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Old 2008-03-25, 05:31   Link #1
Devil Of The Nite
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Using emulation on Vista

Hi guys. I would like to ask y cant i run the ISO files in my vista home premium. I using Daemon Tools V4.08. I mean usually u jus mount n the install will start, but for vista it only promt to open the exe file or wadsoever. I tried opening the install file using <explore> but it says "game not installed plz install using the install disc".

Tried to run 2 H-games like Roomate de Heart n Private Nurse.
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Old 2008-03-25, 19:58   Link #2
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Location: Florida, USA
The reason you're getting many views and no replies is because of the ban of talk of piracy on this website. Since you talked about mounting an ISO, we members are very suspicious about replying and helping you out. Sorry to seem mean, but we probably won't help you unless you can prove you have purchased the games.
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Old 2008-03-25, 20:26   Link #3
Love Yourself
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Eh, I've been burned for helping out things that the staff considered to be piracy-related but weren't. I considered helping but I don't know enough about Daemon Tools or Windows Vista. All I can suggest is that you ensure that you're using the latest version, and if you're on 64-bit Vista make sure that you have the 64-bit version of Daemon Tools. Their website claims that it is fully compatible with Vista so in theory there shouldn't be any issues.

One recommendation on the Daemon forum was to disable UAC while trying to use Daemon Tools, but someone else said that there's a way around that and that you shouldn't give up the security benefits of UAC over that. Might be worth a try though.
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Old 2008-03-25, 20:37   Link #4
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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aye, though there are a dozen legitimate reasons to use Daemon tools (I use them so I don't have to risk my game disks) or other virtual disk tools -- I've been burned as well. Its too easy for warez-llamas to use my help for nefarious reasons.

I suggest you visit the Daemon tools website, though I wouldn't be surprised if some Vista DRM is beating you up for being "unverified/untrusted"
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Old 2008-03-26, 01:30   Link #5
Devil Of The Nite
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Ah...sry guys but i guess this is the best forum to ask wad i wanted to ask as i know animesuki forum is always active n alive.Thx again guys!
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