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Old 2008-06-05, 18:49   Link #1
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Educational Anime


I know I posted a topic like this before, I just forgot to write down the replies. Aye, so if again, some people could recommend to me some good educational anime that would be great. Now, this doesn't specifically have to deal directly with teaching the viewers about stuff... I'm hoping for anime that is deeply cultural and historical, or deals with much theory on a certain subject, or

Some animes that I watched that I think follows this criteria include:
Ergo Proxy - It makes you think...

PlanetES - Physics of space... makes you think about space and also gives a good visual and sound to immerse you into the environment.

Yakitate! Japan - !!! It's pure genius! Puns everywhere, smart and funny, food and cooking techniques are discussed up the yin yang and also goes into geography and cultural stuff around each place they go to in today's Japan!

Moyashimon - Microbiology to the max! I love learning about it alongside the characters.

Right now... I'm watching:
Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi
Cooking Master Boy

Thanks for your time!
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Old 2008-06-05, 18:57   Link #2
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If you forgot to write down the recommendation's why not just look up the old thread?
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Old 2008-06-05, 19:05   Link #3
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Ooh heh, thank you. I'll do that next time.
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