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Closed Thread
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Old 2008-09-30, 09:54   Link #2081
Typersetter/QA Checker
Join Date: Sep 2008
Send a message via MSN to MasterDKR
Position(s):Translator,Translation Checker
Group: WMA Subs
Project(s): Now Starting,So Poll will decide which shows to start fansubbing on the main site.

We already have someone to do timing and the songs but all we need is translator,you will also be able to make money from this,not as in we are selling the subs but since the site is going to be big we will have a service for people who want other shows specially subbed.

And on top of that we also make money from the site it self and will be giving out rapidshare accounts and money to the fansubbers too.

The Site is here but we dont want to reveal it until we finish it but if you are interested please contact me via email or msn and you will have the link there.
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Old 2008-09-30, 16:48   Link #2082
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: East Oakland, California
Send a message via AIM to abarnes Send a message via MSN to abarnes Send a message via Yahoo to abarnes
Position(s): Translator and Translation Checker
Group: G2Anime
Project(s): Yozakura Quartet
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: [G2]Abarnes
AIM: G2Anime Com
Site URL:

We currently have pretty much everything filled, some people who have been around for a while, I had Translators who I planned on working with, other things have came up in their lives(Work, School, Slow internet connection, etc..)

- Abarnes
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Old 2008-09-30, 17:03   Link #2083
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: belgium
Group: AnimeYoshi
Position: Typesetters, raw capper!
Projects: ToraDora, Mouryou no hako, Ga-Rei Zero, Yozakura Quartet
IRC: Contact Spinal at if not there send memo.

feel free to visit


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Old 2008-09-30, 22:02   Link #2084
Join Date: Mar 2008
Send a message via MSN to goggles
Group: White Light Fansubs
Positions: Translation Checker(s), Translator(s), Timer(s), Editor(s), Quality Checker(s), and Encoder(s)!
Current projects: Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, Neo Angelique ~Abyss~, Kyou Kara Maou (Season 3), Prism Ark, and any others that a translator picks. We're up for joints as well.
IRC Channel:
Contact: IRC:, or PM giggle-tan

Last edited by goggles; 2008-10-07 at 21:30. Reason: Site is sorta up... lol.
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Old 2008-09-30, 23:38   Link #2085
the ancient biter
Join Date: Mar 2006
Position: Distro - Seeders and/or Bot providers
Fansub Group - ANBU
Projects: ????
IRC Channel: #anbudom @
IRC Contact: asunder

We are in need of distro people! If you can help out, please PM me on IRC :x
Visit ANBU at
IRC: #anbudom @
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Old 2008-10-01, 12:49   Link #2086
Join Date: Nov 2007
(Name of the group still in planning, but we have very experienced members)
Position(s): Translator, Translation Check, Karaoke Effects, Distro, typesetter
Project(s): kameko, kannagi, gundam 00, cosmic baton girl (planing)
Irc: Not yet
Details: There is no rush subbing. Quality is pretty much everything. Practice makes there anything else you want me to put for you to join already? also we are up for negotiation.
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Old 2008-10-02, 01:14   Link #2087
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Group Name: Higure-Subs
Positions: Typesetters, TL, TLc, Karaoke, encoders, and anything else anyone wants to offer
Projects: Hakushaku to Yousei, an undetermined Shounen fall series, (and possible help with some dgm episodes)
Contact:, or (contact Higure)

We're in need of Karaoke(timing, but mostly effects), Typesetting, and Translator Checkers the most. But any help is appreciated.

If you're curious about which projects we're considering, please contact us.
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Old 2008-10-02, 20:43   Link #2088
Moe~ Moe~ Kyun~
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Allen, TX
Send a message via AIM to That1GuyTim Send a message via MSN to That1GuyTim
Group: sMi Fansubs
Position: Dedicated Encoder (Most Important), Raw Capper/Provider, Distro (1 Bot, Torrent Seeder)
Projects: Gintama, Major S4, Ga-Rei-Zero, Kurozuka, Hajime no Ippo (2009)
IRC: That1GuyTim @ #sMi on
AIM: ImThat1GuyTim

Our biggest challenge at the moment is getting things encoded. If you're an experienced encoder who's looking for a group that doesn't mess around and is serious about getting things done, we're that group. I don't want to be told you're encoding something and then you just disappear. I've had three encoders do that and I'm starting to get really sick of it. I only want serious encoders to message me.

Last edited by That1GuyTim; 2008-10-06 at 21:08. Reason: In dire need of an encoder!
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Old 2008-10-03, 12:17   Link #2089
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Offering my help as a editor/timer to any enthusiastic group D:
I'm a bit of a noob myself with no past experience but would love to learn enthusiastically and help out if I can
I know the basics of timing and am good at English grammar ^_^
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Old 2008-10-03, 20:21   Link #2090
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Frontier
Offering Freelance: Encoding
Project: Rosario + Vampire Capu 2
Terms: H264/mkv/softsubs (No Xvid), little to no AFX
Contact: Meltingice on Rizon or PM me here

Yes, I like Rosario + Vampire and I would like to encode it.

