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Old 2008-04-13, 17:55   Link #41
Love Yourself
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I encountered someone with a similar issue when doing a Google search for this; there was an issue over IPv6 in Ubuntu. I figured it wouldn't be an issue under Windows, but I didn't know that uTorrent was installing that sort of stuff. I'm glad it's been resolved.
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Old 2008-04-15, 14:37   Link #42
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Originally Posted by fujipon View Post
Well, I believe I just fixed it since it loads now.

I went under Network Connections, clicked my connection and went to Properties and under the list where it has all the ...things (orz) my connection uses was an entry called "Microsoft TCP/IP version 6" which I remember I accidentally installed with uTorrent. I remember disabling a similar service called "Microsoft IPv6 Helper" a couple weeks ago, so I uninstalled that entry under the connection. Rebooted, and now the website loads.

Sorry for all the trouble, if the problem was solely just this
argh... I can see fun times ahead as we sort-of-transition to IPv6
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Old 2008-04-15, 16:07   Link #43
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Well, this is the kind of problem why a lot of sites that could technically add IPv6 support do not do so (yet), or at least not at the same address (and instead use something like - like Google for example).

Still, like it or not, available IPv4 addresses will be depleted in a few years. It's not like the internet will grind to a halt when it happens, but it makes expansion tricker and/or more expensive (as the remaining blocks will go for much $$$).

So, the way I see it, AnimeSuki did nothing wrong here. It's up to you (the visitor) to make sure you either having working IPv6 support or have it disabled. To disable it, the easiest way would probably be (on Windows XP, not recommended for Vista): Start >> Run.. >> Type cmd and hit enter >> Type ipv6 uninstall and hit enter.

Fun Fact:'s support of IPv6 was mentioned in one of the presentations at the latest RIPE meeting: (see page/slide 23)
(video here: -- though be warned, the file in question is like 500+ Mb, but of course animesuki is only mentioned for a second)
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browsers, ipv6, opera

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