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Welcome to Macross Drama CD thread. The thread is dedicated to not only Frontier, but all other Macross series.

Gubaba and lynn2009 at MW has posted Macross Vol. III - Miss DJ, a Minmay interview, and Macross Generation, a story about the Macross 9 fleet.

Enjoy the discussion.

Macross Vol. III - Miss DJ. Credit to Gubaba @ Macross World
Originally Posted by Part 1
Whisper of the Stars: Part 1
Female Announcer: In a moment, Macross Time will be one o’clock A.M.

Announcer: “Whisper of the Stars,” by Lynn Minmay.

Minmay: Wishing upon a star in the night sky,
I hope it will hear my thoughts.
Softly whispering this song of dreams
Into the ear of you who I love.
Dreaming night,
Starlight song.
Dreaming night,
Starlight song.

Good evening, this is Lynn Minmay. Are you tired of studying for exams, and taking a break, drinking some coffee? Or are you reading an exciting SF novel? Are you exhausted from work, longing to go to bed? Or are you one of our pilots, who even now are continuing to fight to protect us? I think all kinds of people are tuned in to this program…please keep listening to it for a long time!

Announcer: This program airs every Friday from 1:00 A.M. to 1:45, broadcast throughout the ship on Net 15.

Commercial 1: The young idol, Lynn Minmay, has a new single: “Silver Moon, Red Moon.” On sale now from Big Star Records.

Commercial 2: The hot jeans for YOU, the city boy with real guts! Well, that sounds a little old-fashioned, but they’re snug and comfortable and sure to be a hit! Macross Brand Army Jeans!

Commercial 3: The charged particles the drift through space are a danger to your skin! Turn your skin around to the way it was before you were twenty! Smooth moisturizer NueNue Honey! …From tomorrow, you will captivate the eyes of men…

Commercial 4: Our target: 38 shops! Authentic Original Chinese Restaurant Nyan Nyan! Let’s eat Chinese food at Nyan Nyan! Just eat here three times, and you’ll be in the unbeatable Valkyrie speed zone! It’s true!

Announcer: This program has been made possible by our sponsers: Big Star Records, Macross Brand Army Jeans, NueNue Honey (a product of Nue Family Goods), “Our Target: 38 Shops,” the slogan for the Authentic Original Chinese Restaurant Nyan Nyan, and of course, the U.N. Space Force.

Minmay: Welcome back! Right now, I’d like to sing my debut song, “My Boyfriend Is a Pilot,” from my first LP, which was released last week. But why do they only write one version of a song? Please give a listen to “My Boyfriend is a Pilot, Number Two!”

Whoosh whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!
My boyfriend is a pilot.
Again, today, he’s in the sky.
I’m forever looking up.
He’s aiming for that fluffy cloud floating along.
I want him to sweep me away, gently and softly,
A love flight, just him and me.
I love you. You love me?
But he’s passionate about his plane instead of me.
Whoosh, whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!
My boyfriend is a pilot.
Originally Posted by Part 2
Minmay: Well, Mr. Fruit Punch, a resident of the Third Macross Ginza who requests anonymity, are you listening? Today I think I’ll try and answer your questions. Mr. Fruit Punch came up with some embarrassing questions for me. I’m pretty scared and my heart’s pounding, but I’ll answer the questions truthfully one by one.

Announcer: Okay, I think it’s time to invite you ro “Exciting Embarrassing Question Corner!” Minmay, are you ready?

Minmay: Sure am!

Announcer: Now, Minmay, you must swear: you can’t lie or get flustered by the questions.

Minmay: Of course! I promise I’ll only tell the truth!

Announcer: Then let’s get started! Question Number One: Miss Lynn Minmay, what are your hobbies?

Minmay: Zero-G dance, and what they used to call aerobics.

Announcer: What they call “shaping up,” huh?

Minmay: Yes, yes.

Announcer: Your hobbies don’t hurt your career either, do they?

Minmay: True.

Announcer: Okay, Question Number Two: What are your specialties?

Minmay: I can fall asleep anywhere, I can speak Chinese, and when things are tough, I just laugh it off.

Announcer: Of course. Those are some pretty cute talents. HA HA HA, I shouldn’t talk like that, should I? Question Number Three: What sports are you good at?

Minmay: I can do a little Chinese fencing, and skydiving.

Announcer: Wow…looking at you, you look really girlish, but those are some masculine sports!

Minmay: Yes. I love being brawny!

Announcer: What kind of men do you like?

Minmay: Cheerful, kind, and manly.

Announcer: Wow, that’s great! And what type of man don’t you like?

