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View Poll Results: Gundam 00 Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 127 31.67%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 152 37.91%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 65 16.21%
7 out of 10 : Good 33 8.23%
6 out of 10 : Average 7 1.75%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 7 1.75%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 3 0.75%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 2 0.50%
1 out of 10 : Painful 5 1.25%
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Old 2008-04-28, 20:51   Link #161
Terrestrial Dream
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Originally Posted by ShilienKnight View Post
anyways,this was the best gundam series ever,at least to me,cant wait till next season
Don't judge it ahead, this show could still become crap just like Destiny,very unlikely but still possible.
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Old 2008-04-28, 23:33   Link #162
Sir Dearka
Inglourious Buster
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Well, if you treat the first 25 eps as a full show in its own right, then I think evaluation is quite natural. I have a bit different approach to this Gundam, treating it as if it had two seasons.
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Old 2008-05-02, 23:40   Link #163
Dango Master
*IT Support
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Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Age: 28
I gave it a 9/10 overall. The animation, plot, character and script were all pretty good. I didnt feel the first part slow or boring since it was needed to explain many things about the world and each character. But they might have rushed the ending a bit.. specially with all the killing at the last few episodes xD I mean... all the good nice ppl ends up dead =(
Something that called my attention and changed the original 8/10 to 9/10 rating was because they accepted the idea that "anyone can die in a war".... No matter if you are a good guy or a bad one.

PD: New season coming? Any news of when?
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Old 2008-05-02, 23:59   Link #164
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
The rest of Gundam 00 will air starting in October.
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Old 2008-05-03, 02:13   Link #165
magoi, magoi!
Join Date: Dec 2004
Originally Posted by Pride View Post
Lyle? Maybe, just maybe he'll join CB.
So that was Lyle at the grave?
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Old 2008-05-03, 10:18   Link #166
Ore, Sanjou!
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Britannia
Originally Posted by Kenu View Post
So that was Lyle at the grave?
As of now, no one knows.
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Old 2008-05-03, 22:51   Link #167
Metroid of Humor
Join Date: Mar 2006
Originally Posted by Pride View Post
As of now, no one knows.
The director was deliberately vague as to which brother was which.
- Kicking it old school.
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Old 2008-05-08, 22:53   Link #168
Dango Master
*IT Support
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Location: Buenos Aires Argentina
Age: 28
Originally Posted by Kenu View Post
So that was Lyle at the grave?
what are you guys talking about? The guys that looks the same as Halleluya?
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Old 2008-05-08, 23:24   Link #169
性転換 団長
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Old 2008-05-10, 02:17   Link #170
Who am I?
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I'm hella confused on like about everything. (plot-wise). Though I like all the characters. + the unique yet badass gundam designs. ^^
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Old 2008-05-19, 21:45   Link #171
Damn, I'm good!
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Illinois
Any other news about the second season?

I sure hope Marina will get more important role. =_=;
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Old 2008-05-19, 21:47   Link #172
Observer/Bookman wannabe
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Originally Posted by Lugia_Tsuyu View Post
Any other news about the second season?

I sure hope Marina will get more important role. =_=;
I think it's safe to wait until CG R2 is at least halfway through.
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Old 2008-05-25, 04:40   Link #173
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: San Diego
I'm a bit late, but I just watched the series (my first Gundam as well.) I was very impressed (moreso with the latter part of the series), and I would say it was a good introduction into the Gundam world for me.

Story/Script: 8
It began slowly, introducing characters, situations, etc., and slowly sped up its pace leading up to the end of the series. While the early episodes were quite repetitive and a bit boring, they served their purpose well. The story itself isn't groundbreaking, but it's not overused; it touches upon the political side of the world a good amount, but balances a more personal character-driven story decently enough.

Animation: 10
Wow, simply amazing. Probably one of the best animated series I've seen, and is up there with its mecha compatriot FMP! TSR in terms of action series. Background scenery, action scenes, simple conversations, everything was impressive in terms of animation.

Voice Actors: 9
Another very strong point of the series. Almost every character had a voice that fit his or her personality, Mamoru Miyano's brooding Setsuna, Shinichiro Miki's freespirited-but-serious-when-needed character, Keiji Fujiwara's Ladd Russo immoral warmongerer, Rie Kugimiya's genki girl, etc.

Music: 8.5
The music was very well done, the OPs were pretty catchy, the BGM always fit the scene, whether it was action-intensive, dramatic, upbeat, etc., and the music itself was often great.

