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Closed Thread
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Old 2009-06-14, 20:27   Link #2501
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Edit: I've found a group. Thanks to all those who replied

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Old 2009-06-15, 06:13   Link #2502
~Buri Buri!~
Join Date: Aug 2008
Group: Kureyon Alliance
Contact: (WLM or e-mail); PM here


Kureyon Shin-Chan (action movies, not the episodes);
Positions: J->E Translator(s); Translation Checker(s); AFX Typesetter; Distribution; RAW provider(s); Capper (for things that aren't available on DVD); Timer(s); Karaoke Effects
YAT Anshin! Uchu Ryoko (series 1 and 2);
Positions: J->E Translator(s); Translation Checker(s); Quality Checker; AFX Typesetter; Distribution; Timer; Encoder
NG Knight Ramune & 40 (plus DX and EX)
Positions: Translation Checker(s); Quality Checker; AFX Typesetter; Distribution; DVD-iso RAW provider; Encoder
We accept other projects as long as they are comedy and/or slice-of-life, and only if you can fill a position for it.
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Old 2009-06-15, 14:41   Link #2503
Join Date: May 2009
Age: 26
Send a message via MSN to Kurosu
Ahoy there, I'm from a manga scanlation group looking to expand into fansubbing. Despite being new, we have a number of translators ready for this project if anyone is interested.

Position(s): Distro, AFX or .ass typesetter
Group: CXC Subs
Project(s): GA Geijutsuka art design Class
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: [Cross]

If you're interested, you can also PM me over here.

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Old 2009-06-16, 22:09   Link #2504
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Sep 2004
Shin-Getter is looking for decent raws of God Mazinger. ゴッドマジンガー is 23 episodes from the year 1986, and we've been looking on Share for it, and I'm hoping maybe someone knows where we can find it, or someone can try looking for it on PD or anywhere else.Please if anyone finds decent quality raws please email me at
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Old 2009-06-17, 02:08   Link #2505
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Edited: Currently not looking for any more groups. Thanks!

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Old 2009-06-17, 14:24   Link #2506
retired fansubbers
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Maryland
Age: 27
Send a message via MSN to yuurisan
Group: Yuurisan-Subs
Postions needed: J->E Translator for any of the following: Taisho Yakyuu Musume, Bakemonogatari,
CANAAN, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, or Princess Lover!
Open for joints if you're providing translations^^

Also AFX typesetter needed~

Current Projects: Regios, Hatsukoi Limited, Higepiyo, 07-GHOST, MFB,
DOGS OVA, M+H, and ToA
Upcoming Project: Aoi Hana

Contact here or at irc or email: or
People like hurting each other... but loving is not a waste.
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Old 2009-06-17, 14:34   Link #2507
Fansubs 4life
Join Date: Jan 2006
Send a message via MSN to murders
Group: Moo-Shi
Position: Translators & Raw providers
IRC-Channel: #moo-shi @
IRC-Contact: murders

We’re in dire need of dedicated Translators & Raw Providers.
Translators must be able to translate from Japanese to English.
Raw Providers (Bluray/DVD) should have a good connection and enough HDD-space.

Feel free to message me in the channel if you're interested.

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Old 2009-06-18, 23:20   Link #2508
Honyaku no Hime
Join Date: May 2008
Location: In the eastern capital of the islands of the rising suns...
♪Help! We need somebody, help~

*jumps on the Asuki classifieds bandwagon*
Like everyone else, we’re needing some help to keep things going and release faster.
Details are as follows:

Group: SD Project
Positions Needed: Translation Checker, .TS Provider, Bot Provider (Distro)
Project: Eden of the East
IRC Channel:
(My inbox here is full, so email or IRC is the way to go, I'm afraid)

Translation Checker: (Eps 7-11)
Level: Upper intermediate-Native (JLPT level 2 or above)
Must posses a very strong command of interpretation skill in both languages.

I’m basically looking for someone to take this fledging under their wings by checking my translations and offering general advice and suggestions in regards to Japanese cultural references.
I’ve just about gotten by with the help I’ve been given so far, however it’d be nice to have a resident TCer on board just to speed up the process and keep the project going on the standard that it has been set.

.TS Provider (Eps 7-11)
Again, looking for a kind soul who’ll provide direct access for our encoder to download transport streams for the rest of the series.

Bot Provider (Distro)
Self explanatory, any offers will be sincerely appreciated.

Raws for the rest of the series have been attained, the urgency now is just with TC'ers for the remaining 5 episodes.

Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere. - Van Wilder
"If you ain't laughin', you ain't livin'." - Carlos Mencia

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Old 2009-06-20, 11:08   Link #2509
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Sep 2004
Sorry to post a new post after only 4 days, if it's too spammy I can edit into my last post.

