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Old 2008-05-18, 23:56   Link #1
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New codec out for MKV files?

I'm sorry if this has been done to death. I went back a couple of thread pages and I did a search and went through a couple of pages, but I think I don't know how to ask the question right.

Is there a new codec for MKV files? I'm not getting any subtitles. I'll get the OP/ED karaoke (at least, I'm assuming it's not imbedded from the station, since it usually isn't), but I'm not getting any dialogue.

I found it first with Kurenai, then realized it was because you had to d/l a sort of softsub file from the BSS webpage, and now, I'm seeing it on a couple of series that BakaWolf & m.3.3.w are putting out, but I couldn't find any softsubs in the release notes. [And for Special A, I can still see the English on the signs that the singer-girl-whose-name-I-forget is holding in addition to the karaoke, but no dialogue titles.]

I started d/ling mkv b/c 1) it's a little smaller, and 2) everyone keeps saying it's the future and we have to get over avis, but I can't see the subtitles at all! I want to make sure I have this problem fixed before everyone flips over completely.

Is there anyone who knows what I can do to see the subs? Thank you very much!
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Old 2008-05-19, 02:27   Link #2
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1) Make sure you have the latest CCCP installed (if you haven't installed it yet, uninstall other codecs/players first!)
2) During installation/upgrade, select "Yes" when asked to reset old settings
3) Use MPC (Media Player Classic) included with CCCP
4) Report back if that still doesn't work

And to answer your question, afaik there is no new codec out for MKV. However there is a tiny chance that if you have very old playback software installed and the files you want to play are muxed with a relatively new version of mkvmerge (or similar app), then this might cause a problem. But in that case the above solution should work.
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