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Old 2009-09-30, 00:29   Link #2661
tantei okuoku
Mystery Otaku
Join Date: Dec 2008
KAW/ Kindaichi academy works we also considering doing the final 4 chapters of the spiral manga. we are a laid back group that is fun to be around and fun to talk about mysteries and whatever else we want to talk about. please contact me at or come to our website ( and click on the tab link.
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Old 2009-09-30, 02:01   Link #2662
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
Looking for an experienced AFX Typesetter

Group: Kesenai-Subs
Position(s): AFX Typesetter
Project(s): Letter Bee & Others
IRC Channel:
Contact: kruption
E-Mail: kruption (at) gecko-games (dot) com

Looking for an experienced AFX Typesetter to help typeset our new projects.
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Old 2009-09-30, 02:54   Link #2663
Enigma Collective
Join Date: Sep 2008
Enigma Collective still needs a new JP>EN Translator.

He needs to be fast, efficient and reliable.

We also need one or two people who would be willing to QC our episodes of Guin Saga. They need to be very good/nearly perfect at English, they'll have to be able to spot timing, typesetting and any other errors that might be made during the subbing process and most important of all, they MUST be available and able to do a few episodes per week.

If anyone is interested, contact us at or come to our IRC channel: or come to our new forums at or lastly, drop us a PM right here.

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Old 2009-10-01, 00:26   Link #2664
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: California, USA
Age: 26
Send a message via AIM to blakbunnie27 Send a message via MSN to blakbunnie27
So I thought I'd follow in the footsteps of everyone making a new group and start my own group.

Group: N/A (no name at the moment, once I get recruits, we'll come up with one)
Positions: Experienced translator, timer, karaoke'er, TS'er, editor, QC's, and an encoder. (The "experienced" applies for every position) (I'll be the project leader and what not that just tells everyone what to do. Every group needs a good leader.)
Project: I don't really have a preference, so the group will decide by majority vote once we get every position.

If you're interested, contact blakbunnie27 on You can just pm me and pray that I'll respond within 24 hrs. If I appear to be offline, you can try pming blakbunnie27|away. I'm usually on 24/7 unless my computer's acting up. Please do understand the word "experienced." I don't want halfheartedly subbed anime.
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Old 2009-10-02, 21:54   Link #2665
Stuck in Shitstorm
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Apparently a.f.k....
Send a message via MSN to Tragic
Position(s): Encoder, AFX
Group: Anime Council^2 (AnCo^2)
Project(s): N/A
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Tragic or Reddie

We're looking for a second encoder to help us in terms of speed on our projects. We're also looking for someone to do AFX for us. If you're interested please contact us through our forums, IRC channels, or our email/site.

Last edited by Tragic; 2009-10-09 at 20:57. Reason: New position open
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Old 2009-10-03, 20:31   Link #2666
Mochi Fansub
Join Date: Mar 2009
Send a message via MSN to Yuugu
Position(s): J->E TLer,(or C->E, but.....(drop by channel first), Editor
Group: Mochi
Project(s): Seitokai no Ichizon, Trapeze, Tegami Bachi, and Himitsu. [None of them finalized]
IRC Channel: ||
IRC Contact: Yuugu
Details: So basically, we're looking for another TLer that frequents IRC often to TL a show in fall. We're only planning on picking up 2 shows, but seeing as CR is being faggish, and all the shows we wanted to sub were "licensed," we're in sort of a dilemma.

Anyhow, we're planning on 2-3 day releases for each of the 2 shows, meaning I'd need the TL by the day after it airs. Though, I doubt that's really such a push. All other jobs are present, but it'd be nice to have TL who can TL one of the shows. Trapeze has an oedipus allusion? Why wouldn't you want to TL it?! Seitokai... well... TL pl0x0rz.

Drop by if you're interested.
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Old 2009-10-03, 21:56   Link #2667
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Russia, Moscow
Age: 32
Position: Editor
Project: Darker Then Black 2

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Old 2009-10-06, 08:13   Link #2668
Fansubs 4life
Join Date: Jan 2006
Send a message via MSN to murders
Position: Quality Checkers & Timers
Group: Ryugan
Project: Something this fall
IRC-channel: #Ryugan @
IRC-contacts: murders and Bufu

We're a bunch of experienced fansubbers forming a new group. Our aim is to release HQ-fansubs within a reasonable amount of time, say 3-4 days.

So we’re looking for skilled and motivated Quality Checkers & Timers.

Quality Checkers should be able to spot timing, typesetting, encoding and editing mistakes. Above all, you should have an eye for detail! So if you're able to spot mistakes in the fansubs you watch, you've probably got what it takes to be a Quality Checker.

Timers should know audio timing and fine-timing(leadin, leadout and scene timing). We also expect you to be able to karaoke-time.

You can contact us by e-mail or joining our IRC-channel.

