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Koop-chan! Hentai's Arc

Koop-chan is a Visual Novel developed by K. P. Dojin Circle. The game is currently in progress and it would probably be released on the late summer of this year. The game would be a freeware and it would include original artwork, many original features and a full animated movie. This is the first episode of the Hentai arc. All updates of this game would be posted here. Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions! (Oh...and this is NOT a Hentai game btw :wink: )
(Sorry for the spelling errors...I'll fix them right now)

Koop Laforcade is a 7 year old little kid who wants to get rid of Hentai, Yuri, and Yaoi in Japan. Despise his young age, he has a strong hatred towards impure and immoral things. With his friends, Kei and Sailya, he forms the "United Puya Fosu!" who is in charge of destroying Hentai, Yuri, and Yaoi in Japan. Koop and his friends became an obstacle for the secret cult Kurosaki who are trying to revive the Gokai God and make the world a place of lust and perversion.

Name: Koop Laforcade
Age: 7 years-old
DOB: July, 7
Blood Type: A+
Birthplace: Unknown
Likes: Purity, plushies, steam-powered machines, religion and his star of David.
Dislikes: Hentai, Pervertion, and Blood.
Comments: Koop Laforcade is a 7 year-old boy. He has strong moral and purity values and since he has memory, he had always disliked the impure. He likes to play with a machine he calls a UFO catcher and he likes to attend church by himself. He always wears a star of David because he says that is a sign of purity. His hobbies are doing steam-powered inventions and praying. He sometimes says "Kuya!" for no apparent reason. Despise his seriousness when it comes to impure issues, he is a very cheerful and eccentric kid. To fight he uses a steam-powered gun that he made himself.

Name: Kei Kusan
Age: 8 years-old
DOB: May, 25
Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan.
Likes: soccer, comics, swords, and cool people.
Dislikes: Yuri and rats.
Comments: Kei Kusan is an 8 year-old boy. He is the most popular kid in his school and his admired by his classmates as well by his teachers because of his good athletic abilities. He likes to play soccer and he likes to flirt with the girls at school. His dream his to grow to become a cool looking adult and become a professional soccer player. His father is a blacksmith and he encourages Kei to become a playboy. Kei dislike of Yuri was because of his father that told him that girls should be just for men. He usually gets scolded and hit by Koop because he isn't pure enough. When fighting he uses a sword made by his father.

Name: Sailya Thurkosky
Age: 5 years-old
DOB: february, 14
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Switzerland
Likes: Candy, swings, flowers and water.
Dislikes: Yaoi, scary things, rain.
Comments: At the tender age of 5, Sailya Turkoski is determined to destroy Yaoi around the world. Sailya comes from the Thurkosky clan who since ancient times has repelled Yaoi and impurity. She is very dumb and she gets confused easily. She trips and cries a lot. She is very slow and she gets frighten by everything. She wears a big hat because she says that is to drive away Yaoi. Sailya lives with her older brother and her grandpa who teaches her the skills and techniques to fight impurity. She uses a staff given by the clan that throws bubbles.

Name: Yoriu Yamazaki
Age: 26 years-old
DOB: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Comments: Once a famous Doujinshi artist, Yoriu Yamazaki is the Hentai leader and one member of the Kurosaki cult. He is a mysterious man who is in charge of spreading Hentai in Japan. His past and intentions are unknown.

Koop-chan would include various features. Most of them would be available once you reach an "Eye-catch"
Here is some of the features:


Once you reach an eye-catch in the game you would be available to pick either to talk with one of the characters or to look at one special CG drawing. You can only choose one each eye-catch, so choose well.


The "talk" option in the eye-catch lets you choose to talk with one of the characters of the game. When you choose a character he/she will talk to you and tell you important information about them. You can only choose a character each eye-catch. Every new eye-catch there would be new conversations.


The "CG" option in the eye-catch would lead you to a menu to choose between a couple or more secret CG drawings. You can only choose one per eye-catch. In every new eye-catch there would be new CG drawings.


The "Character Interaction" questions are choices that would appear while playing the game. Depending on your response, some conversations and even CG artwork would show depending on your answers.


Here some in-game screenshots.

Koop-chan! Visual Novel would be released late summer of this year. The date is not official and is subject to change. The game would be a freeware, updates would be written here in this post. So make sure to check it in the future :wink: Please feel free to make comments and suggestions! I'll really appreciate it!


This Koop drawing was done by Nyanko-chan (The creator of comics like Next Exit and Relay published by Tokyopop)
If you want to do some Fan art I would gladly post it here

My Deviantart Page:

Thanks for reading :P
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