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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (manga)

Thread for discussion on the manga of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

From Neosam's post:
Spoiler for covers:

From Wikipedia:
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is set at the private high school Hakujō Academy in Japan and centers around the male protagonist Yūto Ayase and his classmate Haruka Nogizaka. While Yūto is rather ordinary, Haruka is very attractive, intelligent, and rich. Due to this, she is the school's most unattainable girl and is so idolized that her classmates give her the French nicknames "Nuit Étoile" (The Silver Star of the Night) and "Lumière du Clavier" (The Shining Princess on the Piano). One day, Yūto's good friend Nobunaga Asakura asks him to return a book to the school library, and when he goes to return it, Yūto stumbles across Haruka and her darkest secret — she is a diehard fan of anime, manga, and the otaku culture. Yūto promises to keep her secret hidden and in return he becomes her confidante of sorts as he accompanies her to Akihabara, and visits her home often.

As expected of manga, besides for the story, everything else is intensified.
Fanboys/girls are more annoying.
Luko and Yukari are also more annoying (you also have to look at them, instead of words)
Cuteness is also multiplied.
Comedy works better with visual expressions.
Reactions are multiplied. Yuuto... he blushes way too much in the manga. I think he had more scenes where he blushed compared to straight faces. The manga art is better than the novel's, but along with occasional "strange" artwork, Yuuto flipped from looking cooler than I thought to more idiotic...

Storyline is cut and pasted (then again, what do you expect when the manga covers as much as the novel despite using a lot less pages). Thanks to that, the plot felt a bit hurried... It is also a pity that Yuuto's monologues are cut short too. Though overall, my thoughts on the manga are the same as the novel.
Though... the manga really has a lot of fanservice. Lots of panty shots... Not as much as ecchi mangas like To Love Ru, but more than I expected...

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i wish Mahou-x would work on this more since they did 1-3. I really want to read the rest of this wonderful series.
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Closed Thread

romance, seinen

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