Basically, Shin-Getter is lookign for a timer to be "on stand-by." You will not be our primary timer, and I'm not certain how many episodes you will have to do. Some weeks you may need to do more than one episode, and sometimes the pace may be slower. If you're interested please email we dabble in mainly classic mech anime.
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Old 2009-06-20, 11:43   Link #2510
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Send a message via MSN to RaidenJunior
Kabamaru Igano

Position(s): J->E Translator
Group: AnimeClipse Fansubs
Project(s): Kabamaru Igano, Choujin Locke Movies, Uchuu Kuubo Blue Noah, Arrow Emblem Grand Prix, Sei Jushi Bismark (Saber Rider), Anime Sanjushi (Three Musketeers)
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: RaiDeNJuNioR

This is an old school anime of the year 1983 that hasn't been released on VHS/LD/DVD. I have the complete RAWs in HQ (640x480), I also have an awesome filterer and the rest of the people needed for this apart from a translator so we just need a japanese to english translator to go on.

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Old 2009-06-20, 14:57   Link #2511
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Position(s): J->E Translators, TLCs (Jap only), Editors, TS provider
Group: Jade Fansubs
Project(s): Cross Game, Aoi Hana, Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Entidus, or Red_Alchemist

Explaining our recent inactivity, I came down with a serious case of pneumonia. Fortunately, I'm back now, and my next project is to revive Jade from it's recent "sickness".

Our Cross Game TL, nihonjoe, is inactive at the moment, which puts our Cross Game output at a standstill. If you are fluent in Japanese, and are interested with Cross Game, please apply.

Also, we have an extreme shortage with TLCs. One has left for school, one is really busy with life, and one is in jail. Ya, extremely crazy. If you're fluent in Japanese, please apply.

Lastly, we are also in need of 1-2 capable editors. You must be able to turn Engrish into English, with correct grammar. If interested, please e-mail or contact us on IRC.
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Old 2009-06-22, 17:29   Link #2512
Genjo-Subs Founder
Join Date: Nov 2006
We are in need those positions!

translators checkers
typesetter AFX

Translators Japanese to English (NEEDED!!)
Being able to translate our projects from Japanese to English
Experience Required: No experience is required, but you must know the Japanese and English language well enough to translate.

Translation Checkers
Experience Required: Must be good at Japanese to spot our errors that might be left behind from the other translators.
Note: This only requires you to do a check over the translation, not to do a full translation.

Someone that goes through the English translation to make sure it is grammatically sound, and makes sense. Editors also ensure that typos, and other errors in regards to the translation are eradicated.
Experience Required: Must have a strong understanding of the English language.


Being able to time when the translated text will show/disappear on the episode.
Experience Required: Must know how to scene time, and not have any scene bleeding. We can teach you if your not experienced.

Quality Checkers
Check for issues such as graphical artifacts, timing errors, typos, grammar, legibility, sound and video quality.
Experience Required: no experience required.We can teach you if your not experienced.

Raw Providers
Supplying the raw episode to our staff from Japan in a timely manner.
Experience Required: Must know how to find and download episodes in high quality, and then upload it to our ftp so our translators can start translating.

Karaoke SFX
Designing the text effects for the Opening/Closing songs of our projects.
Experience Required: Experience is a must

Being able to either seed(Bittorrent), serve a XDCC bot or host Direct Downloads.
Experience Required: No experience required.

Getting the final raw/translation/timing and putting it all together to release the final product which will be ether in MKV or AVI.
Experience Required: Experience is a must

Typesetter AFX(NEEDED!?!)
the make signs in english for signs that were in Japanese and really good typesetters make it look like it was originally there and not even added in
Experience Required: Experience is a must

Group: Genjo-subs
IRC: and/or
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Old 2009-06-22, 18:28   Link #2513
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Waterloo, Iowa
Send a message via MSN to Carbon

What's up? I'm Carbon of MikuSubs, and we're looking for a bit of help. At the moment, we have most of our staff filled.
Group Name: MikuSubs
Website(s) | We still have to work on the MikuSubs website. Also, at the moment, we're making a bunch of changes to AnimeAlliance and other things, we will start working on the MikuSubs website soon. You can find the MikuSubs site at,

PROJECTS: We're planing on doing Spice and Wolf II.

Our Current Staff
  • Carbon - Encoder, Quality Check (QC), and Editing.
  • Shashi - Public Relations
  • Chris-Chan - Quality Check
  • Bakagringo - AFX (Adobe After Effects)
  • terrornikku - Timer
  • Sakumiji - Timer
  • BobbyDrake - Typesetter
  • Loli-hime - Editor
  • LokiAlpha - Script QC
  • MaptheSoul - Timer

What We Need

We need a translator more than anything! If you speak Japanese, please contact us.
  • Must be fluent in Japanese, written and spoken, or as close to fluent as possible
  • Must be available each week and be reliable
  • Able to use IRC.