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Old 2009-10-10, 03:16   Link #2669
Enigma Collective
Join Date: Sep 2008
Yeah... Our main Translator for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun has left the group due to a hectic personal life. To level with you, we are screwed. If there are any Jp>En Translators out there who would like to work on this show, please contact us at either, at, on our IRC channel: or in the recruitment section on our forums.

We hope to hear from someone soon.
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Old 2009-10-10, 15:19   Link #2670
aka Akatsuki
Join Date: Nov 2008
Hi from Rocket Gang

Group: Rocket Gang


Japanese to English translator - we're looking for a dedicated translator

Cappers - we need someone who's currently in Japan to record a few shows for us for subbing purposes.

Other positions

IRC: or
Microsoft Live:
You're also welcome to leave me a PM here

Thank You
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Old 2009-10-10, 18:41   Link #2671
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Maryland, US
Position: QC
Project: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
IRC Channel: #SEACATS @
IRC Contact: atlantiza
E-Mail & MSN: [at]
AIM: BritannianFag
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Old 2009-10-10, 21:15   Link #2672
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2004
Group: Saizen Fansubs
Projects: Ashita no Joe, Major season 4, The Prince of Tennis, and different OAV projects, in addition to a CR subbed show that you can find information about on our site, but a strong hint is that it has been a Saizen project for over a year.
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Juggen, and muyg

Hello, guys and gals. Have you missed seeing your favorite anime released? As you might understand, there are several reasons for this. However, nothing is dropped just yet; we just need your help, and to help you can either join our team or donate (do so by clicking on the donate button on the frontpage).

Here is a more detailed list projects that need more staffers:

• Ashita no Joe
1 translator and 1 quality checker.

• Major season 4
1 quality checker.

• The Prince of Tennis Finals
1 editor and 1 quality checker. Note: Solo is supposed to edit this, but is quite busy in real life, so a full time editor here would be good so he only has to apply QC reports.

• OAV projects
1 quality checker.

Additional comments: Should we not get a translator for Ashita no Joe, it will stay on stalled forever, and eventually get dropped. Same goes for the CR licensed series after the episode we currently have translated.

And now... “the story behind.”
First of all, Saizen has had no “real” translator in over a year, or possibly even longer. The only reason we have managed to keep going, has been because of joints, and nice persons from other groups pitching in with a hand or two when needed. All the positions were covered to somehow do Hajime No Ippo at a reasonable speed, but as you might have noticed, everything else was pretty much stalled.

You might wonder why things were stalled? “Why did they not work on all the projects?” Well, to be honest, most fan subbers are humans, and humans do free stuff because they enjoy doing it. So if they do not enjoy doing it, they will not do it. Hence nothing else than Ippo got worked on because there was not enough people enjoying the other projects enough to get them moving.

Right now we are trying to get everything moving; we have gotten ourselves a translation checker (note checker), encoder and typesetter for Ashita no Joe. For those who wonder about Prince of Tennis, the project will probably resume since we now have a translation offer for it. We will also finish season 4 of major sometime with the editing help of Urexis and Yahzee. And lastly, no, the CR show is not dropped as it has gotten a new encoder. Oh, and before I forget, Aoki Densetsu Shoot movie and Futatsu no Kurumi are not dropped.

Do you think all of this sounds like great news and wonder why we are still missing staff?
Well, to be honest, Solo is quite busy with real life, AMS is working 50 hours a week, studying 30, and obviously needs the rest of his time to live. Falsedawn is just moving on and looking forward towards a career.

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Old 2009-10-12, 00:31   Link #2673
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Yokosuka, JP
Age: 37

Open Positions:

Translator (_JAPANESE_ to English): must have fansub experience, must use irc, and be fluent in both languages.

Typesetter (.ass format): must have at least 3+ years fansub typesetting experience, not need reminding or chasing down to do what they agreed to do, and must use irc. This is for typesetting only just to clarify. You will not be doing karaoke effects. We don't do karaoke effects and don't plan on starting.

Quality Checker(s): must have 1+ years QCing experience with fansubs and must use irc.

Website designer: Experienced, creative, must use irc, reliable and not needy or makes excuses all the time.

**Note: For fansub positions, knowing your work history and suppling references we can talk to will speed up the process and is basically a requirement for application, unless someone in group can vouch for you. And just to make this clear up front, we don't care for fansub politics, if you wanna bitch and moan or trash this group or that group, don't bother coming by cause it is not welcome in our channel.

Contact Info:
IRC: contact either getfresh or Dansickle in the channel, or ask any of the active staff to relay a msg to one of us if we are not around.

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Old 2009-10-12, 03:36   Link #2674
formerly JKaizer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to Koroku Send a message via MSN to Koroku Send a message via Yahoo to Koroku
Group: DATS/Toki
Project: Mermaid Melody
Position: Encoder

So basically, here's your job:

[darkside-raws]Mermaid_Melody_Pichi_Pichi_Pitch_40_(DVD_640x476_1 20fps_WMV9).[DCA43D79].avi (through episode 52)

Splice in:

Create workraws.