Characters: 7
Gundam 00 couldn't quite handle its characters as well as it wanted. While the main four or five characters were considerably well-developed and had a good bit of depth and their own faibles, but several of the side characters were only touched upon, taking long absences when they couldn't be fit into the script. For example, I probably wasn't the only one who wanted to know more about Saji's story or Marina's story, but they couldn't be fit into the short amount of time allotted.

Overall: 8.5, rounded down to 8 because of other minor factors that would have pulled down its grade had I included them.

So yes, a very worthwhile watch, and thanks to those who recommended it to me.

While I'm here, episode 24 was one of the most touching things in an action series I've ever seen.
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Old 2008-06-28, 03:26   Link #174
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i am giving Gundam 00 a 7.

It is interesting, with the different mobile suits and characters.

But in the end, I think there are too many characters for the anime too handle.

Example: Graham Acre/Aker. I actually liked him before he popped out of literally nowhere in episode 25 and kamikazed Setsuna. When I found out he survived wearing A MASK, I hated him.

The music was not very interesting to me. Daybreak's Bell and Ash Like Snow were great songs, but the ending songs were terrible, in my opinion. The insert songs were also not very amazing. I didn't find anything great about it.

The plot could have been better, could have been worse. The later parts of the anime were great and I loved it but the beginning bored me to death. I have a short attention span so it is very hard for me to keep watching Gundam 00 after the first few episodes. I skipped about 5 eps to reach the good part.

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Old 2008-07-09, 20:56   Link #175
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Is it just me, or does 00 look exactly like Gundam Ex-S?

Also, where was the "Lyle grave scene"? Can't seem to locate it

Is Setsuna still alive? Or will Saji pilot the new 00??? zomg the cliffhangers~

EDIT: nvm I read the other thread, Setsuna is alive =D Setsuna vs Saji?!??!!!
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Old 2008-07-10, 17:19   Link #176
The Chaos
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I Want To The Fall Come Now....It Really Awesome anime
I Gave it 10/10 I Even Saw The anime 2 times
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Old 2008-07-10, 17:23   Link #177
Rising Dragon
Goat Herder
Join Date: Jun 2008
Age: 30
I just got finished watching this series today, and I have to say it was surprisingly bloody with all of the named characters dying at the halfway point instead of the actual end, season 1 or no. But I was impressed, I thoroughly enjoyed Gundam 00 and I'm frustrated I have to wait so long to continue it. *sigh*
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Old 2008-07-11, 05:22   Link #178
Join Date: Jan 2008
Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
I Want To The Fall Come Now....It Really Awesome anime
I Gave it 10/10 I Even Saw The anime 2 times
You watched it only 2 times, I've watched it completely at least 10 times
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Old 2008-07-11, 05:49   Link #179
Great Commandy One
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Originally Posted by HurricaneHige View Post
Also, where was the "Lyle grave scene"? Can't seem to locate it
The Lyle Grave Scene is in the beginning of Episode 9.

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Old 2008-07-19, 09:41   Link #180
Senior Member
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Tieria did not. The entire time we've been looking for Nadleeh hax, but in the end, he just gets owned and doesn't make any overall contribution to the fight in terms of characters killed. His best moment against Patrick didn't even end up with Patrick obtaining any serious injuries.
Graham especially lost a lot of his charm and character in that last episode. His much-anticipated GN Flag lasted all but a few minutes!
T_________T lots of fail there!

Voice Actors 9.5/10: Everybody did what they had to do and filled their roles perfectly other than Michael's. A special shout out goes to Keiji Fujiwara as Ali-Al Sarshes for helping make an already menacing villain even moreso with his portrayal of a man with no morals who lives life on the edge.
I was half expecting him to pull a Hughes and talk about Elisa-chan or something whipping out a photo. Has anyone else noticed Keiji has never been a character who's truly smart? Always cunning, but always to get owned in some way due to his half-baked brain. I think Setsuna's VA though might be sad, cause they gave him such a monotone/heero yuiy character T_T.

Music 10/10: Best music I've heard in a series so far this year. Kenji Kawaii's BGM's are just amazing and the second opening and ending really fit the series overall tone I find. People can rag on Sunrise all they want for being superficial in some regards (model kits, not that I'm bothered much by that tie-in), but I find it hard to deny that their series give us some of the best OST's to add to our collections.
No way it's a 10, Union's track wasn't even 3 minutes long, heck maybe not even 2 if I remember. That was the highlight of the entire damn thing, GO GO FLAG RANGER THEME. And you seem to do in-depth reviews, so you should at least talk about the gundam/mobile suit designs.