Minmay: Guys who are stubborn. They’re the worst!

Announcer: Oh yeah, it’s true! Do you have a boyfriend?

Minmay: I just have a lot of friends.

Announcer: What kind of food do you like?

Minmay: Irish coffee, carrot cake, and, most of all…pig’s feet.

Announcer: Pig’s feet!? Anyone out there eating your own right now? Okay, what kind of food do you hate?

Minmay: Fatty foods. And although I love cake on special occasions,I have to be careful because I gain weight easily, and my legs just swell up.

Announcer: But you look and think, “Just a bit more…”

Minmay: Yeah, I do!

Announcer: And it looks so delicious! Okay, from the time you were born until now, what’s your happiest memory?

Minmay: That’s obvious! My singing debut, of course!

Announcer: And your saddest?

Minmay: When my beloved dog Gonta died.

Announcer: Did you cry?

Minmay: Oh, I sobbed forever!

Announcer: What annoys you the most right now?

Minmay: Not being able to sing anything but Part One of my debut song.

Announcer: Yeah.

Minmay: It’s too short!

Announcer: Yeah, let’s hear you sing more! Are you worried about anything right now?

Minmay: That sometimes I look ugly in photos.

Announcer: Huh? That’s not the case at all!

Minmay: No, really!

Announcer: No, you always look cute!

Minmay: You sure? Don’t lie!

Announcer: It’s true! Okay, let’s continue with the questions: Do yu have any nervous habits?

Minmay: Well, I always play with my hair.

Announcer: That’s very girlish! What do you do?

Minmay: Um, I always twist it around my finger.

Announcer: What do you like most about your physical features?

Minmay: My hair, of course!

Announcer: It’s very pretty.

Minmay: Thank you.

Announcer: And what do you dislike the most?

Minmay: My forehead. And my short, thick legs.

Announcer: Short and thick…? Oh yeah, it’s true.

Minmay: Ahhh! You’re TERRIBLE!

Announcer: What are you most scared of?

Minmay: Mice. And my schedule.

Announcer: Wow, that’s scary!

Minmay: Yeah!

Announcer: They’re always chasing after you, huh? Moving on, who would you like to meet the most?

Minmay: My parents on earth.

Announcer: How long has it been since you last saw them?

Minmay: Feels like ages.

Announcer: Besides a singer, what would you most like to be?

Minmay: A bride, of course.

Announcer: You’d definitely look great in a wedding dress.

Minmay: I want to wear one soon!

Announcer: And what are your favorite songs?

Minmay: Well, they’re a little old, but “Blue Coral Reef,” “Slow Motion,” and things like that.

Announcer: And who are your influences?

Minmay: Of famous singers, I like Seiko Matsuda. Oh, and most people probably don’t know her, but I really like Mari Iijima.

Announcer: Oh, I know her! She’s a wonderfully talented singer!

Minmay: Really? You think so?

Announcer: What was your childhood nickname?

Minmay: Cat girl.

Announcer: But…you don’t seem very cat-like…

Minmay: Really? But when I smile, my eyes look like a kitten’s.

Announcer: Oh yeah, I see it now! Next, if you could drive a battroid, what would you most like to do with it?

Minmay: Well, THAT’S obvious! I’d crash the head into Hikaru’s home!

{Announcer: Oh, I get it!
{Minmay: From the front!

Announcer: …Make a lot of trouble, huh?

Minmay: Completely smash everything up!

Announcer: And Minmay, which do you think is better for a woman’s chest – large or small?

Minmay: Hmm…well, big ones just get in the way, don’t they?

Announcer: “Get in the way…”

Minmay: But they’ve got power, don’t they?

Announcer: I understand. Minmay, do yours get in the way? Oh sorry! They don’t, do they?

Minmay: …Terrible…

Announcer: You are often called “cutesy.” Why do you think that is?

Minmay: Hmmm…I don’t really think I’m cutesy. I think it’s just letting your girlish side show.

Announcer: I see. For you, what is singing?

Minmay: Giving a dream to everyone.

Announcer: I understand. That’s a good answer! And that’s it for the questions. Shall we hear another song now?

Minmay: [I can’t hear what she’s saying here]: “Sad Sixteen.”

(Ya-ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya-ya)
(Ya-ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya-ya)
All alone in my room, I’m dreaming about that boy.
Why am I so sad right now?
I’m sixteen.
(Ya-ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya-ya)
Even today, after I quietly called to him
At the schoolhouse, he doesn’t know.
That’s why I’m sad right now,
That’s just me.
How should I go about it?
I’m just miserable.
No one understand the way that I feel,
Even Papa and Mama just laugh at me.
(Ya-ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya-ya)
(Ya-ya-ya-ya ya-ya-ya-ya)
No one understand the way that I feel,
Even Papa and Mama just laugh at me.
They just laugh at me.

