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Old 2006-08-16, 21:14   Link #1
My Ronin Days Are Over
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Exclamation Honey & Clover Live-Action Movie

I've been looking for the past month to see if anyone was planning on subbing the live-action Honey & Clover movie.
I just got back from Japan where it came out on DVD.
If I had the computer skillz (z added for effect) and power, I would have bought the DVD and uploaded it myself... but...

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Old 2006-08-17, 11:32   Link #2
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Im sure looking farward to the H&C movie.
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Old 2006-08-29, 10:57   Link #3
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Honey and Clover Movie

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this....

Just wondering about the Honey and Clover live action movie. Is there a difference in the licensing because its not a TV show? Do you think it will be fansubbed?
Knowing basically zero about releases IN Japan, would you be able to get a DVD with english subtitles (region encoding aside)? I have really enjoyed I and II of the anime so far and am very curious about the live action counterpart.

One other thing... I assume this has happened before (anime -> live). Which other shows have been translated to live action?
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Old 2006-08-29, 11:18   Link #4
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After the GTO manga came out it became a live action show before it became an anime, its supposed to be very good. I also want to see the H&C movie, so I hope someone subbs it
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Old 2006-08-29, 14:26   Link #5
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My understanding is that it is still in the theaters there so it is unlikely to be
subbed right away but given that the Nana live action movie was popular in
the fabsub worlds I'd expect to see it eventually.
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Old 2006-08-29, 22:13   Link #6
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Ill be looking forward to it.

and thanks xris for merging my noobness into this thread
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Old 2006-10-26, 09:58   Link #7
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DP bump
Any news on this?
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Old 2006-11-21, 03:39   Link #8
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Location: NZ
Ok it's been a while now, any news???
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Old 2006-11-21, 10:44   Link #9
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The DVDs come with english subtitles so you are free to buy them and enjoy the movie that way, when it finally gets released. Failing that I'm sure it'll be available through other means around the release time.

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Old 2007-01-21, 08:18   Link #10
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I bought the movie on a whim and I've watched it this weekend, so here are a few thoughts.

Obviously, the film suffers by not having the time to tell the story as comprehensively as the anime did. Many things are seriously truncated (Takemoto's bicycle ride, for example) or omitted completely (Fujimora design).

You don't get the same feeling of camaradarie that you get in the anime.
Except for
you never get the feeling that these people are all good friends who hang out together.

The film version of Morita I really disliked to begin with, although he grew on me as the film went on. But he doesn't really compare.
Their Mayama struck me as being far too nerdy, and the stalking was a bit overdone.

Takemoto seemed rather too cheerful, and rather separate from all the rest.

Yamada was OK, and Shuuji and Rika were hardly in it...

Arguably, Hagu worked better as a much more believable character and you could see why Takemoto and Morita were in love with her. Hey, I fancied her myself!

The part where Morita and Hagu spontaneously start painting in the yard was a joy to watch.

As a film in its own right, it is enjoyable.
Just try not to think too much about the anime while you're watching it.
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Old 2007-01-24, 11:04   Link #11
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(Can a mod move this thread to... a more appropriate place please? It is not really unaired since it is out )

Seen it today and I liked it.

I had low expectations, but it turned out to be quite good.

It is basicly the adaptation of the first season - though more like an alternate retelling: The basic relationship, main story is the same -- but different stuff happens sometimes (but hey, 24 eps can not be crammed into a 2-hour movie). So the story is acceptable, considering that fact. Still, the "alternative" parts are quite good (

The music is Yoko Kanno, 'nuff said (Read: fantastic).

The actors...well, it varies. Hagu is no doubt the best of all, Yamada is also very good. I liked Morita too. The professor is not bad, Takemoto is oookay, could be better. Mayama... now this went very, very wrong. He is a nerd in the movie, which is just stupid.

Overall, I liked it. There were a lot of things that could have been done better, but still: whether you have seen the anime or not, give it a chance.
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Old 2007-04-21, 23:33   Link #12
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Haha I agree with the above, Mayama turned out.. very wrong.
And yes Takemoto could have been better but the music was good; I've even got the whole soundtrack.

ps. If anyone wants to see this, pm me
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Old 2007-08-01, 04:32   Link #13
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Honey & Clover Live-Action Movie

I'm not even quite exactly sure wether this is the right forum for this: I don't know wether it has been subbed - but I'm pretty sure that if it hasn't it will be soon.

So has anyone seen it? Is it any good? I have to admit, I wasn't that captivated by the previews I saw on YouTube. But what do all of you know about it?
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Old 2007-08-01, 20:54   Link #14
Fly in the Sky
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The Honey and Clover Live-Action had already been subbed. I didn't watch it, but I might plan on watching it if I don't have anything else to watch. There have been a few people that posted that they liked the anime better. If you plan on watching, here a link.
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Old 2008-03-25, 18:05   Link #15
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Wow... Big time gap between the last post and this one (since I've only recently gone on a Honey and Clover spree).

Well, I agree with just about all the comments posted above but there were a few things I thought were missed (as in differences):

* Morita, being played by some model bloke, acted a bit too cool and didn't quite possess the bizzare, amusing, and spontaneous nature tha Morita is supposed to have. The actor who played him was the main character in Casshern (another strange Japanese movie based on a cartoon).

* Yamada... looked rather strange... (very slant eyed). Apart from that, her acting was more or less similar to the anime/manga versions.

* Takemoto was too cheerful. He was supposed to portray a young adult who is directionless and rather unmotivated, who only eventually discovers more about his aspirations and ego.

* Mayama was too geeky (as mentioned in the earlier posts).

* The professor (Shuu) was played by a poor actor who did nothing but display his horrendously fake smiles. A poor rendition of the original character.

Apart from the paint scenes and the ocean scenes, I couldn't bear to actually watch the film in its entirety.

Compared to more recent honey and clover drama series, I think this is generally worse but certain aspects of it was done quite well (the Hagu character for instance).
That said, I'm not too sure if I'm alone on this opinion but based on the Japanese dramas that I've seen, they're acting is horribly weak compared to majority of the dramas and series we see over in this part of the world.
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