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Old 2008-04-13, 16:12   Link #1
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language pack

i had a question...

if you do not have the proper langauge pack installed then you can't see the text on a (example) japanese website at all right, since they all turn into blocks..

however when on a japanese website i can see the text in the brower but not in the title of the screen, also when using a japanese program i cannot see japanese text they used..

i guess this means i do nto have the proper pack for it but i was wondering where you could get them and how you install them...
i know hardly anything about language packs and am wondering that if you install them that not everything in your windows converts to that language.. yes i know it is noobish.. but i know nothing about them at all...
i was wondering if someone could explaint o me what they actually do, i know they make kanji or any other form of different ABC text visible.. but then why is it still read able in my browser and not in the titles of the browser or programs i use that require kanji...
and where you can get the required pack to view the japanese text, i heard you can pick it fromt he windows install cd but i have no idea where mine and i was wondering if they were legally avaliable online and then where and how you install them eventually.. (operating system is Windows XP btw)
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Old 2008-04-13, 17:57   Link #2
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It's on your Windows CD. Go to your Control Panel, Region and Language Settings, the second tab to the right (forgot what it's called) should have something about East Asian Language Support. If you don't have it available there should be a button about installing it. Click it and your computer will ask you to insert your Windows XP CD. When it's done you'll have Japanese, Korean, and Chinese support.

I've never heard of third-party language packs. Don't buy or install any, it'll probably mess something up. Go with language packs from the OS maker.
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Old 2008-04-19, 12:52   Link #3
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: In Maya world, where all is 3D and everything crashes
Age: 30
okay a problem, i put my windows CD in and pressed on the install East Asian Language support now the installation goes untill it starts wynign that it needs the file called "cplexe.exe" from the windows XP home edition service pack 2... however on the window XP cd i recieved there is no such file and it is an official cd o.o

edit: i did some google searching and evenw itht he problem of having the setup look in the wrong places it cannot find it on the cd rom..

edit 2: i found out that it is on the XP office CD, however that CD wasn't given to me and is not in my possesion, does anyone know where i might be able to find the cplexe.exe file?

edit 3: i found a copy of it in the hidden dll chage however there are a lot more files you need for the installation, some are copied int he dll chage but some i cant find in there such as the "imjpinst.ini" i also looked around on the microsoft website and found out that the valiadation for my Xp Office isn't corrent -_-; so i cant download the language pack from their website either
/sigh why did Windows have to make this such a hassle -_-;

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