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Macross Generation Credit Translation to lynn2009 @ Macross World
Act 1: In the Rain (Ame no naka)
Tenshi no enogu 1st chorus (Canari Version)

Man A: H, hey! What’s that valkyrie?!
Man B: Uwa! It’s coming down! Boss, I’m gonna floor it!
Men: Uwaa!!
(Sounds of crashing and screaming)

Wolf: Quit your squealing.
Boss: Y, you’re Wolf!
Wolf: If you don’t want to die, hand the rights (kenrisho) over.
Boss: Heh, you’ve gotta be kidding.
Wolf: “Kidding?” Who was the one who forced our syndicate to hand over the rights to all the cosmo bike race business?
Boss: T, that’s…
Wolf: I just came to take it back. If you don’t hand it over quietly, you’re going to die.
Boss: Wo.. Wolf… You’re a pretty good guy. How about it? Join my syndicate. If you do, I’ll give you a great pay.
Wolf: Unfortunately, I like being a lone wolf. I reject your offer.

(Sounds of gunfire and more screaming)
Man: B, Boss!
Wolf: I’m taking these (rights) papers.
Sound of valkyrie taking off.

Man: The boss has been killed!
Man B: That apeface, Wolf. Kill him!
Man: What are you bastards doing? Get in your valkyries and follow him! After him! After HIM!!!
Sounds of valkyries taking off.

“Macross Generation”
The long war between the giant Zentraedy army had finished and the Earth was left in ruins. At the same time as restoring the land to be suitable to live on Earth, the UN Spacy explored various star systems to look for new lands where mankind could live. This is one of those stories of the Ninth Macross fleet and what occurs within it.

“Love Do You Remember” (Canari’s version)
Passero singing (from “Kinou made…” through “te to te ga fureatta toki”)

Passero: Who is it? Who’s there!?
Wolf: I interrupted your singing.
Passero: Not at all.
Wolf: Why are you singing all alone in the middle of the night in such a large park? You were dancing. And you’re soaking wet from this rain. The girl that’s shown on this large screen is Minmay, isn’t it? Do you like Minmay’s songs? …No, it doesn’t look like “like” would describe it.
Passero: I’m embarrassed being watched by a stranger.
(Sound of rain falling harder)
Wolf: Looks like it’s raining harder. What a horrible rain.
Passero: No. I like the rain.
Wolf: You like the rain?
Passero: Rain is always so romantic.
Wolf: Don’t you feel uncomfortable being drenched?
Passero: A rainy park… wet skin… while listening to the sound of the rain falling, dancing and singing while I’m soaking wet… it feels good.
Wolf: Such a strange girl.
Passero: While I spin and look around while becoming wet by the pale blue rain, I realize a lot of things about the things that color this city. For example, look. The wind that scatters the rain brings it to the windows of that small coffee shop.

Passero: I like the rain. I like the trees wet by the rain, too. I even like the wind that travels between the trees. What about you?
Wolf: Hmm? I… ‘ve never thought about that.
Passero: The rain and wind. Nature tells me a lot of things. Nature is my lifesource. I want to be surrounded by nature, I want to dance and sing while feeling nature.
(Wolf laughs.)
Wolf: Within this Macross, the rain is just manmade.
Passero: That’s OK. Someday, I’ll definitely…
Wolf: Someday… definitely…?
Passero: Don’t laugh if I tell you, OK?
Wolf: I’m fickle, so I can’t promise.
Passero: In the future, I want to be a singer like Lynn Minmay… to be like Canari who sings Lynn Minmay’s songs… a musical star.
Passero: What? Why aren’t you saying anything? You really want to, but you’re trying not to laugh, aren’t you? You’re thinking I can’t be a big star like Canari, aren’t you? After all, what I’m saying is unrealistic.

Man A: There he it! There’s Wolf!
Man B: Where?!
Man A: This way. In the square near in the south bridge.

Wolf: This is bad. If we have the chance, we’ll meet again.
(Wolf runs away)
Passero: Ah! Wait!
Man: Ah! Wolf got away! After him! Fire! Kill him!
(Sound of electric gunshots)
Man: Hey, wait! Hey you, girl!
Passero: Huh? Are you talking to me?
Man: What were you doing with Wolf?
Passero: Is his name Wolf? I just met him right now.
Man: Stop playing dumb! He’s an assassin.
Passero: …Assassin?
Man: What were you talking to him about?
Passero: About the rain… and the wind!
Man: About the rain and wind? Quit lying. Get her.
Passero: Don’t be so rough!
Man: Shut up! Come with us!
Passero: Ah! Someone! Somebody!

