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Closed Thread
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Old 2004-08-04, 19:40   Link #161
Join Date: Jun 2004

Translators and Distro wanted.

Last edited by CowMix; 2004-08-21 at 22:32.
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Old 2004-08-08, 20:21   Link #162
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Position(s): Encoder, Translator, Editor, Karaoke, Timer, and Raw hunter.
Group: Xen
Project(s): Samurai Champloo, Gundam Seed Astray, More....
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: [KLe^], helix

We allready have 2 encoders, 2 translators, 1 editor, 1 karaoke, 1 timer. We need more staff in order to get releases out faster!
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Old 2004-08-10, 02:01   Link #163
Misaki Kuroboshii
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Position(s): Typesetting, Timing, Editing, English->Japanese Translators.
Group:北海道 (Hokkaido)
Project(s): -Pending (waiting for fall 2004 epps)
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact:

AIM SN: LastAbhorsen
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Old 2004-08-10, 17:55   Link #164
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Aug 2004

I'm a freelance translator who is currently looking for a series of anime/manga/j-drama to work on. I'm fluent in both Japanese and English and have previously worked on different projects (anime). The only downside is that I have only 3 weeks left to work on any new projects. I am able to translate an episode of anime (taking into account that there isn't a whole lot of dialogue) in 3 or 4 hours but that is only if things are urgent. I'm at lost on picking a group with some interesting anime to work on at the moment so I am posting this for anyone who may need a part time translator ^^
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Old 2004-08-12, 18:36   Link #165
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Experienced translator looking for a group that can release quality subs in 2-4 days (no speed only groups please). On average, I can translate most episodes in 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of dialogue. I have translated 100+ episodes. I will not reveal my nick or which group I have worked for in this forum. If your group has a competitive team who wants a translator who can translate on time with accuracy, send a pm with: Your IRC nick, Group Name, Channel Name, and Server. I will get back to you in IRC with the nick; the nick which I translate with.
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Old 2004-08-12, 19:05   Link #166
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Toronto
Is this a joke?
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Old 2004-08-13, 09:28   Link #167
What? I am washed up!
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: London, England
Age: 32
Send a message via MSN to SirCanealot
"A-E Slave"?
You know what series you're asking him to translate :P
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Old 2004-08-15, 17:12   Link #168
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Edit: ....n/m... ^^

Last edited by baangaan; 2004-08-17 at 18:53.
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Old 2004-08-16, 05:26   Link #169
Disabled By Request
Join Date: Aug 2004
Will this message be deleted? :-S

There was someone who contacted me about translating some manga (after looking at my previous post) but I seem to have deleted that message by mistake. I can't remember what group or name that person had because I skimmed through the message. Whoever it was I would like to work with you, please PM me.
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Old 2004-08-16, 05:55   Link #170
Kazenokoe Slave
Join Date: Aug 2004
Position(s):Chinese Sub Translator, Japanese Translator, Timer, Typesetters
Project(s):Meitantei Conan
IRC Channel:Server:Immoral-Anime Channel:KazeNoKoeFansubs
IRC Contact:Kazekun
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Old 2004-08-21, 20:39   Link #171
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004

I can do distro, timesetting, some translating, and whatever. I want to work on Musicals, Anime, Manga, and J-dramas. I also can work a lot due to my free time (untill school starts but I will be on for about the same time). Just PM if your intrested.
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Old 2004-08-23, 19:17   Link #172
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Talking Wants to Translate

I've heard that some groups have been needing I'd like to translate for an available group! I'm hoping to translate for a group that:
1: Doesn't push me too much to finish an episode >.< I take my time...
2: Has some Shoujo series to work on (I like Shounen too)
3: Lets me have a pick on a series
That's not a whole not to ask, I think...
Thanks a lot!
P.S., I can speak and write both English and Japanese, and no Chinese. My e-mail is at I'm translating for ANIME.
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Old 2004-08-26, 02:48   Link #173
Join Date: May 2004

*quickly scratches out all above posts for RevQuest*


Well, RevQuest is almost up and running. Our website is being worked on, team mostly together, but still a few voids.

heres the info for those of you who havn't seen:

Name: RevQuest [Revolutionary Request Fansubs]
IRC: [plz do NOT go there right now. Not *fully* established]
Purpose: RevQuest focuses on: Request from fans [series that wern't finished, most likely not full series], Movies and Specials. We will also have 1-2 Primary Projects.
Positions Needed: Bot Provider, BT Seeders, Translator JAP>ENG
Positions Desired[not needed, but could use more of]: Encoder's, RAW Providers, Karoke Timers.