~2 weeks later, hopefully less, receive multiple scripts. OP/ED karaoke will be hardsubbed, inserts & main script softsubbed. In h264 MKV container. Also produce fully hardsubbed h264 MP4.

And finally, make it look decent.

Sound like you're able to do it? Contact any OP in

We have the entire series translated, edited, timed, and TLCed. We even have pretty OP/ED karaokes. We just lack an encoder, and have for about 6 months. =__=

Can be a freelance job, or you're welcome to stick with the group. (if you stick with the group, be prepared to download large DVDISOs, make workraws and then wait long time for final scripts because we're lazy fucks :3 - but i want to get rid of Mermaid, so I'll push it )
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Old 2009-10-12, 08:24   Link #2675
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Drama movie fansub help needed.

Group: Xeep
Project(s): Yuunagi no Machi, Sakura No Kuni
IRC Channel: Irc is for chumps


I was working on a fansub of a drama movie (imdb: and my timer/typesetter called quits due to being too busy. I'm stuck here with a half timed script and a good, checked translation (mine).
Download link for the raw:

It's a good movie and as far as I know not released in English yet.

I know it's no anime, but posting here is worth a shot. If interrested, send me an email at the address noted in this post.


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Old 2009-10-12, 17:28   Link #2676
Lelouch Tatsumi
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Winthrop, MA
Send a message via AIM to Lelouch Tatsumi Send a message via MSN to Lelouch Tatsumi
Position: Translators, Translation Checkers (must have experience)
Group: Otohime Soldiers fansubs with sgtkiraproductions
Project: Kyuukyuu Sentai GogoV
AIM name: Greatkidno2
Contact: Either, or PM me here
IRC channel:
IRC contact: Matoi

EDIT: nabbed a joint

EDIT 2: Y'know what? I'll leave this up. If any TL'ers see this and wanna help us feel free to message me.

Last edited by Lelouch Tatsumi; 2009-11-22 at 20:30.
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Old 2009-10-14, 08:12   Link #2677
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Position(s): Karaoke Person and AFX Typesetter

Group: Abyssal Chronicles (

Project(s): Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ Trailers and Tales of Symphonia: the Animation (Sylvarant Arc) - We're subbing this in preparation for the Tethe'alla Arc that will be coming out on Spring 2010. We also need people who are willing to commit to us until the Tethe'alla Arc, as well as for our sure future project, Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ (once DVDs are out). At least until those projects. Workraws for ToS Sylvarant Arc are all ready and stuff, we're currently at the timing process. We're just working in our own pace, and we're in no rush at all. We won't be pressing you with deadlines or anything.

Requirements: Karaoke Person - preferably someone experienced who can do something similar to the karaoke effects the rest of the staff have in mind (we're also open to opinions, 'cause well, you're the karaoke person). Preferably someone whose PC has kanji support because our translator wants kanji in the karaoke. Aside from Tales of Symphonia, we also need karaoke for one of the Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ trailers (song is Kane wo Narashite by Bonnie Pink). It's your choice whether you use Aegisub or Adobe After Effects, but we really don't want anything flashy or um, hurts the eyes X_x.

AFX Typesetter - Preferably someone experienced on this. For Tales of Symphonia, the need for AFX is actually very minimal (just logo overlays that fade in/out), but there are some pretty complex effects on the Tales of Vesperia trailers (the effect on the logo at the end of this video). The images/files/etc needed for effects, such as the group's logo, will be provided. All you really have to work on are effects.

IRC Channel: (though I'd prefer e-mails/PMs)
IRC Contact: Rena_Chan or ashye (if at IRC), a745 if via e-mail/PMs.
"After meeting you whom I can't forget, my wishes were born once again."

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Old 2009-10-14, 08:30   Link #2678
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
EDIT: We have already great encoders and typesetters. Join US!

Last edited by has; 2011-02-07 at 17:28.
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Old 2009-10-14, 18:40   Link #2679
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2004
Post deleted.

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Old 2009-10-15, 00:00   Link #2680
Join Date: Sep 2007
Send a message via Yahoo to SHiN-gx
Group: SHiN-gx Fansubs
Projects: Kiddy Girl-and and Yumeiro Patissiere

We are looking for a Japanese to English Translator Chinese to English Translator and a Translation Checker.

Requirements for J>E TL:
- Good at translating Japanese to English
- Knowledgeable on Japanese, able to translate signs
- Experienced
- Speedy and
- Dedicated

Requirements for C>E TL:
- Good at translating Chinese to English
- Knowledgeable on both Chinese and Japanese
- Experienced
- Speedy and
- Dedicated

Requirements for TLC:
- Good at spotting translation errors
- Experienced
- Speedy and
- Dedicated

When we say speed, we mean able to submit your work in less than a week. We are a very slow group and you can easily adjust to our pace.

Also, we are following the no honorifics rule. If that is okay with you, then welcome aboard!

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Closed Thread

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