(Sound of motorcycle)
(sound of people being hit and screams, followed by tires screeching)

Man: Why you! What the hell are you doing?
Rafale: Guys that rough up girls piss me off. Just be grateful I didn’t kill you with my cosmo bike.
Man: Y.. you…
Rafale: Young lady, hurry and get on the backseat.
Passero: T… thank you!
(sound of bike racing away)
Man: apeface! Remember this!

(Sound of bike)
Rafale: Hold on tight!
Passero: Who are you?
Rafale: If you don’t hold on tighter, you’ll fly off.

(Mirai no Diary Instrumental)
Rafale: Do you like CBR?
Passero: CBR?
Rafale: Cosmo Bike Race (Racing). It’s a grand prix race across the galaxy on cosmo bikes.
Passero: I’ve seen it on satellite TV before.
Rafale: I’m a racer in it.
Passero: !! Wow, that’s amazing.
Rafale: Or rather, I’ve started racing. Tomorrow’s my first debut race.
Passero: Wow. I get it now. You’re so nervous you can’t sleep. That’s why you’re racing around the city alone in the middle of the night on your cosmo bike, right?
Rafale: Idiot. Like I get nervous. It’s to see how my cosmo bike is riding. I was checking it out.
Passero: Really, I wonder. But I know how you feel. I’m a beginner, like you.
Rafale: You’re a beginner too? What kind?
Passero: I want to be a musical star, I think. Hey, did you know there’s going to be a musical called the “Lynn Minmay Story?”
Rafale: I know about it. Are you going to be in it?!
Passero: It hasn’t been decided yet. Auditions are next week. And if I pass.
Rafale: (laughing) I see. Good luck.
Passero: Thank you! Umm…
Rafale: My name is Rafale. French for “gust of wind.” (toppuu)
Passero: “Gust of wind?” Mr. Gust of Wind, good luck on your first debut race.
Rafale: Yeah, I hope you pass your audition, too.
Passero: Thank you.
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The interview with Minmay is quite funny. It's set in SDF-1, at around the same time as the first few episodes of SDFM, right? Skydiving huh, well it's somewhat surprising her first foray into "skydiving" didn't traumatize her
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Macross Vol. III - Miss DJ. Credit to Gubaba @ Macross World
Originally Posted by Part 3
Announcer: This week’s “Hysterical Hot News!” Funny, hot news from around the city! Heart-pounding, rib-tickling news! And what kind of news has leaked out today? Okay, Minmay, let’s go: OPEN THE LETTER!

Minmay: Sure! This week, as always, everyone’s dealing with some trouble. So let’s get acquainted. First off, here’s a letter from Mr. Busato of Cross-Ship Suzuran Ave: “Y-Yesterday, in Macross Plaza, I saw something strange and horrifying. These men suddenly shouted, ‘Break it open!’ and smashed the face of a cigarette vending machine. Cigarettes started pouring out it. And then, still standing in plain view, wh-wh-WHAT? Right before my eyes, instead of smoking the cigarettes, the men started EATING them!
“Then the three men suddenly noticed me and grinning sheepishly. I was so terrified that I was struck speechless, and all I could do was force a smile.”
Hmmm…What’s he really trying to say? I really don’t understand it. Okay, I’m going to read the next letter, postmarked Kishi Gate Mae, pen-name: Lynn Min-Min.
“Eek! I’m so embarrassed to be talking about this! The other day, I was at the public bath and three guys said, ‘Excuse us,’ and then entered the bath! Oh my God, they saw me! And my ‘special place,’ too…Oh, I don’t want to say any more! The three guys walked in, not even looking ashamed and said, ‘Good evening.’ I just answered, ‘Good evening,’ too. Oh, I can’t say any more! Their faces never changed, they didn’t even look excited or anything! Totally rude, right? They completely ignored my kickin’ bod! So I got angry, but then I thought that maybe they were doing”…um…“…underwater,” Huh? “…vitality level” What? What’s this? “…breath holding exercises. Totally weird guys, right? To think they’d take my modesty! How mortifying!” All right, that’s enough of that one, let’s switch to another letter. There are a lot of them here; where was that one in the third pile…
Ah! “Aliens! Those guys HAVE to be aliens!”
Well, I read the letters, and they all seem to be about the same people. They really need a hobby, these three strange guys seem to be all over the place, and maybe coming to your area next. Be careful, everyone! But let’s move on to today, and forget yesterdays’s bad experiences, in what philosophers call “_______.”[I can’t hear this word clearly] And for everyone who’s heard about these three guys, please don’t start acting like them.
All right now! Please listen to the Beatles number “Yesterday.” And, um, today, even though I’m not very good at it, I’ll be playing piano while I sing. So please listen. “Yesterday.”

