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Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
It was stated in the Data Book but you could also roughly find out this from the number of generations born since the creation of Konoha. It's true 65 years doesn't seem much but from those who founded the village to Naruto there is only 6 generations.
Sarutobi is born a few years before Konoha was created, the generation of the Sannin is the first generation of Konoha shinobi born and breed.

It seems a little more than a decade passed between the moment Madara and Shodai first met and the moment when Konoha was established.
Soon after the creation of the village they fought over the policy of the village, Madara was defeated and apparently believed to be dead. Shodai also died around this time, possibly as the result of this fight (a few year after is also possible) and he named his brother as his successor with his dying wish.
Nidaime took over and created most of Konoha's institutions like the Ninja Academy but died soon thereafter at the beginning of the 1st or 2nd Ninja World War (it's unclear).
Sarutobi took over then and ruled Konoha during decades until he retired a little more than 15 years ago after choosing Minato Namikaze to succeed him.
The Yondaime however also died soon thereafter during the attack of the Kyubi and Sarutobi had to return in power until he died against Orochimaru ~3 years ago.

hmm...interesting. Yeah it woulda sounded better if Madara was way older - the whole immortal thing doesnt seem that extraordinary now.

Whats this data book you talk about??

I remember in the chapters when Sarutobi is fighting Orochimaru, theres a few pages which shows the generations of the leaf, and it shows the first hokage and the second standing with 3 children, one of them is Sarutobi. couldnt this be the first generation of konoha shinobi?

first hokage -> second hokage -> sarutobi -> legendary three -> fourth hokage -> kakashi -> naruto.

I guess it is kinda short. But its weird how they all talk about the traditions of the leaf and all this stuff, makes you think its been there for quite a while. i guess all the villages are relatively new?
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I would like to share some of my expectations :
1. I think that Itachi and Shisui both agreed to have a fight to death so that one of them can have the MS to become the strongest Uchiha at that time.
2. As for Konoha ordering the elimination of the Uchihas , i think it will be Danzou and the old man and woman not Sandaime , the reason must be that they knew the truth about the Uchiha clan and how they can activate MS and what are the uses of MS.
To activate MS you must kill your closest friend so they were afraid a battle between the Uchihas will break out and they might have known that the MS controls the Kyuubi which Yondaime Hokage sacrificed his life sealing it into Naruto to protect Konoha and if someone with MS turned against Konoha he would have easily crushed Konoha by controlling the Kyuubi from inside Naruto.
3. Senjuu clan still exists IMO i think Tsunade is counted as one of them she is the grand daughter of Shodai Hokage she might have some sort of hidden powers related to the Senjuu.
4. Itachi killed his own clan cause he knew that all the Uchihas were going to be elimnitaed anyway, so nothing he can do about it , he kills the clan, gets his MS leaves the village and joins Madara who is the main source of all this shit.
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