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Old 2008-06-05, 21:38   Link #1
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Action Packed Anime? With Swords

Any sword action packed anime? I have seen Claymore, Bleach, and Samurai Champloo. I have really liked Claymore. Action packed Swords

NOTE: What is the difference between Samurai X and Ruroni Kenshin? Which should I watch first?

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Old 2008-06-05, 21:52   Link #2
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Rurouni Kenshin- Samurai X has tons of action the kenshin series has a few others but the samurai X ova is the best
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Old 2008-06-05, 22:07   Link #3
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Ill second Rurouni Kenshin... you'll get to see more than enough of swords there xD

In case you are interested in animes with other melee weapons you could try Seirei no Moribito witch has some amazing spear fights or even some martial arts in Kenichi

You can see some kendo moves in Bamboo Blade too =D
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Old 2008-06-05, 22:09   Link #4
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Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

Juubee-chan/Juubee-chan 2 (neither are very good, but the second is a lot better than the first)
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Old 2008-06-05, 22:16   Link #5
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Well, to answer the first question, Samurai X is another name (I believe it's the English name) of Rurouni Kenshin.
While I haven't watched enough of the series to give an opinion, the OVA is definitely great, though it may not be your cup of tea (it's more of a romance/tragedy than an action series.)

Maybe Shakugan no Shana and Fate/Stay Night if you don't mind if the swords are in females' hands. The two also focus on plot development more than some other action anime and are both action/romance/drama so they're not necessarily "action-packed".

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot Stranger - Mukoh Hadan, a action-filled movie about the typical repenting warrior, except with excellent animation and epic fights.

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Old 2008-06-05, 22:48   Link #6
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If you don't mind older shows, Eschaflowne has a fair amount of sword play. The first season has decent pacing...but the second season is breakneck...they originally wanted three seasons so they had to cram twice as much in the second part of it. It isn't a power up show like Claymore or Bleach.

Inuyasha is a long (to the tune of 167 episodes) show, that has alot of focus on powering up of the main hero's (and even one antagonist's) sword. If you read the is even more focused on that.

Murder Princess is a slick, fast paced show (only 6 episodes) that has a decent amount of swordplay. It's brevity makes it pretty solid and being fairly new means the animation is strong as well.

Scrapped Princess has a decent amount of sword play in it...the basic plot is the main character is supposed to be killed off to prevent a major disaster, foreseen in a prophecy. She's just a normal person pretty much, but luckily her adopted brother is an amazing swordsmen and her adopted sister is an amazing magician.

The Tsubasa Chronicles has a character that starts of fighting with his hands and legs but eventually undergoes training from a master swordsmen. It's a world hoping adventure, so the setting changes from fantasy to urban. Also it is worth saying, that the normal rating might be PG for the series, but the OVAs are just very graphic...R at least--it was shocking but also very good.

There's a tad of sword play in Zero no Tsukaima as well. The focus is without a doubt on magic however, and the pacing of at least the first season is alright, with the exception of one story arc.

Tales of Syphonia is a short 4 part ova based on the game of the same name. It has a few sword singing characters and while most anime based on games aren't so well done, it's actually alright.

Though if you want a really good fantasy type anime the best of the best is Utawarerumono, in my humble opinion even after being based off a game. In fact if you decide to only watch one anime among these suggestions, this is it. It has a mix of mass battles and personal combats. The majority of the cast uses swords as well, though some exotic weapons as well. Though their are many characters, they all are decently well done and likable. Best of all, they balance magic really well...not so much it becomes too unlike our own is rare and special. This is an interesting is dangerous to mix themes, but this show pulls off the contrast between good and bad times...very well and very believably. I feel like you really take something away from watching it, which is why I tend to promote it when I can.
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Old 2008-06-06, 06:53   Link #7
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Some series i recommend:

It's about a girl with a samuria sword and by inserting blood in her sword shes the only one who can kill the monsters in her world. In the beginning its a bit annoying cause shes all "no i dont wanna fight, im scared, i dont like blood". But after that she becomes better, she also goes in rage mode some time.

Also Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children it's with big swords, guns and stuff like that.

Altought this serie is about vampires and it contains more guns than swords, Hellsing is a very good fighting anime.

One of the best anime is Karas, contains lots of sword action and the graphics and animations is just super! Most people who watched this gave it an 10, altought the story is a bit confusing in the beginning.

Night Wizard: Swords, big guns, magic. It has it all.

