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Old 2011-01-19, 23:22   Link #1881
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For all we know, Zepar is a deep talking woman, and Furfur is a high pitched man...
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Old 2011-01-19, 23:35   Link #1882
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Well, that'd be too trololol.

But I can see Ryukishi messing with us like that, so I guess it's a possibility.
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Old 2011-01-19, 23:40   Link #1883
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Not really. Both options are incredibly obvious choices. I wouldn't be surprised at either of them. Especially since both of them like boys anyway. And Furfur would sound like a stereotypical gay man.
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Old 2011-01-20, 07:16   Link #1884
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I made an analysis of Zepar and Furfur pattern of speech some time ago.

This was only done on EP6, EP7 wasn't out yet. Anyway this explains why Zepar is consistently voice acted as manly ad Furur as feminine.

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Old 2011-01-20, 08:48   Link #1885
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Ah.. I didn't think about looking at the differences in the original Japanese... cheers for that. I have a limited understanding of Japanese which includes the different usages in the singular and plural first person words
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Old 2011-01-22, 22:01   Link #1886
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Originally Posted by Kirroha View Post
Does anyone have the lyrics to the vocal version of The End of the World? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Which version are you looking for? There are two versions of "The End of the World", if I'm remembering correctly.

Also, tell me if there are any errors in the lyrics, I'm not very good at this!

Spoiler for The End Of The World ~世界の終わりに祝福の鐘は鳴る~:
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Old 2011-01-23, 00:42   Link #1887
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Thank you! Is there by any chance a romaji version and an English translation?

(I was looking more for the xaki version, but I was pretty sure the lyrics were the same.)
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Old 2011-01-27, 18:39   Link #1888
alarmadadna hadi
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If you still didn't hear them I recommend checking out this guys guitar arranges of umineko bgm, here is an example of what a pleasure they are to the ears:
Saku to Purgatory Mountain visual novel'd
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Old 2011-01-29, 05:40   Link #1889
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Has anyone heard the full version of Chikai Hibiki no Igureja?
A not-so-average Umineko gameboard
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Old 2011-01-31, 06:54   Link #1890
Quest 64
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When I remember these colored memories, they nuge me to cry

Noblesse Oblige album pleased me with full version of Nameless song and Shin'en no Kai, waiting lyrics of these two. Looks like it's one of the last umineko music albums, but each time they are getting better and better.

Memori dainou dokomademo tsutsuku kono no naku koro kara

Last edited by Quest 64; 2011-02-12 at 04:05. Reason: got it!
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Old 2011-02-01, 16:06   Link #1891
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PS3-Opening full version:

Last edited by Tambo; 2011-02-01 at 16:35.
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Old 2011-02-01, 19:08   Link #1892
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Originally Posted by Tambo View Post
Oh, Akiko Shikata, I will never cease to love your singing.

EDIT: nvm orz. I thought it sounded like her though.

Last edited by OgodItsKanon; 2011-02-02 at 20:48. Reason: wrong person
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Old 2011-02-02, 00:40   Link #1893
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Originally Posted by OgodItsKanon View Post
Oh, Akiko Shikata, I will never cease to love your singing.
She sang that? I thought it was someone else...
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Old 2011-02-02, 01:43   Link #1894
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KOKOMI (Asriel) sings it. Not Akiko Shikata.
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Old 2011-02-09, 07:24   Link #1895
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Sorry if I shouldnt be asking here, but does someone know the translated English titles for the songs on the Goldist album (and, I guess the album itself, also)? I'm trying to label everything correctly, and, personally, an english title is just much easier to remember than it's Japanese one. Likely because I know no Japanese at all.

I still wonder what "Kina no Kaori" means.
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Old 2011-02-10, 00:56   Link #1896
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Maybe キーナー is Japanese for Quinah or Elegy in English?

Perhaps this, from the English page, fits well with Zepar and Furfur very well: "The Latin elegy of ancient Roman literature was most often erotic or mythological in nature. Because of its structural potential for rhetorical effects, the elegiac couplet was also used by both Greek and Roman poets for witty, humorous, and satiric subject matter."

So キーナーの香り kinda means "scent of elegy" or "smells like kaori." But the translation into English is rather weird; it doesn't really have to mean 'smells like' literally, it can mean like, 'hint of.'

For example, ウサン臭い <-- "Stinks of suspicion" doesn't literally mean 'stink' but... 'feels like'

I wouldn't recommend putting down an official title for Ki-na- no kaori though because it just sounds so awkward...
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Old 2011-02-12, 12:39   Link #1897
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I've asked this a few times, but I'm still curious:

Anyone know where I can find Xaki's Xwerk album? Or at least some Youtube links to the new songs?

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Old 2011-02-13, 14:49   Link #1898
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KizokuChan on YouTube has a large collection of Xwerk songs.

Putting うみねこのなく頃に xaki作品集xwerk (イクスヴェルク) into the search bar will bring up the 26 songs they have uploaded.
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Old 2011-02-23, 17:26   Link #1899
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Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
I've asked this a few times, but I'm still curious:

Anyone know where I can find Xaki's Xwerk album? Or at least some Youtube links to the new songs?

Here you go
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Old 2011-02-26, 01:32   Link #1900
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I'm wondering if somebody could help me out. I'm looking for some translations for the album, Millenary for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

Is there any chance somebody could translate the song titles with japanese text:

millenary -刹那-
Corridor -螺旋-

And if somebody has the album, can anyone understand what's being said in the intro song, millenary -刹那-? (Couldn't find a video link anywhere)

Other then that, there's text in the outro, 1000年の憂鬱

Can anyone translate what's being said here?

Thanks a lot! One day I'll be skilled enough to do this myself
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