The Union FLAG is the only mobile suit I've seen in a long time that's made me want to go out there and buy a model set. XD It's sleek and in general just very badass looking. I'm rather glad in this case, that Graham decided to keep piloting a FLAG because I really like seeing the suit fight on screen.
SOMEONE GETS IT. I mean, it's about TIME someone jacked the gryphon blue prints from Pat Labor and made it their own. The fact that they put in a scene showing how their STUPID propeller shield worked only made the Flag shine THAT MUCH BETTER than gundams and stuff since their shields are boring as HELL aside from some (Dynames/Exia, but both pale in terms of COOLNESS to SPINNY SPINNY)
Too bad GN-Flag looked like a turd. Must've been some dumb concept going HEY IF WE PUT TWO EYES ON CHARS ZAKU, WE CAN SELL ANOTHER 50000 BOXES. Uhh no?

I'm sorry, but the majority of the cast were pretty damn static throughout. Only the meisters had any real development whatsoever and the rest of the cast was more or less there from the beginning as cannon fodder. Furthermore, why is it that we get the most development for a character right as they're about to DIE? Well gee, does it matter by that point? No. Granted, Lockon fucking rocked, Ali is a DAMN fine villain for being one of those unique people that DON'T want to blow up humanity or conquer the world. Sure the guy's an asshat, but at least he's not some emo philosophically off the deep end whacko like your typical gundam villain (Just about every single post UC villain goes here except Treize and Une) Oh, and Alejandro Corner...BAD TREIZE RIPOFF. VERY VERY BAD TREIZE RIPOFF.

Mechs: 4/10...sorry. Bland. Exia=par for the course. Dynames=ehhh. Kyrios=decent. Virtue=so fat it hides a transgender gundam in it. GN Xs are one of the worst grunt designs I've seen in a LONG time if ever, and let's not get started on the fatsuki.
The gold ranger would like to have some words with you.

Here I am, 25 episodes later, having seen none of that materialized. Gundam 00 has no charismatic voice, has no unique perspectives. There are villains and there are heroes, and they do the things that villains and heroes do. None of them have opened to me new ways of thinking, none of them have caused me to question the way I know the world. Disappointing.
Not that it's wrong to learn shit from anime, but ummm, you expect Gundam to escalator you through to PhD level professor? =X You should start reading mangas and stuff if you want DIFFERENT. Berserk, Shamo, to those more girly/romance stuff like Suzuka and ichigo 100% or whatever. About the only thing anime has produced that manga can't beat on a intellectual representation level and not art form level is Code Geass, which, completely owns >.>

The badguys weren't just cannon fodders, they actually are good and some of them are awesome pilots.
Actually this is one of the few series where throughout the ENTIRE time line the main good guys STILL SUCK MORE in terms of piloting skills with the SHEER exception of the Hal/Al fusion, and we don't even know if he gets that power anymore, he might only be Al now. In terms of piloting ability this was a fresh change that made sense. Why the hell should underground hobos with some super agenda be better than those who ACTIVELY fight for their lives in war?

The character personalities aren't as strong, and when they are, they're killed off, as was the case with Lockon (unless confirmed otherwise) and Hallelujah (unless Allelujah gets stuck in a position that he has to summon him again)
Can't deny though that Wing was just as if not more epicly boring with their facial expressions! Not that I'm saying go Seed >.< XD style but you know? Like, WOW crap was boring. Doesn't help that most people watched it through dubs first, which completely KILLED it. Personally while it's unfair, the fact that I already watched the entire series dubbed pretty much scars me to the point where I'm not really willing to watch it again in subs besides the OVA (which didn't do JACK for me)

Has anybody considered that 00 is a prelude to the original MSG? Colonies are just being built along the orbital elevators; the world has moved away from fossil fuels (in MSG they used nuclear power, which could be a replacement for solar); the Earth has become united and renamed "Earth Federation" (that is a big give away right there); Gundam 00 appears and shares similarities to RX 78 (although in MSG RX 78 was made by the feds); the Alejandro's organization could be an ancestor of the Zeon rebels; Lastly, although they haven't mentioned it yet, the year might be changed later to UC 00"00" where the name for the series might originate.
Mankind must've downgraded like HELL then if they went from grunt units like Flag to the bulky Zaku which is like, the personification of grunt unit. How on earth would they explain Exia Trams Am losing to like, a HOVER TRUCK or a BALL? THE BALLS ARE INERT THE BALLS ARE INERT.