Older anime but one every anime addict should know, Ninja Scroll the movie. Contains samurai sword action.
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Old 2008-06-06, 16:21   Link #8
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Come on, no one has mentioned Berserk yet? The main characters lives by his sword, hell he has several metaphysical monologues simply about the meaning of holding a sword, or about how he can not sleep at night with out his sword by his side. Hell, the OP even mentioned Claymore, which is, in many respects, Berserk-lite.

btw, since it does seem to be mentioned previously, Samurai X is the American Title for the two Rurouni Kenshin OVAs and the 1 movie. The first OVA is a background story of Kenshin's youth (Tsuiokuhen) and it has a great story (which comes almost directly from the manga) with some amazing fights. The second OVA (Seisouhen) is an epilogue to the Kenshin story, detailing Kenshin's messed up life after the manga series ends - there is no real fighting in this anime since the story focuses more on love and loss (which is great, but not what you are looking for). And the movie (Ishin Shishi no Requiem) is just okay.

edit: seems like I was wrong. qtipbrit92 briefly explained the difference .
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Old 2008-06-06, 22:07   Link #9
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Utawarerumono...though the main protagonist uses a metal fan, most of the other characters use swords (unless you count Aruruu kinda using that how you spell its name?...)
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Old 2008-06-07, 10:00   Link #10
mangekyo shenanigans
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wwevijay, drop everything you're watching right now and go grab Berserk, you won't regret it

then read the manga
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Old 2008-06-09, 15:45   Link #11
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I second Shakugan no Shana, Fate/stay Night and Bamboo Blade. An anime that hasn't been recommended yet which I really enjoyed watching is Samurai Deeper Kyo! It rocked and you learn about Japan's history too, I strongly recommend it.
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Old 2008-06-09, 16:08   Link #12
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Third for Berserk. It doesn't get much better than that.
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Old 2008-06-09, 22:20   Link #13
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Soul Eater is also a basic fighting/power up with sword/scythes ect. series is ongoing.

and also, i've been looking for The Tsubasa Chronicles ova's but haven't had any luck if any1 can hook a brother up with torrent/dd links ill be greatfull
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Old 2008-06-10, 00:01   Link #14
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Originally Posted by k0zz View Post
Soul Eater is also a basic fighting/power up with sword/scythes ect. series is ongoing.

and also, i've been looking for The Tsubasa Chronicles ova's but haven't had any luck if any1 can hook a brother up with torrent/dd links ill be greatfull
Here you are.

I don't believe there are any swords in Soul Eater, though it's action-packed. (Scythes are cooler anyway.)
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Old 2008-06-10, 01:13   Link #15
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For Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai X, I think they are the same anime. I think the series was renamed from Samurai X to Rurouni Kenshin.

So anyway, about your search for an action packed anime.... I would recommend:

Samurai 7
Busou Renkin
Fighting Beauty Wulong
Black Lagoon

For Black Lagoon, it really doesn't have that much sword fighting, but if you liked Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star, you might be interested in this...
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Old 2008-06-10, 01:16   Link #16
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I'm seconding these anime - good descriptions of them have already been given:

Murder Princess
Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X OVAs
Tsubasa Chronicles

My recommendation:

Kyou Kara Maoh! is an ongoing series (it's in the middle of its third season now) that follows the story of Yuuri Shibuya as he gets sucked from his everyday life into the life of a demon king in an alternate world, of sorts. It has quite a bit of swordplay (in fact I would say every major character in the series thet fights uses swords). While it's not the main focus of the show, there's definitely enough action to keep you interested if that's what you like.
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Old 2008-06-10, 01:23   Link #17
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Originally Posted by Onchuu_Norin View Post
I think the series was renamed from Samurai X to Rurouni Kenshin.
Rurouni Kenshin is the original title. Samurai X is the lame English language title for the movie and OVAs.
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Old 2008-06-10, 02:15   Link #18
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Tokyo Revelations is way better than the TV series.

Samurai 7 got a little steam punk mix in with samurai action.

Basilisk is pure ninja action with a mature story.

Soul Eater is current but i got a little bored after a superb 3 episode intro.

Murder Princess is short and i enjoyed it.

Tsukikage Ran too bad this anime is short, i would have wanted a longer story from it.

Mukoh Hadan haven't seen a good action anime movie in a long time, this one delivered.

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Old 2008-06-10, 10:05   Link #19
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Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto features some good sword action, even against guns

Le Chevalier d Eon has awesome fencing scenes, its not exactly an action packed anime but the fighting bits are breathtaking
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Old 2008-06-10, 16:38   Link #20
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When it comes out this summer, it sounds like you'd want to check out Blade of the Immortal.
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