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday

Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh yesterday came suddenly

Why she had to go I don't know
She wouldn't say
I said something wrong now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday

Why she had to go I don't know
She wouldn't say
I said something wrong now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday
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^Yes it's them. But they entered the public bath for women but didn't go "deculture"?

What's surprising though is that Minmay sings the Beatles!
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Jeez, could've ASKED to use my translation...I would've said yes.
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A rough and partial translation of track 2 (Galaxy Memory) from the 3rd Drama CD. All the credit goes to chiiyo@LJ! I just copy pasted the chat transcript. :3

Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:23:06 PM)
the beginning grace describes how sheryl started
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:23:26 PM)
she says, it was like a butterfly emerging from a pupa
Skullfaerie says: (9:24:09 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:24:41 PM)
a bird that just started to fly to the sky
Skullfaerie says: (9:25:26 PM)
ah grace, as evil as she is
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:25:37 PM)
sheryl started to brilliantly shine in the spotlight
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:25:43 PM)
(very poetic by the way)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:25:55 PM)
then the grace + sheryl when young speech starts
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:26:18 PM)
sheryl goes: look grace! (I'm on) this week's "Universal Mode"!
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:26:33 PM)
(not sure universal what, she pronounced it as mo-do.)
Skullfaerie says: (9:26:34 PM)
ah! so that's what it was
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:27:19 PM)
grace: we did it! majestically!
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:27:34 PM)
sheryl: the two of us are the best aren;t we grace??
Skullfaerie says: (9:27:41 PM)
awww ;_;
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:27:44 PM)
mou~~ I want to kiss you!
Skullfaerie says: (9:27:51 PM)
O_O fan service right there!
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:27:52 PM)
grace: eeeeh
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:28:12 PM)
sheryl you shouldn't!
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:28:43 PM)
you're too excited!
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:29:17 PM)
(the phrase used is hashagisugi, literally means frollicing too much, i guess, grace is kind of saying youre too playful/ going overboard?)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:29:30 PM)
and then sheryl goes: kecchi (stingy with a pouting tone)
Skullfaerie says: (9:29:34 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:30:40 PM)
then grace narrates again
Skullfaerie says: (9:31:22 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:32:24 PM)
(sheryl was) unrestrained, wild, haughty
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:32:50 PM)
(this line I'm super unsure) but also seems to manifest emptiness
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:33:00 PM)
almost as if a fairy (yousei)
Skullfaerie says: (9:33:18 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:34:29 PM)
without notice people started to call her the fairy of the universe
Skullfaerie says: (9:34:43 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:35:12 PM)
and she , with the magic of her "chant" (<-- I think she meant chant? but she just said "chan") would confuse all of the people
Skullfaerie says: (9:36:09 PM)
chant is more likely, yes
Skullfaerie says: (9:36:10 PM)

[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:36:18 PM)
(sorry, last one should be "confuse and entrance (take in) all of the people)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:36:51 PM)
then you hear sheryl in the background going "atashi no uta wo kike!" (listen to my song!) so i believe this is the chant that grace refers to
Skullfaerie says: (9:37:07 PM)
i see, i see
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:39:30 PM)
(she speaks damn fast wait can't catch her words)
Skullfaerie says: (9:39:43 PM)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:43:06 PM)
grace narrating again: everyone could see people were loving her (aisasu, literally piercing with love?)
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:43:37 PM)
everyone made it possible for her charm to grow
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:43:55 PM)
all (people) yes, everyone
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:44:02 PM)
then the whole chunk of singing
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:44:13 PM)
and then you hear them clinking glasses and the two of them go kanpai.
[Lili/ちいよ][at work] says: (9:44:17 PM)

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Some other stuff from Galaxy Memory are:

-the cabal "erased" Sheryl's parents because they opposed the cabal
-Grace had to get her emotions purged before she could go through with getting rid of Sheryl

That's from memory, I'll probably add some stuff after I listen to it again.
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Originally Posted by ickem View Post
Some other stuff from Galaxy Memory are:

-the cabal "erased" Sheryl's parents because they opposed the cabal
-Grace had to get her emotions purged before she could go through with getting rid of Sheryl

That's from memory, I'll probably add some stuff after I listen to it again.

from the Sheryl Nome thread
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ZOMG! Raramia spoke in the Dorama!
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