We already have a translator, but we need another. The translator will be able to pick any project they want, as long as the RAW is obtainable. We will also accept ANY other positions to bulk up our staff, for the future. We currently consist of 9 staff members, an hopefully more soon!

If interested either PM me here, or send me an email. If you add me to MSN, please e-amil or PM me a notification.

IRC Contact: Joker-kun - usually on
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Old 2004-08-26, 03:34   Link #174
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2003
Position(s): Timer
Group: Lightshock-Anime
Project(s): Romance of the Three Kingdoms
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: tcov
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Old 2004-08-26, 05:15   Link #175
ninj4 from the north
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Espoo, Finland
Age: 30
Send a message via MSN to TaMz
once again I shall post 'ere:

Group: Baka-Fansubs
Looking For: BT SEEDs/Distro, Translator
Projects: Currently Pretty Cure, but another will be given to a new translator
IRC: #baka-fansubs @
My MSNM/e-mail:
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Old 2004-08-26, 20:39   Link #176
... :D
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Canada
Hello, our translator for all things Gundam left, so if there is any translator who loves gundam, or another group that has a translator and wants to do a joint Gundam Seed drop me a pm here or on irc

We could also use another editor XD

Position(s): Translator, Editor
Group: Nanashi
Project(s): Girls Bravo, Gundam SEED Destiny, Some others.
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: Draders

Last edited by Draders; 2004-08-28 at 20:08.
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Old 2004-08-26, 20:45   Link #177
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Exclamation Looking For Group Members

Hey, some of you may know me as Shonokai the owner of, but I have started a new anime subbing group named KyoAnime. We have QCers/Editors/Timers/Distro/Karoke and others, but we do not have a translator. We have merged with another group who has one, but he isn't full time.

We still are looking for more of every position still though, the more the better!

Group: KyoAnime
Looking For: Translators, Timers, Type Setters, Editors, QCers, Encoders, Other(Feel free to apply)
Projects: FMA(Finishing the series first), then any new series we wish to do
IRC: #KyoAnime
AIM: ShonokaiX
IRC Contact: Shonokai
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Old 2004-08-29, 02:06   Link #178
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: 東京
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to MidoriShinobi Send a message via MSN to MidoriShinobi
Momo-san Subs is looking for a part-time Japanese translator. If you're interested in helping us out, please email me at
Our current project is Samurai Champloo, but we will be adding more in the future. Suggestions are accepted!
You can also contact me through MSN at Thanks a lot for your time!

Last edited by MidoriShinobi; 2004-08-29 at 20:07.
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Old 2004-08-29, 22:33   Link #179
Apprentice Timer
Join Date: Aug 2004

Animax is recruiting at this moment. We're hiring Editors, Encoders, Typesetters, Timers, and most importantly, Translators either Korean or Japanese. Due to the beginning of the school year, most of our workers are taking some time off. More the workers, faster the releases. Vice-Versa. Either talk with xpeed in our IRC channel, or E-Mail us at We'll tell you more on what's happening when you get hired.

Position(s):Editors, Encoders, Typesetters, Timers, Korean Translators, Japanese Translators
Group: Animax
Project(s): Tweeny Witches, Love Hina Smile, Initial D 4th stage, Elfen Lied, Mahou Shojou Tai, Bleach, My Little Bride, Shilmido, Memories of Murder
IRC Channel: #animax at
IRC Contact: Xpeed

If you feel you can take on one of the following positions, please do not hesitate to ask.
If Xpeed is not around at channel, please message another op.

Last edited by Kawaii_tsunami; 2004-08-29 at 22:47.
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Old 2004-08-30, 07:14   Link #180
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
need a translator?

Hi, I'm avaliable for translating (Japanese -> English).

If you are interested, please let me know.

Email: acnjones (at)
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help thread, recruitment, translator

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