when GN drives are shown to be everything but the second coming of Jesus

So my final tally would have to be an excellent rating of 9.47 outta 10...
This guy put in way too much effort O.O more power to you. Quality review.

the fights were very interesting, no one was a god here, every got hit, every one could dodge and everyone would have a consistent pilot skill level that increases along with everyone else, just like the good old days.
You mean like the episode where Setsuna shot into a fray of twenty GN-X and misses them ALL by like, 50 meters? Then to make it up have him kill half of them with Lockon during OFF SCREEN TIME? There were flaws =/ that weren't done on purpose, and having consistency is nice, but not always. No athlete is ever as consistent as anime heroes, so if you want realism, it shouldn't be like it. The only consistency people would love would be Graham and Ali's continued overpowered piloting skills, cause they have such lovable VA's and lines to work with <.<

I think Wing's biggest "strength", its dominating characters and their personalities, also happens to be its greatest weakness. Wing is a notable Gundam series because the show examines the role of war, peace, and revolutions behind human history, and gives a viewpoint on what happens when personal or social ideals clashes with the realities of politics. That's similar to Gundam 00.
You kidding me? Wing's biggest trait was the introduction of FIVE hella unique gundams. We got Wing/Zero/Angel with what was new at the time, some GIGANTIC RIFLE TURNED DOUBLE BARRELED WITH THE ABILITY TO PIERCE THE HEAVENS (Gundam X and other less main stream gundam doesn't count <.< we are talking POPULA gundam here), Deathscythe which was basically Batman with a Scythe, Shenlong which was a gundam with party snake as his arm/s, Heavy arms who just screams WHERE DID YOU GET THE AMMO?, and Sand gundam which is like, colored to be the god of all gods Nu Gundam yet for some reason lacks ANYTHING unique besides his stupid tusk shield. Like, WTF? I had moments expecting Tommy to pop out and go "Ah heck, I'm going Green again, who wants to be the white ranger?" You can argue this point all you want, but it's not like Wing's dialogue lines were something ground breaking.

IMO, 00 isn't a toned down version of Wing. In fact, it's the exact opposite. 00 is what Wing SHOULD have been. Where Wing examines world events like war and peace through characters with whom you CANNOT relate (because they are all superbeings), 00 actually gives you characters with whom you can emphasize.
Bingo, with the exception of Treize and his crappy counter part Alejandro. Whether or not Alejandro was suppose to be Treize or not doesn't matter; fact is Alejandro was never shown to be awesome, only someone who had something to hide and was involved more than other spectators. I mean, the guy was smug from episode 1 or whatever. Treize was....well he appeared pretty queer (or at least the girly version of homo, you get what I mean? Not a diss, trying to describe him) at times which makes it hard to take him seriously, but at least he had bravado and ultimately it's his attitude and personality which lets him make such crazy decisions like getting himself killed in a cool way. Alejandro was just some hobo who people went like WTF? Why is your name Alejandro? You don't SOUND like an Alejandro. Treize sounds like a Treize. You KNOW WHAT I MEAN? <.<

If he didn't chase after Ali,I would be wondering what was the point of building him out to be someone who hates Terrorist's that much,if he didn't do anything when pretty much the Ultimate Terrorist was right there in his face?That would be totally out of character.
Can't believe Counter-Terrorist Lockon did not win even after riding a giant AWP with an Aimbot (HOW ON EARTH DID HE MANAGE TO MAKE IT FLOAT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO SHOOT AT ALI WAS BEYOND ME), =/ if only he went Long A.

Character development in Gundam has largely been horrible since Zeta, but still, I always look for new directors to try and break the cycle. Thusfar Mizushima has failed, and likely will fail more in the second season. I cross my fingers in hopes that I am wrong.
Character development comparison with only Gundam series is pretty fail. It's not like Camille Bidan was this amazing main character. I mean, for the most part he was pretty LAME. It's like the creators didn't realize that people didn't want to watch amuro ray's embarassing moments part 2 while combining it to a guy who pretty much magically outclasses said former main lead. And like yeah, while I admit time does have something to do with it, Shinn/Stella scenes were billions better than Camille/Chick in Fat Suit. That and Camille had like a god damn HARLEM around him with no girl having the common sense to go HEY THATS CHAR, WOAAAHHH. Seriously, CAMILLE? OVER CHAR? Even in those GHETTO RETRO SUITS Char is still 500x the man Camille will ever be.

Kk gonna stop. Was fun poking around =/ wanted to do some more, but Oh wellz! Don't take any of this seriously, I'm just trying to make a mess.
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