Raw Provider
  • Must be able to cap the episode when it airs in Japan
  • Must be able to send us the raws as soon as possible (same day is preferred)
  • Must be able to get high quality raws after Japanese airtime
  • Would be nice if you are on our IRC channel

Encoder Yes, we're looking for a second encoder. :3
  • Someone who has a fairly powerful computer.
  • High upload speed (2Mb is preferred, but not necessary.(Megabit, not byte.))
  • Decent knowledge of how to script AVS.
  • Able to use IRC
As for the PC specs. I'm our current encoder, and these are mine:
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 (64-bit) 2.5HGHz
  • RAM: 8GB 2GB x 4 800MHz DDR2
Graphics card and other things are not really needed, so I won't bother posting them.

It doesn't matter how much RAM you have. Just need a really good processor. :3

If you're interested, please contact me, Carbon at

You can find us in our IRC channel as well. =D #AnimeAlliance @
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Old 2009-06-23, 01:07   Link #2514
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
RAGESUBS wants YOU (if you are a tl, that is)

#Ragesubs on rizon is looking for a J->E tler to do Bakemonogatari this coming season.

Contact siaoidiot on IRC at #ragesubs at rizon if you're interested.


We are just starting out so looking for one with not too much work, but reliable and friendly!

Thanks for reading

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Old 2009-06-23, 20:58   Link #2515
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Hello, I'm a new member here. Obviously, I want some help with a series, lol

First of all, about myself. I'm now getting into the world of fansubs. I'm using Subtitle Workshop right now, and I think I can get the timing and stuff on my own. But if your experienced with this, then your help would definitely be of use, sort of like a guide for me. Also, I'm pretty good in localization.

Series: Various Duel Masters series. Yeah, it's a bit "kiddy" if you will, but please, don't make this stop you from helping me out XD

Positions Needed:

Translator: Fluent in Japanese, written and spoken. I'm learning Japanese as well, so while I may get some words here and there...well, yeah. Like I said, I'm good in localization, but I need help from someone good in Japanese. Also, it would be good to have someone teach me the ropes.

Timer: I think I can do this, but like I said, it'd be good to have someone experienced to show me the ropes.

Karaoke Subs*: Now, this isn't really needed, but if you can do karaoke subs during songs AND during episodes(ala those One Piece attack fonts), then that would be appreciated. Granted, we don't really need this skill, but if you do, then more power to you/us.

I'm new to this, so if I missed anything I might need, please let me know.

Contact: AIM: DnEngl2

Please send me a message.
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Old 2009-06-23, 23:49   Link #2516
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Group: Eternal Life

Positions Needed

Position(s): Japanese to English Translator

Position(s): Encoder

Position(s): Timer

Position(s): Typesetter AFX

We are just starting and need new Members to start off
email us at EternalLifeFansubs at if you are interested

Our IRC is up!

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Old 2009-06-24, 21:42   Link #2517
Saikyo Fansubs!
Join Date: Dec 2008
Saikyo Fansubs

Hello everyone,

My fansub group at Saikyo Fansubs is looking for staff members to join us! The anime we are interested in is listed below, the name links you to their official website:

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!(Most wanted) | Akikan! OVA (Maybe)

Edit: We need a J→E Translator for Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! ASAP!!!

I'm also looking for a translator interested in doing AIKa Zero - Episode 1 when it comes out in September. :P

Japanese to English Translator - Must be fluent in Japanese. We need these by far the most! Please consider joining us! No experience necessary, we will teach you what to do.

Adobe After-Effects Typesetting & Karaoke - Must know how to use Adobe After Effects to make text effects that match the effects of the anime, and karaoke effects that are pleasant to watch.

If you are interested in helping us with our fansubs, you can contact us in these ways:

CONTACT FORM: Our Website's Staff Contact form

If you would like to contact the group leader directly:

AIM: hoboX10 | MSN:

IRC: We now have an IRC channel! You can join us there at

We look forward to working with you!

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Old 2009-06-25, 00:54   Link #2518
Nice Boat.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Position filled, thanks.
Help sending Key a letter of appreciation, by sending in a message or illustration!

Key 10th Anniversary Letter Project - Kagigaki

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Old 2009-06-25, 08:07   Link #2519
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Some place where its summer all year long.
Position(s): J->E translator, timers (2)
Group: [O-L] Otaku-Legends
Project(s): Any of the upcoming summer 2009 shows
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: kenji123
E-Mail: jeanstarwin[@]

O-L is hoping to establish its self as a "fansub" group and not just a group name. We're looking for a J->E translator, currently we have no translators, so please consider helping us out. You can choose which ever show you wish to do. If your new to translating fansubs or not experienced, don't worry, you gotta start somewhere, right. ^_^

Next are the timers. Experience is needed to join or at least know what your doing. Each timer only needs to time about half an episode. As I know how tiring timing an entire ep in one sitting can be.

So just drop me (kenji123) a pm on our irc channel or send an email.
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Old 2009-06-25, 08:22   Link #2520
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: belgium
Group: AnimeYoshi
Position: Translator, Quality Checkers, Translation Checker
Project: Princess Lover and another one which hasn't been decided yet.
IRC Channel:
E-Mail Us:

Urgently looking for 1 translation checker and 2 Quality Checkers!

Thanks and see you soon.

visit also our website:

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help thread, recruitment, translator

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