Last edited by Meltingice; 2008-10-04 at 21:07.
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Old 2008-10-03, 22:46   Link #2091
Why so serious?
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Australia
Send a message via MSN to Averdant
I'm currently looking for a translator to do Tales of the Abyss. I'm unsure of any groups doing this project at the moment, so I'd like to at least bring an English release. Quality takes priority over speed, but a compromise is always best.

If by the slim chance you do happen to be interested, use any one of the following methods to contact me:

Well, here of course
IRC: #noire on

Last edited by Averdant; 2008-10-04 at 07:41.
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Old 2008-10-04, 03:56   Link #2092
Kanjisub ******
Join Date: Feb 2006
the fansub team
need english mod for forum and chat and people that can write the plot of our project in english.

if you want to help us please pm me here or on rizon


We need a Editor!
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Old 2008-10-04, 12:59   Link #2093
makes no files now
Join Date: May 2006
Formula Sub is willing to join for a translation checker (implies that if you are a translation checker who wants to help out and not in a group, you can as well :3) to help us out with To Heart2 ad (OVA2) and Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~ (OVA2) (maybe Shugo Chara too... depends). If you're interested contact martino, Merines or hop on to #formula-recruits on Rizon.


P.S. Since everybody is asking for raw cappers now... can we too?
"Light and shadow don't battle each other, because they're two sides of the same coin"

Last edited by martino; 2008-10-05 at 14:27. Reason: someone came back...
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Old 2008-10-04, 20:36   Link #2094
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Anonymous Speed Subs Recruiting - We want you!

This post can be deleted.

Last edited by anonspeedsubs; 2008-10-14 at 03:34.
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Old 2008-10-05, 02:48   Link #2095
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
It seems I need to post this reminder every month or so
Originally Posted by xris View Post
Can I ask groups not to repeat post every few days.

Recently there have been a few posters who are repeating time and time again for basically the same request (same project, same positions, etc.) with only a few days between the posts. The latest trick is to delete a recently made post and repost (this has only recently become possible since we now allow users to delete their own posts).

I can only assume this is done to bring their request back to the "head" of the queue to try and get it noticed. Trouble is the more people who do this just makes the situation worse and as such is unfair and abuses the purpose of the thread. While we encourage posters to delete (or better yet, edit) old posts when the requests have been fulfilled, deleting posts just a few days old and reposting is considered as abusive.

There should be no reason why there shouldn't be several weeks between requests. If the situation has changed since your last post, then please go back and edit your previous post instead of posting again.

Can people be a bit more responsible and considerate. If this continues then unreasonable repeat posts will be deleted (instead of being merged with previous posts as has been done up till now) along with warnings and infractions being handed out.
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Old 2008-10-05, 11:51   Link #2096
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
I have a whole team set up but just missing a Translator. We will sub any Anime the Translator want.

Position(s): Translator
Group: hime fan Sub
Project(s): any anime
IRC Channel: n/a
IRC Contact: n/a
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Old 2008-10-05, 15:25   Link #2097
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004
My fingers are a bit itchy... If anyone wants me to work on logo and/or karaoke for the new season, please pm me here or on (pichu), and I'll deliver the work in 2-3 days after you submit me everything I need. Thanks.

Just make sure you have a translator before asking me.

sample is worth more than a thousand words

Last edited by pichu; 2008-10-05 at 22:57.
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Old 2008-10-06, 01:01   Link #2098
formerly JKaizer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 28
Send a message via AIM to Koroku Send a message via MSN to Koroku Send a message via Yahoo to Koroku

Looking to set up a group to do archive-worthy releases of Kyo no Go no Ni/Today in Class 5-2, and I'm in need of a translator.

Contact me at Scipio on Rizon if you'd be interested.

(At this time, I'm not looking for anyone else... except maybe an AFX karaoker)

The group, assuming we find a translator, would include experienced subbers who aim for quality over speed.

Edit: To the person that left me a note - no, I haven't. You caught me at a bad time... sorry for not responding D= I was late for class, and didn't have a chance to make another Away message...

Last edited by Koroku; 2008-10-06 at 22:06.
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Old 2008-10-06, 16:19   Link #2099
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
Typesetter needed


We are in need of a typesetter for Ga Rei Zero. If you intrested plz join on our channel and pm |ih4x| or Im-BacK or just send me a private msg

Group: Dark-Rebirth
Irc: #Dark-Rebirth
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Old 2008-10-06, 18:49   Link #2100
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Virginia Tech
The fansub group Chihiro needs a German to English translator for EF ~A tale of Melodies~. Please contact Kristen on or PM me here.
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help thread, recruitment, translator

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