other business on the laptop itself. To verify that it's a wireless problem, have you tried plugging the laptop into your router directly (via ethernet cable)? Did it work?

If the problem is with the wireless, look over your router's wireless settings. Are you using encryption? If so, is it WEP, WPA (TKIP or AES?), or WPA2? For experimental purposes, disable encryption and see if your laptop can connect. If it can, try different encryption types. WEP is rather insecure at this point; I recommend WPA. WPA (AES) or WPA2 (AES-only) are preferable to WPA (TKIP) but I've seen laptops that couldn't use WPA AES, so it could be a problem with that. Make sure that your password type and the password itself are entered correctly in the PROset Wireless profile.
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